before the dawn | hunting hare




The evening has come, a time for the better hunting. There is more life out in the marsh during the night hours and it is better for them. Better for her family and those she is related too. They can actually get the sustenance that they need before things start to warm up and the light of dawn strikes. Taking in a deep breath she furrows her brow as many collective scents hit her. But one stands out particularly well. That of a hare. A rare occurrence here but it happens and she turns her head towards her nephew, tail twitching just slightly. "Pitch, there is a rabbit nearby, we should try to catch it. The other part of the patrol can handle themselves." She has frontlined this expedition so she doubted that they will be upset over a small split in the group. Motioning with her tail the woman of shade and light slips her way through the murky undergrowth. Her paws easily adapting to the environment and not stepping on loose and muddy soil.

This time she is able to spend with her nephew is precious. The woman hasn't been the most talkative with her family, always silently there in the background and watching their progress. Watching them grow and become marshers. This is no different and they can not miss such a catch. This hare will feed many of them and she will do what she needs to to catch the darn thing. Smelling the scent is stronger and she huffs softly before pushing though some fronds and weeds. There it sat nibbling and chewing on some watergrass. Easily a target they can sneak around and ambush.

-- pls wait for pitch to respond
Pitch slinks alongside Bone, webbed paws treading with ease over the damp earth. Next to his long-legged aunt, he seems much more scrawnier than he is. He loathes the way in which he must crane his head to look at her when she speaks — there's a rabbit nearby, she tells him. His tricolored ears perk, a futile glare offered to his rumbling stomach which begs for food. It's not difficult to pick out the scent of rabbit once Bone points it out; he's never been a particularly adept tracker, a flaw which he despises, so it is no surprise that his aunt detects it first. "I smell it," Pitch affirms with a nod, his eyes narrowed in determination. We'll eat good tonight, I'll make sure of it.

"We are going to catch it," he retorts. With the two of them working together, Pitch has no doubt in his mind. Hell, he doesn't doubt that he could catch it even without Bone's assisstance. She's just speeding along the process.

They push their way through the tall fronds, and there it sits. Completely oblivious, the rabbit nibbles on grass, unaware of the predators stalking it. His mouth waters, pupils dilating. He could already taste it on his tongue. Ebony claws flex with impatience. "You wait here; I'll circle around and lure it right into your paws." Pitch doesn't wait for his aunt's confirmation before he begins to sneak around the edge of the fronds; why should he? He's certain that this plan will work.