Big Dreams [Mallow]


for you, i’d steal the stars.
Jul 14, 2022

The shift to Windclan had been rocky, they were under a careful watch, and the siblings oddities certainly didn’t help. Where Mallow wore is unsettling grin, Echo bared her grizzly scars.
She cannot help but think of the stares as she trots alongside Mallow that morning, out to prove their capabilities and hopefully catch sight of a rabbit.
"Do you think it was the right decision, to move here?" She ponders quietly towards her brother, slowing down their fast-space to a slower walk, looking to him with a troubled gaze. Mallow wasn’t always the best to confide in, but he wa she’d brother after all, and what were siblings for if not to confide in?
"I know mom was super excited about it, but I can’t help but wonder if we were better off just.. us, you know?" She continues after a thoughtful pause. She tries not to be insecure, and it was easier when it was just her family and friends, but the doubt in her voice betrayed her efforts. She had noticed Soot’s gaze lingering on her for just a moment, the effort not to wrinkle her nose, not that she would tell that to Mallow. She tilts her head as her gaze settles on him, curious to see what he thought.


There was nothing out here- not a sniff of a rabbit! They were probably all dead and cast in a pile where the Windclanners fed from- and he hoped they would be consumed, and would not rot beneath forgotten weight. What a waste that would be for their bellies- though, he supposed he could find some other use for them...

Echo's pace slowing snagged his attention, and slate eyes snapped toward her. He tippled as he slowed, still unused to half of his tail being gone- good thing that fox was dead now- and managed to take his place beside her, giggling slightly as he achieved the uber-impressive feat of matching the patter of their paw-steps. Echo's voice was quiet, thoughtful- and Mallow's head lolled to the side in poorly-matched contemplation.

"Hmmm... I think so. Yeah! Cos- well, we lived here anyway. And they seem preeeetty set on uncovering every little inch of this place..." Wide eyes flickered like clockwork in all directions as he spoke, hoping Sootstar was not nearby where she could listen and consequently berate them with her stern tone. "I think they would'a found us, 'n then what? They might've chased us out. Best to be one of them, right? Even though we could totally have beaten them..." he mused, and wholeheartedly believed it. There were seven of them, seven that had trained together for as long as Mallow could remember. If they held a mutiny, Sootstar couldn't have survived!

Really, she was lucky they had no interest in that.

Looking toward Echo, he grinned wider- something that seemed hardly possible. He hoped what he'd said had reassured her somewhat, even though the reality was likely not that.