Beast's Plot Stop


Feral Scottish Weeb
Sep 20, 2022
A list of my character bios can be found here -->

Currently my characters are fairly open to most plots, ranging from angsty, to silly, to romantic (character ages and sexualities are in their bios). Long or short term, privates, pafps, or opens. They are also available for being wedged into preestablished plots that require another character to fill things out.

Currently none of my characters are open to being killed, but are open to injuries of varying degree. Especially Talon, my loner character.

My characters are also open to being back written into things if it works out timeline wise.

More specific plots I'm very open to:
- cross-clan relationship

- anything that might develop his sense of right and wrong, eventually leading to him to question Sootstar's leadership style
- gets into a vicious fight with a rival with lasting results

- potential kittypets from his distant past finding him and dredging up painful memories of his father and mother
- medicine cats he can interact with, as he remains deeply fascinated by them

- encountering someone nastier in personality than him and causing him to step up to be better than them at least
- development of a stable older mentor in his life who he can finally confide in safely

- encountering other loners, slowly forging connections and a small roving group
- further interactions with clans that deepen his hatred for them
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