Haven't properly met yet
Fearful of
Suspicious of
Jealous of
Distrustful of
Annoyed by
Weirded out by
Confused / Unsure of
Complicated Feelings
Wishes to know better
Shy towards
Comfortable with
Friends with
Close friends with
Safe around
Like family
Protective of
Platonic Love
Crushing on
Head-over-heels for
Romantic Love

Beesong's face lights up at the mention of his good friend. "Oh! Mudpelt? We've known each other for a while; he was one of the first friends I made in Rain's group, and I'd trust him with my life... I'm glad he's in RiverClan with me, now. One less friend I had to say goodbye to, y'know?" Beesong falls quiet, and his smile fades. It only lasts a heartbeat, then they're grinning again. "Heh, anyways... Mudpelt is one of the funniest cats I know. He always knows how to make me laugh! I'm lucky to have him."
"I don't know him too well," Beesong admits with a soft chuckle. "But I do know he's a strong warrior... And if he's anything like his father, he has a good heart underneath that cold exterior."
Beesong snorts. "Clayfur? Oh, he's an idiot." Despite their harsh words, there is not a hint of malice behind their voice. "Eats everything he can fit in his mouth. It's a surprise that he hasn't poisoned himself yet! And what the hell is a 'bigfoot'?" The healer shakes his head, exasperated. "But, for all of his stupidity, he's a funny guy, and StarClan knows we all need a laugh in times like these... So, I'm glad that he hasn't killed himself with deathberries."
Beesong hesitates, growing eerily still. "Cicadastar?" They glance over their shoulder, worrying with the inside of their cheek. "He... He killed Rain. I'm trying to forgive him, but I don't think I can ever forget how he hurt us. How he hurt SkyClan." Beesong pauses for a couple of heartbeats, pondering over how hypocritical he is. "But he's StarClan's chosen leader, and who am I to argue with the stars?" There's a hint of bitterness on Beesong's tongue. "I will serve as his medicine cat until I'm cold and stiff... He's not the worst leader I could've been stuck with, at least. He cares for his clan, that much I can see. I appreciate the lengths he goes to keep his clanmates safe."
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