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A lone mother cat had crossed into the moorland in the midst of night as a small alabastor kit dangled securely within her maw, wide eyes scanning the clearings in hopes to avoid being seen by anyone else. The kit sound asleep as they moved through the dead of night, only for her to pause once more, gently setting down the seemingly quite kit before she slipped off, coming back only moments after as she began to work on making a small makeshift nest, meant to fit only that of a kit. Lined with moss, ferns and feathers the mother would once again grab the kit by the scruff before gently placing the little alabastor kit on the nest before she gently curled herself around the small thing, watching as the kit began to stirr awake. Tired pale blue eyes stayed on the kit as it shift to tuck itself into their mother's fur. No noise came from the tiny thing but the mother smiled gently at her only surviving kit, knowing tonight would be the last night she would ever be with her only kit, so she would watch her little one drift back to sleep before looking up at the sky, watching as the sun begins breaking through the surface of the horizons, signing that dawn was making its way up. Looking back down at her last kid, she gave one last comforting lick before slipping to untuck herself from the little white blob of fluff, careful not to wake them as she made her escape from responsibility and in truth, she could not witness losing another kit, so instead she hoped for the best with out her pale eyes witnessing the fate of her only surviving kit.


The supposed nameless kit began to stir, blinking open their green eyes as they began to notice the lack of warmth of pressed fur against their's. Adjusting themselves they would sit up and began to scan the horizon before them, realizing that they had been left by themselves in the open but, they wouldn't think much of it as, mama had always left them and their sibling out on their own to go hunt down something to eat, so they thought nothing of such and decided to tuck their tiny white paws underneath their chest as they decided to wait for their mothers return.

It would seem that time past by, noticing that their mother had not yet returned and still, the little kit waited for their mother's return despite the hunger that began to crawl at the kit's belly. The blades of grass tickled their rose colored nose causing them to let out a sneeze before realizing shadowy figures making them look up from where they have been waiting, hoping it to be their mother but it would be strange cats standing overhead of the kit and they would scramble to stand onto their tiny paws before slowly backing away from the two, small feathers from their makeshift nest tangled themselves in the kit's fur. Unaware that, their mother was never coming back.

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Inky and Rose were two of the Windclan cats that had probably seen more of Dusks real personality than any of the other cats- but the be fair that could only be because he spent a lot of his free time around them. Rose was a young cat with a lot of troubles on their shoulders, and Dusk had sort of taken to keeping an eye on them. And inky, well, they were the first cat to show him any kindness in the group, having been there at his joining weeks prior. It felt easy to be around them, as if the expectations that were settled on him around Sootstar and the others had lifted.

Today the group was out on a patrol, nothing special. Or at least thats what Dusk assumed, until he spotted the pair gathered aound something up ahead. A small frown of concern would settle on his lips as he made his way over, curious as to what had stolen their attention. "What are you guys-"

His words were cut off when he came to a stop beside Inky, green eyes going wide at the sight of a nest and a small white kit within it. Instinctively his gaze would lift to scan the area, but there was o sign of an adult anywhere to be seen. In fact, the scent of a another cat was hours old by this point. "What do we do?" he asked, head turning to fix his gaze on the cats beside him. So far he'd seen multiple encounters between Windlan cats and outsiders, but not a single one of them had included a lone child like this. Chasing them out didn't seem right at all, but did they just... bring them back to camp?

windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - tall, strong bengal tomcat

It was obvious that Dusk was trying his best to become a true Warrior of WindClan. It wasn't entirely unusual to see this, considering he hasn't fought anyone for no reason lately; unlike Weasel. She's walking as she thinks this, wondering if maybe she was much too harsh on the tom. They weren't all born of the forest, after all. She was lucky to have living with Lavender around the time she joined WindClan. She couldn't deal with being apart from her love, after all.

The sound of Dusk's voice in the distance catches her attention, and then the scent of another. Then, another- and suddenly, as she got closer- plenty of cats were already there.

"What do you mean, 'what do we do'? What did you get yourself-" Hyacinth growls under her breath as she rushes over, expecting to see a dead cat or something much, much darker and gorey. She wasn't expecting a small ball of fur with feathers tangled with their fur. She blinked momentarily in shock, turning towards the two cats that seemingly found this creature.

"What the actual fuck is going on here?" She hissed softly under her breath, trying not to be too loud as to scare the kit.


The meows and growls are what leads Sootstar over to the scene, casting yet another shadow over the small child. Lemon green eyes blink in surprise at what she sees, a kit, alone with no sign of a mother nearby aside from a rather stale scent... No other she-cats were pregnant, so this kit most certainly hadn't came from a WindClanner.

She is quiet for a few long moments, "I suppose we take it to camp...? Maybe give it to Honeytwist, she's nursing and could feed if it's not weaned yet." she meows. Sootstar had enough of nursing and was certain she was about dried up, her kittens had been moved to meat after all. "Meanwhile we need to look for any traces of the mother. Find her, give the child back, and send them on their way."


This was not something he had expected to found today when he had followed the patrol out. But here he was standing face to face with a small white kit curled up into a cozy nest someone had made for them. Beside Inky he would stand and soon to follow was Dusk." I don't know but...we can't leave them here, right?." he answered and asked Dusk, shifting his gaze but only briefly to glance at the bengal tom. It was strange that he had been rather intimated by them just a couple of days ago but as they had started to spend more time together (unaware of that Dusk was keeping a eye out for him) Rose had started to feel more comfortable around them. He was not so scary he had come out to be!. That was a relief since that proved him once again right to not judge a cat by the surface.

His concern was back on the kit, and as Hycinth and Sootstar arrived as well on the scene Damask Rose let the adults discuess about this since they knew better what to do then he did. Instead he focused his attention on the kit, and he wonderd if they where cold?. Rose didn't hesitant as he walked around the kit to curle himself down in the nest beside them to use his warm and fluffy fur to warm them. Damask Rose blushed slightly in embarassment over his actions but...this is what any mother would do, right?. He didn't know what exact emotion fall over him in that moment but having the kit curled up by his belly awoke something inside of him. " I can take her back if you like." he suddenly spoke after having stayed silent. It was unusual for him to even speak when Sootstar was being present. But this kit was doing something to him that was for sure. He would shyly look up at his leader only to drift his gaze away again and back down to the kit. He felt for them. If they not could found this kits mother he hoped she could stay with them. He was sure she could become a great windclan warrior.

No one should be left alone out here especially not at her age.

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