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Aug 19, 2022

Just how long had it been since Shadowclan had taken her in? Offered her shelter and some amount of comfort in the days following the battle? While still only a child, Hail knew that something significant had happened in the supposed battle, but other details remained unknown. Adjusting to life in the clan had been anything but simple. She still felt like an outcast, no family, no friends, no one to help her feel at home. It would happen in time, she supposed, however, she hoped that she’d eventually find someone she could feel close to. It wouldn’t be that bad to have someone close by every now and again. A soft yawn would escape the she-cat’s jaws as she laid onto her side, blankly staring at the stars above her.
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How long has it been since the war, since her life has fallen apart? It can't have been too long, but Twilight feels she has aged a century. When she gazes into the stagnant, murky pools of water littered throughout ShadowClan's territory, she imagines her reflection to be melting away, silvered and starry.

One day, she promises herself, promises Ash in StarClan. One day, she will finish her duties in this world and be able to move on to the next, the one she really wants to be in.

But Sandra is here in this one. Her closest friend, her ally. Sandra and her children, her beautiful children who shine despite the evil their father has done. Twilight will stay for here, she reasons. For her, for Briarstar who remains a steadfast leader, for ShadowClan itself. She will stay until she is no longer needed. Until the stars decide it is time for her to leave this Clan and join a more eternal one.

The black and white queen leaves the nursery on cramping legs. She's spent the entire day in there, and this is her first breath of fresh air in hours. She exhales softly, pale green eyes fixated on the sky. Imagines one little star shining just a bit brighter than the others.

"Oh, I'm sorry, dear. I almost didn't see you there." A shift of air is all that alerts Twilight to the young cat's presence. A cat the age her son had been, a young she-cat fairly new to ShadowClan. "Mind if I join you? I've been in the nursery all day. I need a break." She smiles faintly, and settles beside the other cat.

There's quiet between them, in camp at night, and Twilight gives the younger girl a curious look. She does not remember coming across her on patrol, but she has seen her around off and on. Her time is quite preoccupied helping with other queens' kits now. "Remind me... your name, dear? Forgive me. I'm really not out and about much anymore." She flicks her tail, a friendly gesture. "How are you liking ShadowClan? Are you settling in?"


Fire had been looking over the fresh-kill pile to find something for lunch when she noticed Twilight leaving the nursery and moving to settle down near a molly she hadn't spoken to before.

Well, that just wouldn't do, now would it? Looking back down at the pile, she would decide on a rat and scoop it up, hurrying over to the two mollies and offering both a warm smile and purr of greeting. Placing the rat before them both, Fire would wave her tail in a friendly manner, "Hello you two! Beautiful day today, isn't it?" She would settle down into a sit and tilt her head as she looked at Hail.

"I'm sorry, I don't believe we've spoken properly before. My name is Fire! What's yours?" She felt foolish, not recognizing one of her own clanmates, but what better time than now to fix that?


Slightly startled at the presence of another feline, Hail would look up at Twilight as she emerged from the nursery. With the kits fast asleep she hadn’t quite realized how close to their den she’d chosen to lay. Twilight seemed nice enough, and part of her felt bad at her hesitation she felt. Hail knew deep down that she couldn’t, shouldn’t feel that way about her new clan mates. “O-oh um… yeah, sure?” An awkward tension would prickle at her spine as she watched the older molly settle in, unsure of what to say in response or how she should be acting for that matter. “Hail.” The quiet response slipped from her jaws with a careful sideways glance in her direction. She couldn’t blame anyone for not really knowing her. It wasn’t like she’d truly made much of an effort to make herself known to anyone. With the sudden question of how she was settling in, Hail found herself in the first lie towards another clanmate. “I suppose so. I like it here.” Almost, she almost hated herself for lying. How could she truly care when these cats hardly knew her? Taking her in out of nothing but pity? She had no friends or family. Could Twilight truly blame her for lying?

Her thoughts would be shattered as Fire approached them, granting her a moment to breathe a silent sigh of relief at the sudden change in conversation. “Uh yeah. It is nice out tonight.” While yet another face she too was unfamiliar with, she despised the question of who she was. “Hail.” Nodding as she introduced herself, she would glance towards the older molly, almost expecting her to take the rat first. If she was leaving the nursery, she would need it more wouldn’t she? Despite the fact that she couldn’t recall the last time she ate (or was hungry for that matter) she knew better than to take food from those who needed it more.
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'Hail,' this lady keeps saying. but why? Ghost peers up at the sky, eyes strained wider than usual. Was he missing it? Where? he wonders, craning his neck. He glances to Twilight, gaze inquisitive, as if expecting her to point it out to him. Twilight was really smart, but she was busy right now... He could ask later.

Ghost plops down on the ground, making himself comfortable around all the older mollies. Other kits had to sleep, but he got to stay up 'cause night was the best, and it made him feel good. "Night is...nice" he says, nodding in stilted agreement with the statement. "Day hurts... sometimes," he adds with a slight pout.