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Cats came in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Different pelt patterns, different ear lengths, different paw sizes, yes... Figpaw knew this. But sometimes some feline's had more differences to them than most, not a bad thing to Figpaw, no not at all. Though as an (arguably) normal looking feline herself, the girl got curious when other cats had something different about them. An overbite? Curled or folded ears? Mismatched eyes? They were interesting to Figpaw, but she always wondered why did cats have such differences?

Today she is looking at Twitchpaw as he carries out some sort of mundane apprentice task. As per usual his body lets out the occasional spasm that the girl can't help but notice, why? Was he always cold? Did he feel insects on him? Did he just have a lot of energy his body couldn't keep contained? She's never asked before... but... maybe she should? Figpaw didn't see why not!

"Hey, Twitchpaw!" The girl calls out to the tom far too loudly, again... she doesn't understand why what she's about might be percieved as rude. She doesn't understand why she should be saying this quietly, "You know how your um- body twitches and moves like that? Why do you do that?" Again she's calling to him using her outside voice... uh-oh.

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She sat in front of Twitchpaw, paws still in a half twist of branches. Giving the apprentice a moment to catch up, Daisyflight offered the pose in order to give an example of the next step in the process. Well used to the occasional jolt of his cedar-split form, the calico patiently oversaw his progress.

At Figpaw's sudden call, her head swung to look at the molly. The lambent look she gave her daughter flickered out into something more akin to incredulity at her question. "Fig- you musn't ask things like that!" The phrase upturned at the end, shock piquing her tone. Now, admittedly, Daisyflight couldn't claim to understand the movements either but the unceremonious way she had asked was rude!

"That was indelicate, a thought to be kept to yourself. " Ears emphatically atwist with the shake of her head, she gave Figpaw a stern look. Coming quietly forward with an innocent question was one thing, but this? She thought not. "You don't need to answer that Twitchpaw."

Stupid nest weaving. He'd never been good at it and though his prowess was improving he was still... behind in general camp upkeep. Not many apprentices liked these chores... he knew he was, at the very least, not alone in the loath that bubbled boiling beneath his skin. In concentration upon his frustration he noticed not a sunset-hued pair of eyes watching him as his paws dithered and flutters of unintentional movement struck his muscles. The nuance of his alias had not been lost on him, though Twitchpaw scarcely noticed it anymore. Until it was pointed out.

Figpaw's call for attention- and subsequent question- left peridot eyes amber-struck moons for a long, long moment. Was it- he never noticed it, but was it really that noticeable? Did it look like he was doing it on purpose? Beneath frazzled fur crackled an unmistakeable feeling of embarrassment, hardly liberated by the interjection of Figpaw's mother- his mentor. His ears pinned to his skull, wide eyes falling to the ground, fur prickling with bristled irritation and shame. A knee-jerk reaction given, he hardly took into account Daisyflight's assurance that he needn't answer. "I'm- I dunno, I don't do it on purpose!" Something between rage and panic, his words were spat. He made himself small as he took a seat, kinked tail curling around his paws, the ground the only place he could bear to settle his gaze.
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Naive little thing. Perhaps it was a question he'd considered once upon a time. For a single breath, a moment, a heartbeat, but then, the answer had come to him clear as day. Kits— paws— children, their minds were small and frail, barely a thought tucked into their many crevices. Cute, how stupid they were. And twitchling cowers from her words, spits out a frantic sort of meowl— a squawk, the thought has a giggle bubbling at his lips.

Dawnglare treads lightly, his gaze curious and wide eyed upon the cowering thing. He didn't— It's nothing really. Perhaps he could relate in a way. Minute stutters in thought, in movement, in speech. It's what happens when your mortal vessel can't keep up with your insides. But of course, this would imply...

He shakes his head. No, too much with this one, there was simply too much for it to be anything good, but still... "She didn't say it's bad," he points out, his head at lopsided sort of tilt. There are the teasings of a smile on his maw, but not quite. I find it— mmm-charming ♪" he says, and his voice slips into a low purr. Distinguishable, ever-present tremoring. It set him apart, allowed him to remember. "Being possessed isn't all bad!" only mostly :)