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"Something's familiar about these strangers like me"
It was a rather warm day, the sun sat high in the sky and not a cloud dared cross the blue that expanded forever overhead. A large figure was perched upon a well worn, deep wooden fence, and a long tail hung down from the fence as amber eyes stared outwards. The forest sat streching outwards with tall oaks, briliant birches and grand maples. Foliage waved in the soft breeze that meandered its way through the grass, and bushes waved with joy of the summer. This longing tugged at the figure, something called out to them and they weren't sure if they should answered that call or not.

Coconut was a regular old housecat, a show cat at best. Though the last few days he had been staring out into the forest longer and longer, and today he dared to jump onto the other side of his fence. The grass was longer here, softer under the paws, and this thrilling sense of freedom trilled in his chest. Should he do it? Should he go out to see what the forest called to him for? What was beyond that of his fence? Coconut wasn't entirely sure about what was happening, nor what laid within the forest. There could be all sorts of danger from foxes to dogs or badgers even, but yet the thought sent adrenaline coursing through his veins.

There was more out there than stale food, being poked and prodded in and out- more to being neatly groomed constantly. There was more to this world than the four walls of his house, the home he has called home since he was a young kitten. Coconuts' amber eyes looked back towards the towering concrete home as it peaked over the fence and down at him. Could he leave behind his humans? Would they miss him? There had been talk of a new kitten with them- so maybe he was just as replacable. A new kitten would bring more warmth and care to the house, as he was getting older and would soon retire from showing as well.

His gaze wondered back to the forest, maybe they wouldn't notice him leaving after all. Not with a new kitten and such around- but yet he felt conflicted. Coconut didn't know how to hunt, how to survive outside of the comfortable life he has always known. A sigh escaped the large white tomcat, his large paws kneading the ground and his frustration was evident in the flicks of his feathery tail. Why must this be so hard?
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He is content with his life. He knows where he is supposed to be and where his life is taking him. There is nothing else that he wishes to see or explore. Diego has everything he needs with his upwalkers and his pampered life is what makes him happy. Not mingling and mixing with the riftraft that show up from time to time. After all he is primarily disgusted by their presences anyway. Their stench he feels could best a skunk at their own game. Ugh, just the idea makes him shudder and he never needs to mingle with such low breeds anyway. Brilliant green eyes narrow as he finally exits his home from the cat door. Greeting the day that rises for him. Soft white pelt shines glossy and brilliantly as he arches his back and stretches with a soft sigh leaving his muzzle. He is one of the top notch breeding cats that his upwalkers own, they pamper him and he is ever pleased with the attention. It is a life that he has always wanted from what his mother told him. Never want for anything, take the easiest route in life.

That is with his housefolk. Still he does have a best friend, a comrade that he talks to and slipping along the fence the angora shifts himself slightly. With a well placed jump he balances on the fence and notices the one in which he finds camaraderie with. "Coconut?" The question comes with a pause before he looks out towards that forest. He has seen the street rats go there before and he sniffs before shaking his head and looking back down to his friend. He isn't one to touch up the grounds that are not his yard and thus he merely settles upon the fence with elegance and grace. "What are you doing over there? Your yard is back this way you know. My twolegs brought be a new toy, do you want to see it?"

"Something's familiar about these strangers like me"
A voice brought the large white tomcat back from his thoughts and he looked up at the wooden fence, seeing this elegant and graceful cat. It was a stark difference with himself and this other tomcat; he seemed replused by even the mere mention of the outside world while the main coon wanted to be free. Wanted to see the world in the forest, taste the tantilizing prey that mocks him every day. "Right, yeah,," He murmursed softly as his gaze moved to the forest once more. Paws itched to just run for it, but something kept him there. Something - someone- that kept him. It was Diego.

Diego and Coconut have been friends for quite sometime; felt like years at this point. Living beside each other, spending time at shows together, and the like. He would consider Diego his best friend and he knew he couldn't leave the other behind. Couldn't move on with his life while Diego remained here- in a life that he so thoroughly enjoyed. Coconut turned on his paws and hopped up onto the fence once more, trailing along it before sitting beside the other. He seemed to consider his words carefully before asking Diego, "What do you think is beyond the fence?" His voice was low, thoughtful almost.
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