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Aug 16, 2022

I asked in the character creation channel on Discord and there was interest in this idea so I decided to post it up <3

So, I absolutely adore big families and the dynamics they bring. When I made Leopard's profile I thought "there are so many fun big cats out there" which spiraled into "a family named after big cats would be super fun". A quite random line of thinking but it has lead me here!

This is mainly a "first come, first serve" thread! I figured it'd help keep track of everyone and to claim potential names!

I want to collaborate with the fellow members of the family as much as possible when it comes to origins and backstory. Right now I have a vague idea of them all being from a montainous region (since there are quite a few big cats that fancy the mountains). I'm imagining they lived in a colony but a very "loose" colony since everyone was busy trying to survive harsh winters, etc. Being first time parents, their mother and father would have named them after "legends" - like the clan has a tale of three cats who originally established the clans but different. Or simply because big cats are strong and they would have wanted their kits to be just as strong.

As I said, though, I want this to be a collaborative experience and none of that has to be used when deciding <3 I plan on making a little Discord for the family!

Furthermore, it will be discussed if they all join the same clan, split off, which clans, etc.

naming guide
I asked which big cat names are allowed so here is a confirmed list: Leopard, Lynx, Cougar, Lion, Tiger, Puma, Wildcat, and Bobcat (although those last two might be difficult to adapt clan names oop-)

* Please let me know if I'm missing any

* Panther and Jaguar may be used if they are daylight warriors / decide to go to SkyClan

Side note: not a requirement but I think it'd be cute if they kept the naming tradition in a way?? So if you want your cat to already have children, names like "Maned, Spotted, Snow, Clouded, Mountain" and whatnot would be super cute.

big shout out to Blitz who put up with my never ending genetics request!

Of course, these exact genetics would only apply to first generations:

Sire: SH black broken braided tabby (carrying solid, dilute, point)
Dam: SH broken mackerel torbie (carrying solid, dilute, point)

Toms can be red tabby, black, black tabby, cream tabby, blue, blue tabby, flame point, seal point, lynx point, cream point, blue point, or blue lynx point
She-cats can be black, black tabby, tortoiseshell, torbie, blue, blue tabby, blue tortoiseshell, blue torbie, seal point, lynx point, tortoiseshell point, torbie point, blue point, blue lynx point, blue tortoiseshell point, or blue torbie point
- kits will be shorthaired
- kits will have no white
- non-point kits can have any realistic eye color besides blue; point kits will have blue eyes
- tabbies will display patterns of mackerel, broken mackerel, spotted, braided, broken braided, or rosette
- red tabbies will mask black tabby or black; cream tabbies will mask blue or blue tabby
- non-dilute kits will carry dilute; tabbies may or may not carry solid; non-point kits may or may not carry point
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Lion; for his red tabby coat // Roar; for his loud voice
Skyclan Warrior
Nonbinary Masculin (he/they) // Homoromantic Pansexual Polyam

A red tabby tomcat with green eyes
Lionroar is a fairly tall tom with short, sleek fur that is a golden red color with rosette tabby stripes. He has a angular, triangular shape head with almond shaped eyes. He has a pink nose, a lion like tail with a bit of fluff at the end and deep, grassy green eyes.
No scars or injuries
smells like after it rains

Lionroar is a loud mouth, his voice can carry across the entire clearing if he allowed it too. He is a bright tomcat with a sweet , golden heart on the inside. He can be childish in many ways and loves to play around with others; teasing if one of his love languages. Lionroar is very friendly and optimistic, often trying to see the glass half full instead of half empty. Though he can be overtly confident and acts before he thinks, often putting him a lot of situations no cat should be in.
mbti TBD
Chaotic Good
no mental illnesses

easy to form platonic relationships
easy to form romantic relationships
mate of? crushing on no one
parent to none
child of NPC x NPC
sibling to Leopardprowl, TBD

welcome to the fam! i'll be setting up a family discord once I'm not a bucket of stress.

also, quick note for anyone else joining the fam: they don't have to be in SkyClan with Lion! I figured we could discuss where they go / if they stay together / if they split ! As well as when they even arrived in these lands tbh LOL
small bump for information update: the family had two litters with the second being around apprentice aged now (Tiger being one of the kits from the second litter). Leopard and Lion are from the first litter which was tasked with finding a safer home for their family. However, rough conditions caused the family to be forcibly split apart. Leopard has only just learned Tiger is alive.

* Leopard and Tiger reside in ThunderClan while Lion lives in SkyClan.

❝as long as amber of ember glows ❞
lynx . lynxpaw . lynxpetal

↳ for their family's big-cat themed names
— shadowclan; formerly loner
— dfab, any pronouns; bisexual
npc x npc, sibling to leopardprowl, tigerpaw, and lionroar

shorthaired blue lynx point with light blue eyes. tiny scar on nose.


( + ) confident, genuine, dedicated, independent, perceptive ( / ) informal, determined, reserved, emotional, stubborn ( - ) blunt, hostile, impulsive, negative, reactive
mannerisms: loner, has the sort of "will hurt you if you touch me" vibes, is a sweetheart deep down, keeps clan cats at a "reasonable" (to them) distance
— will start fights | will end fights | will flee | will show mercy
— will excel at hunting


— maybe, to an extent, bitter at leopardprowl for abandoning the family on the unlikely chance that tiger was even alive. yes, she'll be glad to see that he's well, but not at the consequences that it came to, you know?
— will be minorly injured in her hunt for her siblings, resulting in the scar on his nose. it will heal, but leave a scar.
— while they miss their siblings and will be so happy to see tiger alive, i imagine that, depending on when it is, they'll already be fairly loyal to their clan at that time, which means no leaving shadowclan for any of them. bonus points for extra angst if, at some point, one of their siblings ask them to, but they're so used to clan-life (and maybe other friends) that they just outright deny it.

@catboyphobic ooh i love her! is lynx from the first litter? leopard would have only left their little family group when she scented tiger around the clan areas. they haven't really been around the clan area much as they were still searching for a better home after leaving the mountains but if you want lynx to join shadowclan then that's cool! none of them had any connection to clan-life until leopard wanted to check the area for tiger on the off chance that he was still alive (which would have been around the time of the fire in shadowclan and thunderclan). lynx could have joined shadowclan during this time! they haven't been around the clan area long as they were loners looking for a home but i'm willing to work with any ideas you have <3

named puma at birth, -leap his strong legs and jumping skills
riverclan warrior
amab ; he/him ; bisexual

cream point tom with blue eyes
puma is a basic cream point tom with river blue eyes. His more defining feature would be his height, though short his legs are rather muscular and powerful, giving him a wider stance. He has a thick, round face that is accentuated with a light cream marking that covers his whole face. This coloring is the same on all four paws and rings around his tail.
no scars or injuries
he has a low voice and carries the scent of mud and crisp air

puma is an intellectual guy. he likes to be calculated and know his moves before he acts. he has more of a responsible feel to him, kind of like a big brother. his first priority is to keep those around him safe, and he is loyal to the soil. though he presents as a colder, mission oriented cat, he has a lighthearted side that only comes out around those he is close with. (wip)
mbti tbd
neutral good
no mental illness

easy to form platonic relationships
hard to form romantic relationships
mate of? crushing on no one
parent to no one
child of npc x npc
sibling to leopardprowl, lionroar, tigerpaw, lynx

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