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Jun 8, 2022


name meaning? Rose is a reference to his pinkish coat.
Previous Names? Strawberry is what he is known by with his humans. He doesn't particularly care for it but will respond to it. His real name is Rose.
Nicknames? N/A
age? 30 moons
clan? Skyclan/Pine Group
position in clan? Daylight Warrior (Skyclan/Pine Group)
gender/sexuality? Male (he/him) || Homosexual
relationship status? Single

Rose is a pinkish looking Maine Coon mix with soft blue eyes.
Rose is a red cameo Maine Coon mix that appears pink in color. He has a large and muscular build, but his fluffy coat does make him appear much bigger. He has soft blue eyes.
No scars or injuries
anything else you can think of

Rose is a caring and social tom that has an optimistic and playful attitude about him. He is quite perceptive and sensitive finding a lot of his happiness being from helping others. He does have a bit of a curious and adventurous streak about him. He has a soft spot for children and has been known to adopt them especially since he is unable to have them naturally. He is protective of his loved ones and would do anything for them. He has been known to overwhelm himself and neglect his own needs. He is a huge people pleaser and tends to place value on what others think about him. Sometimes, he can be reckless in his need to protect and he has been known for being nosy and getting into other's business when his help is not wanted.
Lawful to Neutral Good
No mental illnesses

easy to form platonic relationships
easy to form romantic relationships
mate of? crushing on? None
parent to? Soon to be Gaia/Butterflykit, open to adopt more
child of? NPC Parents (open)
sibling to? NPC Siblings (open)
Mentor of? Soon to be Gaia/Butterfly
Apprentice of? None