be like the cool kids [frog]


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Jul 21, 2022



Ever since Briar had returned from the gathering, Black had been throwing himself headfirst to into everything that came his way. He was furious that they'd lost so much territory and so many cats, that after owning everything they'd been reduced to having the smallest of anyone. It was far from fair, and the young tom was doing his best to shoulder the injustice of it all. This had been the march groups territory for generations, and now it was fractured into nothing at the request of some prophecy.

Still, he was loyal to his clan- unlike those that just left. He joined every border patrol that went out and spent any free-time in between hunting or training with his brother. Determination coursed through his veins alongside his blood, a protective ferocity that should never have had to instill itself in a cat so young to begin with. It was impossible to avoid after everything that had happened though, and so Black just tried his best to do what he could for the clan now.

As he returned to camp, this time it was with a bit more success than the lizard he'd managed to pounce on while patrolling earlier that day. A fat squirrel hung from his jaws next to a mouse, a delicacy they didn't get much of now that Thunderclan and Skyclan controlled the other forests. ​

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