private BEACHSIDE && frost

Jun 16, 2022

Her mood had soured in the past couple of days, which meant she had not returned to camp at all other than to drop off her catches. When she gets like this, Pumpkin slightly realizes that shes volatile and unstable, a landmine, and so she starts to isolate. She would be lying if she said she did not feel bad about screaming at Ash, but other than a mumbled sorry as she left the scene, she had avoided the kit all together. She does not know how to process her emotions and quite frankly has been struggling tenfold here in the river territory compared to the marsh.

Shes just wandering around aimlessly with glassed over eyes, deeply lost in thought before- oof! She slams in to someone which sends her reeling back, shaking her head to clear her eyes before she cringes at seeing who it was. Frost. One who spoke up during the so called ‘peace offering’, one that shared her mentality of the stupid gift. She’s not sure what to do so shes standing there awkwardly before she blurts something out. "Uh, sorry,"


After the events that had taken from Windclan's patrol and being somewhat trapped within the walls of the camp's confinement like a cat who got themselves grounded, things had not been the best, and yet Frost was trying to make the best out of everything. Of course, the after events hadn't been the best, she didn't like how Pumpkin threw her words of fire at Ash who, of course, did not know better, but Frost was also to blame as she did not step in to stop Pumpkin from saying what she had to the kit. Then of course, Beesong had a break down during the whole event and... everything had just been a mess.

Frost tried to push back the event and had been minding her business, chatting with another cat when she felt someone bump into her and she stumbled a bit before fixating her gaze onto Pumpkin and she looked at the other with a slight hum. Frost was no way in shape or form upset with the other, well, she was kinda disappointed that Pumpkin had targetted Ash for the events instead of taking in her own words to accountability, yet, Frost was also to be held for her own words, so, she really cant say much. The words that came from Pumpkin startled her and she blinked a bit before shaking her head at the other, a warm smile gently gracing the lips of Frost. "There's no need to apologize to me, you should apologize to Beesong and Ash though" Frost said shrugging a bit before pausing. "We haven't truly met now have we? I'm Frost, and I am guessing your name is Pumpkin...?" an attempt of a conversation but... she didn't want Pumpkin to feel bad for... well doing something she did not do to Frost.