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Jul 12, 2022

// for clarification purposes and general info regarding the current plot: this thread takes place before the patrol is attacked by hawks! this feast will be in the evening hours after the day’s patrols have retuned with enough rabbits to feed the clan for the feast! since i couldn’t add two tags please make sure this is a light-hearted thread without drama!

Laughter could be heard echoing across the moors, and the vibes of the Windclanners were anything but weary. Sootstar had approved a feast in celebration of their recent good fortune; something that Ivoryflight was determined to help make a success. They had spent the morning (and most of the day) hunting as many rabbits as they could carry home in preparation for the feast. With any luck, Starclan would continue to bless them through leaf-bare. Glancing over her shoulder to the patrol, she’d offer them a look filled with excitement as they entered camp.

Depositing her rabbit in the pile in the camp’s center, she’d turn to look at her clanmates, happy to see them all in such good spirits. No arguing, no fighting? It was peaceful. Ivory enjoyed seeing the clan interact with one another in this way. Right now, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.Wonderful day today isn’t it? It’s nice to see everyone in such an equally good mood!


"Lemme see it first 'fore anyone eats it!" Dandelionpaw nudged his way forward alongside the cream tabby to examine the rabbit she had just deposited on the pile, frowned thoughtfully before breaking into a wide smile as he turned sharply behind him, "SHREWPAW, SOMEONE BEAT YER RECORD!"
Since Honeytwist's vision a silent contest had formed among some of the cats, primarily the youth, of the clan in regards to who would catch the biggest of the already plump rabbits roaming the moorland now. He had been scrutinizing every bit of prey that came in, sizing up the competition and keeping mental notes for who was in the lead and who was falling behind. Shrewpaw had, just recently, beaten his own record and due to his duties in the medicine cat den he did not often get to join hunting patrols so he would now live enthusiastically through whoever defeated his boisterous sister instead.
"That's 'bout a whisker longer than the one she done caught last night." The sepia point said smugly, smiling to Ivoryflight and wriggling in place; it would not take the earthen-toned apprentice long to come running at the call.

the celebratory mood that overtook windclan was something that shrewpaw and possibly many others welcomed with open paws, finally, a day that bathed the clan in a much more positive light thanks to the abundant amount of rabbits that swarmed the moors. it was especially lucky that they were blessed with such a hefty amount of prey to catch now that they were heading into the colder seasons.

the molly followed a little bit behind the rest of the patrol, a slight bounce in her steps as she carried her own rabbit in her jaws while traversing through the tunnel. nothing could ruin this joyous time! well, until her brother decided to open that yap of his to announce to the world that her record of fattest rabbit was beaten. she'd freeze for a moment, bewilderment coloring her face as she tried to process the information.

that was impossible!

shrewpaw pushed passed any other cat in her way, practically bursting into the clearing and approaching the pile of rabbits where some gathered round. carelessly, she tossed her rabbit to the side near the rest of the prey and gave a pointed look at her dandelionpaw who looked rather smug about it. of course he would be! "oooh, dandy you best be talkin' outta yer behind! there's no way someone already got me beat!" she huffed out, pushing close besides her medicine cat brother to observe the rabbit he claimed was the biggest.

shit, it was a whisker longer!

the apprentice scuffed the ground with a paw, sweeping up a little dust cloud in mild frustrstion. "ain't no way, ain't no how! ah reckon if ah went back onto them moors ah'd catch an even bigger one! bigger than whoever caught this one!" shrewpaw huffed out, feathery tail lashing behind her in a flare of fiery challenge.

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The excitement in the air reached Thymepaw too, the typically nervous apprentice having an unusual pep in his step, one that only grew with each rabbit brought into the clan.

Tonight, it's his turn to bring his own rabbit into camp. The apprentice drags the critter behind him, a sense of pride in his catch. He'd been watching on as Dandelionpaw and Shrewpaw in particular had been keeping track of each rabbit, of how long each catch was compared to the last. Thymepaw thinks his rabbit is quite big - maybe he'll rank somewhere in the competition?

The fawn-furred tom finally arrives at the kill pile, sky-hued eyes bright as he places his rabbit before his siblings. It seems as though they've found one to beat out Shrewpaw's catch the night before, based on his sister's lashing tail, though Thymepaw doesn't know how his own ranks up. So long as it's just as good as Shrewpaw's - her catch was plenty long! Certainly, there wouldn't be too many more rabbits out there bigger than that?

"How 'bout mine?" he asks, pushing his contribution to the feast forward, " 'S it any good, you reckon?"
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Ivoryflight was almost unable to hold back the laughter that came with her apprentice racing over to inspect her rabbit, summoned by the call of her brother. She could recall when she and Sablemask acted in such a manner, knowing that even to this very day they occasionally acted the same. “You shouldn’t have spoken so soon Dandy! Now you’ve done it!” Chuckling once again, she’d attempt to lay her tail across her apprentice’s back in a comforting manner.

Don’t worry Shrewpaw, one day you’ll be out hunting me!” Reassuring her apprentice with a smile, she’d look up as Thymepaw approached them, offering up his own rabbit for inspection. Moving over to look over the rabbit, she would nod in satisfaction. Ultimately, she would leave it up to Dandy and Shrewpaw to decide for sure, she would offer him a smile as well. “It looks lovely Thymepaw! You did a great job! Wouldn’t you two agree?” Turning towards the other apprentices, she waited to hear their reactions to his rabbit.

As rabbit after rabbit is dragged into camp, Periwinlekit starts to wonder if he'd fallen asleep without noticing - for this had to be a dream, right? Eyes wide in shock, he watches with a watering mouth and rumbling belly as the apprentices joke and laugh about their plentiful catches with ivoryflight, gaze glued longingly to the prey. He supposes it couldn't hurt to go over there and ask to join them - ask if he can have some, but he's been around so many people lately that he just feels... burnt out. He's tired, and overwhelmed, and he feels as though he's dead asleep on his paws even as heavy gaze blinks again and again, tiny body swaying absently with the wind. Those rabbits do look really good.

// tldr: poor sleep deprived child has run out of social battery but wants some rabbit


In contrast to Moon and Hyacinths son, Dustkit was very much awake and attentive. The charcoal mink tomkit had abandoned the mossball he was shredding as the patrol came padding into camp with more rabbits than he'd ever seen in his whole life. Already intruiged, all it took was the sight of his good friend Periwinklekit (nevermind the fact that they'd only met the day before) and the large tomit was running over to join the group.

"There ya are! I thought you were gonna sleep all day" he called, tone complaintive but lips stretched into a pleased grin as he once again ignored any sense of personal boundaries and brushed against the smaller childs side in greeting. "C'mon, lets get something to eat!" he said, and without waiting for an answer strode up to the freshkill pile where all the rabbits had been dropped.

With a little wiggle of his haunches he looked them over before sinking his little teeth into the biggest on there and began -with some effort- to drag it off the pile toward the other kit. While there was no way in starclan the two of them could finish such a large meal this was something Dustkitseemed oblivious to, proudly presenting the meal to his friend and ignoring the looks he was getting from the warriors who knew that was waaaay too much for two kits.

duskit - windclan - male - panromantic - polyamorous - single - a large, handsome charcoal minx tomcat with blue eyes[/justify]

It's nice to see everyone getting along, almost enough to quell the storm raging inside her. Eyes are soft as she sits on the sidelines, watching the apprentices bicker, watching the kits drag prey and she stands up upon her paws, a smile on her face as she approaches Dandelion. She spots her daughter, Melonpaw, zig-zagging around the patrol in excitement and her heart warms further. Its a soft day, a good day, great day for Windclan.

"Go get em', partner." she replies in a slight teasing manner, eyes flicking across each of the apprentices catches. They were all pretty good sized, just like she had seen but theres a slight prickle on the back of her neck. She decides to ignore it for now. "I think you guys should do a competition to catch the smallest, sure seems like a challenge." she dips her head towards Ivory, amusement bright in her eyes. Ivory was right, it was great to see everybody in a good mood.

What a joy it was to see WindClan so lively!

The cream warrior watches on as the apprentices compare their catches, as the youngest look at the rabbit pile with wonder and excitement. As the same wonder reaches the eyes of the warriors who had worked hard to fill the pile for the night's feast.

It reaches her eyes too, a sense of pride in the rabbits that she'd caught - a display of her improvement in skill. Though they might not have compared to Shrewpaw's - or whoever caught the rabbit that beat her catch out, rather - she was still proud to have contributed to such a happy moment.

"There's plenty to go around!" she says, nudging a rabbit to the nearest feline, "Have some, will you?"

It was moments like these that made she called WindClan her home.
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While periwinklekit is still rather uncertain about his new and spontaneous 'friendship' with dustkit, he certainly finds himself grateful of the boisterous boys company at times like tis. Watching in barely hidden amusement, he gives a quiet snort, slowly padding forwards on unsteady paws to help the rosetted tom drag his prey. Or perhaps, more accurately, their prey - he feels his face warm, and once again thanks starclan for his black-pointed face, for he's certain he'd be red as a fox otherwise. "I'll help you," he mumbles sleepily, belly aching at the mouthwatering smell.


Hyacinthbreath feels the weight of the rabbit beneath her, dragging the haggard looking, yet fat rabbit onto the plains. Caked with blood from the fight, this one put up quite the wrestle with Hyacinth. Fresh, shallow wounds cut along her shoulders and chest, but she wouldn't complain much about it. They stung, but nothing like it felt when she had gotten clawed across the face by the one she looked up to most. Dropping the elderly rabbit on the ground in front of the group of cats, Hyacinth gave a gruff grunt of approval as she looked over the apprentices' catch.

"Prost. You all have done quite well. I am proud." Hyacinth's accent rolled thick off of her tongue, the molly lapping at a tender spot on her chest as she listened to everyone socialize together. As Periwinklekit came out of the nursery, Dustkit following close behind, Hyacinth watched her not-son wobble over, bags under his eyes. She remembered, then, something about her father having issues with sleeping at times- perhaps it was genetic? "I thank StarClan for the bountiful meal that we have today, and the impressive apprentices that caught their own. Prost."