Honey had admitted to herself that first day Bumble was recovering that she wasn't a good mother. She hadn't been there for him and it weighs heavy on her consciousness, drags at her bones each night she has to curl up; she finds herself staying up later and later and the previous night she had gotten absolutely no sleep, laying in her nest and watching as the sun rises, watching as the light begun to filter through.

She wants to apologize, but its hard, so hard to see your baby torn apart. She swore he wasn't going to make it, she sent Lemon to get his siblings to say their final goodbyes in case. She had prayed for the first time to Starclan, prayed that if he made it through this then she would be the god-sworn medicine cat she was supposed to be, blindly following their lead. By a miracle, he made it through the first night. And then the next. And after that, he was okay. Well, not okay. No matter how much she wanted to exchange places with him, begged to take her and not him, he still remained scarred. Shes worried he might think of himself as ugly, but every time she gazed upon his small form she saw a star, bright and beautiful, so strong, her baby.

She seeks him out, finds him right outside her den and she bends down to lick gently at his head. "How are you feeling now, mon bébé?" her voice is soft, twanged with regret, sadness. I'm sorry, it so desperately wants to slip out but she can't say anything, her heart begins to ache and eyes begin to sting.

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bumblepaw was okay. sure, he couldnt see out of a missing eye, and scars littered his once untainted fur, but he was okay now. he doesnt want to admit it, but if he had to save leechpaw, he'd do it again. the biggest downside other thab the maiming, was the fact that he scared so many cats. he didn't mean to. and now here he was next to his mom, who seemingly blamed herself. he purrs, though the purr is somewhat roughened, and leans into her touch for comfort, taking in a breath of her scent.

"i'm okay, mama."

he insists pulling back to look up at her, his fur prickling up. insinctively, he reached for her cheek, trying to wipe away any forming tears before smiling widely at her. he wanted her to know that he was okay. that he loved her very much.

"are you? im sorry you had to see me like that... that wasn't fair of me."

he knows his injury is no fault but his own, yet he still has some sort of feelings about the favt that leechpaw didn't move in time. maybe if that warrior had taken his pleas into account, he would still be normal. now he was ugly. deformed. and there was no coming back from that.
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