beauty queen on a silver screen - entitled apprentice

Aug 6, 2022
would you do anything for me?
Ravenpaw held herself with a new confidence since becoming an apprentice. Not that she had ever been lacking in self-assurance, but now she strutted about the camp as though she owned the place. Hunting and sparring were easier than she ever could have imagined, she was a natural at both. All she had to do was glance at her peers to know it was the truth. Where they floundered and failed, she succeeded with ease. She was in another league when compared to them. It was to be expected really, that she would live up to the legacy left by her parents. One day her name would be as renowned as theirs.

For the moment, though, she still had to contend with the common cats.

The jet black molly pulled herself back into camp, exhausted but deeply satisfied after a long day of showing up her peers. As she had most days, she made a beeline for her favorite spot to rest. Where the sunlight would hit her fur just right. Only to find the shape of another cat taking it up. Her ear flicked in displeasure. "Excuse me." She called out curtly. "You're in my spot."

Daughter of their late leader, bless the remnants of her soul in the stars, Ravenpaw made quite a name of herself with a held-high head and an upturned nose, always looking down her snout at all of her peers. Perhaps she was pleasant to talk to- Lemonpaw had never tried- but he didn't like the look in her eye whenever she cast a glance about. Despite the elevation of her family in the ranks, he would refuse to believe Ravenpaw outclassed him in any innate way- watching her march through camp, chin up, he wrinkled his nose and let odd eyes flicker back to the meal he was eating.

How stupid for him to think he would be done with it! For here the shadow came, her voice rising in sharpness. Her spot, a notion that forced Lemonpaw's ears against his skull, flattened. "I'm sorry, I didn't realise you were here first." Voice saccharine, there was a clear sarcasm skimming his words- such cynicism became all the more apparent when his voice dipped into an irritated spit.

"Oh, that's right..." His eyes narrowed, verdant-green and ocean-blue becoming acidic poison. "You weren't." Oh, how he despised unfairness. He deserved this spot as much as she- and he had beaten her to it. Bad luck.
a deepened sigh came from chilledgaze who had finally sat down, trying to rest. they rubbed at their temples with each paw, growling lowly at the sound of the arguing apprentices. they didn't have time for this. whatever that was, it wasn't their problem. pitchstar could handle it. or their mentors. but chilledgaze wanted to sleep. they needed to sleep. and they wouldn't have frog-brained tadpole apprentices ruining that for them. they just wouldn't.

not my problem.
Hemlocksight stared at the pair from a shady spot, content with sheltering away from any and all patches of sunlight. This was a prime reason as to why. Oh, how he loathed the competition for such prime spots. Still, he was weighing up a bet inside his head on who would ultimately win the spot. Would Lemonpaw maintain his prime position? Or would Ravenpaw drive the other off? He was on edge, eager to see the result whilst making absolutely no effort to maintain peace.
would you do anything for me?
Her eyes narrowed to meet the spiteful gaze of her fellow apprentice. A sneer crept across her face as she glared down at him. What a pitiful little creature. Still, she would not step down to his level. She was better than that, after all. All at once, she composed herself. "Fine." Ravenpaw shot back coolly, just quiet enough for no one else to hear, before turning away.

However, that didn't mean she was going to let him get away with this.

Stooping to petty jabs was beneath her, certainly, but only because she had other means to achieve her ends. Slowly, she scanned the scene, before her eyes landed upon Chilledgaze. There. He didn't seem to be paying all that much attention, and was clearly quite annoyed by the dispute. She made a beeline toward him. "Can you help me?" She asked him, her voice as gentle as she could make it. Her eyes were wide and innocent. She had been practicing this. "Sorry to disturb you, but he stole the spot I was just in when I stepped away for just a moment. If you can help me get it back I promise you can go back to your rest." It was lies, the whole of it. Hopefully though, the warrior hadn't been paying enough attention to know that.

As she spoke, she noticed Hemlocksight watching her out of the corner of her eye. Internally, she cursed her bad luck. If he had been paying attention for length of time he could ruin everything. It wasn't like she could just go up to him and say anything about it at the moment either, lest she give herself away. There was an eagerness in his gaze, though, and that gave her hope. Perhaps he would let her get away with her little ploy, if only to see what happened.

Ravenpaw knew that if she were in his position, she would enjoy watching all of this. All she could hope was that he was a kindred soul. She turned her head, pretending to glance back at Lemonpaw. In reality, she attempted to covertly wink at Hemlocksight. Make him her co-conspirator. That was her only hope.

Frostbite wasn't about to get in the middle of that. He stayed in the shade, conserving his energy for when night falls. He had his mouse, he had a great view, and he was happy he did not have kits of his own.

He was set to watch the drama happen. He wasn't sure that was the responsible thing to do, but was intervening worth getting the sun in his eyes?



Petty as he thought it all was, he was just going to eat his mouse and watch.

Pumpkin is drawn forth by the sound of arguing, words of venom being spat by Lemonpaw and the whine of Ravenpaw. Her head tilts one way, then the other in genuine curiosity, observing the way Raven would run to Chilledgaze for refuge (not that she blames her, Chilled is pretty cool). Frostbite is there too and she blinks. Does she step up to help, or does she sit back like the rest? An idle hum leaves her mouth. "Why can't you guys share it?" was the concept of sharing lost among these two? I mean, it does look like a comfy spot, so she tries to understand with the best intentions on why they're fighting, but she only draws blanks. "I can help you find a new one? If you don't want to share." she speaks kindly, blinking slowly at Ravenpaw with a smile.