She could feel the day growing nearer with each passing second. The day when she could start working her way up the ranks. Wolfclaw! Orr.... Wolfsnarl! Orrr..... Wolfbite? Whatever, just something badass, that's what she'd be. Lead warrior, then deputy, then Wolfstar! ...After Howlingstar, duh, cause that'd be pretty unfair to her— though... after, insinuates that there'll be an after, like... like—

Okay, scratch that, she'll just be deputy forever, yea. Maybe she was a small-fry now. An unassuming apprentice, but soon, people would come to know her strength, to tremble before her. She's sure the knees of Shadowclan and Windclan alike will buckle in the utterance of her name. She's kind of a big deal.

But before she could intimidate other clans, she needed to establish herself in her own, right? Her chin is held high, tail lifted in a head-turning sway, she takes a step, radiating power (you can tell from the cloud of dust that kicks up around her paws), and her voice is fiersome yowl.

"TELL ME, THUNDERCLAN, WHICH ONE OF YAS WILL CHALLENGE ME?" She swings her head around in slow, exaggerated motions, staring anyone who would meet her gaze dead in the eyes. "AND IF YOU DARE, WE SHALL PURR- PER- PARTAKE IN BATTLE..." Nailed it. Dramatic pause... before her voice lowers into a blood-curdling baritone (okay or maybe just like as deep as she can get it) "A battle... OF WITS!!!!" LIGHTNING CRACKLES BEHIND HER, IT'S EPIC, surely no one will step to the task... and any who do will meet a swift demise.

How out-of-character of her, right? Well after the 'calm downs' and 'not everything has to be a competition's (???????) She's just about had it. She's— she's not just some ruffian! A cold-hearted windclanner, slashing at others for fun. She can do the smart things too!!!!!! "AAYYYYEEEEEE... Am thinking of something. AND ANY CHALLENGERS must FIGURE IT OUT!" She looks down, a dramatic shadow being cast over her face as she awaits the inevitable murmurings of utter fear and terror around her. "Tis' something bright up in the sky, whad'am'I thinkin' about?" She smirks. Heh. A fool might say the sun, but it's actually just one of the well-thought-out, inner machinations of her mind. You'd think that since it's daytime, but actually, she's thinking of THE MOON!!!!!!

[ If you read that part In alfred eggman voice you're doing it right ]


Any semblance of peace that Wildpaw had been savouring fluttered out of his life like a wounded butterfly. The tom flattened his ears against the top of his skull as he locked his bemused gaze upon Wolfpaw, unsure as to whether to be concerned for her mental health or amused by the show. Well, he wasn't one to fold away from a challenge, even from one so stupid.

Grinning, the young tom marched his way over with his shoulders squared. "I'll meet your challenge, loser! It's the sun!" He announced with a swell of pride. How could it be anything else?​
An ear-splitting yowl disturbs the previous peace of camp, attracting the gazes of confused warriors and curious kits alike. A striped ear twitches upon Howling Wind's head where he lays near the warrior's den, resting. A pale eye creaks upon as soon as she recognizes the voice. Of course it belongs to her rather energetic granddaughter, who stands tall in the center of camp shouting for all to hear. Other ThunderClanners are already beginning to grumble with irritation at the interruption, but the deputy can't help but smile softly at the display. Wolfpaw has always been...loud, competitive, blunt, so none of this exactly comes as a surprise.

Interest piqued, she lifts her head from her paws and listens as a much younger apprentice struts up to the stormy blue molly, confidently giving the same answer Howling Wind had been thinking. Ears pricking, she turns her attention back to Wolfpaw to see if Wildpaw's response is right.

Sloepaw emerged from the clump of bramble he had been grooming behind, putting a pause to his listening to investigate the clamour properly. The near-blue shape of Wolfpaw drew his gaze, her dramatics and propositioning pulling a baffled slant to the tom's expression. He came to stop beside his mentor, not sitting for fear that this experience would take another unexpected twist. Why was she so... loud?

"Aayyyeeeeee?" Sloepaw hummed, his disturbed disposition stuttering the imitation. He wasn't sure why he had copied her- maybe to try out the noise himself. The molly's blustering continues nonetheless, snagging his attention once more. At each pique of her tone, he winced slightly. If she hadn't been so cheerful- enthusiastic? The apprentice would have hidden elsewhere.

As Wildpaw, braver than him, joined her in the so-called 'battle of wits' the umber tom considered her question. Did she mean now, or anytime? The sky itself was bright sometimes- did the stars count, maybe a particularly white cloud? Hearing the given answer, sun, Sloepaw conceded. He couldn't think right with all the theatrics going on.

Sleep shattered, the day bloomed into full view as he slowly opened both eyes to the brightness filtering into the camp; the shouting had stirred him back up from his nap.
He poked his head briefly out of the nursery at the sound of someone shouting 'Sun' as loudly as they could muster, his immediate impulse was to check to see if Rabbitnose ate something weird again and he was being called for damage control but upon spotting the apprentices all shouting at one another he quickly gathered it was some kind of game? A quick check behind him for the drowsy kittens and he padded out to grab himself something to eat now that he was awake with no sign of his mate in sight. His appetite had finally come back after quite a while of barely nibbling something only to force the blue tom he loved more than most things in the world to eat it. Maybe he was accidentally encouraging his odd eating habits...who knew.
Sunfreckle padded along on his awkward lumbering steps to grab a mouse from the freshkill pile before moving to sit down nearby the edge of the nursery with a polite nod in Howling Wind's direction as if to say 'Look, I'm at the nursery still. I'm being good.'

He was a fool, a damned fool, she's always known it. Nevermind that that he was young, this was the typa guy– you could tell they'll only pique in their apprenticeship, being the king of a bunch of bozos (her not included since she's basically a warrior already, obviously. Then once he get's until the real world, his dreams will be CRUSHED AND STOMPED ON, BY HER IN PARTICULAR, LIKE SHE'S ABOUT TO RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

–Not before giving Sloepaw a funny look in response to the noise, was he mocking her, or just trying to get a taste of what it's like to be Thunderclan's number one (in their age range)? And with Howling Wind in the corner off her vision, her grin only widens, a smirk flashing nothing but teeth within her maw. Dangerous, rapscallion, devious. A gutteral sound wells in her throat– a dark laugh in the deepest voice she could manage. Evil, dastardly (she's practiced for moments like this) "Loser, you say...?" Slowly, slowly, she lifts her head to meet his gaze, revealing tooth by tooth the evil grin lying tucked beneath. "But it is YOU WHO WILL MEET AN UNTIMELY DEMISE. IT'S THE MOON, LOOOOSER!"
“Except the moon isn’t bright, bird brain,” Tybalt rumbled from where he had been listening. “It’s pretty dull when you think about it. That’s why it’s so dark at night. It barely gives off any light, and the stars don’t give off much of anything either.”


"WHAT?!" Wildpaw felt the sting of confusion and irritation as Wolfpaw announced that the answer that she sought was that of the moon. The young apprentice felt cheated and he was itching to sink his claws in the other, but then Tybalt waded in and gave his opinion on the shitty answer. Wildpaw had to agree with him and it was valid points in his mind. A grin returned to his features at that point and he locked his smug sights on Wolfpaw. "I do believe that he has a point. Your supposedly 'correct' answer is about as dull as you, Wolfpaw." He retorted, mouthing the word 'loser' at the end rather than announcing it aloud.
╭── ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╮

Morningkit sits beside her grandmother, a tiny, pale, and sparsely spotted imitation with fluffed-out fur. She watches Wolfpaw swagger about camp, challenging any who'll engage with her in a battle of wits. Morningkit giggles at her kin's theatrics -- she likes Wolfpaw, though sometimes she's a bit too rambunctious for Morningkit. Sometimes Wolfpaw gives her anxiety, but she knows it's not on purpose. She's just like that.

She gives her chest fur a lick, listening to the banter of the warriors and apprentices around her. Wolfpaw's riddle sounds like the sun to her, or maybe the stars? Morningkit wonders if she's talking about Silverpelt. But she smugly reveals it was the moon all along.

Instantly, Wolfpaw is met with backlash. Stagstrike even calls her a bird brain, which causes Morningkit to look at him with alarm. He says the moon isn't bright, and Wildpaw is quick to agree.

Morningkit says, voice soft, "I think it's bright, Wolfpaw." She looks at Howling Wind for confirmation. Sometimes the moon is so bright, she can't even sleep!

- ,,
Oh, and someone, someone, had the AUDACITY to interrupt quite possibly the BEST EVIL LAUGH she has ever done to DATE. She couldn't even properly enjoy how FUNNY Wildpaw's exclamation of shock was because of it. She turns her head towards the perpetrator slowly, trying her best to keep her face eerily neutral (Even though it doesn't work because she's naturally very fierce and cool looking, unfortunately.) Okay actually, she doesn't feel like turning slowly anymore. In a breakneck motion, her head snaps to him. "BWAAA BWABWABWABWAAA!!! THAT'S WHAT YOU SOUND LIKE!!! A CHUMP!!!" she explains to him. Explains, because it's a FACT. "'Ermm, ak-chew-elly,' I bet you get invited to a total of ZERO PARTIES!!! Wildpaw can't even come up with his own LAME cope, tch," she scoffs, dramatically lifting her nose at the boys. They were fools, CHILDREN. How did Stagstrike even become a warrior before her? Must've been Emberstar's doing, ugh.

And there's a soft interjection, so soft that it actually stands out amongst all the loud yelling (it'd make sense to you too if you were educated!!!) "Mm-HM!" she boasts, nodding sharply in approval at her cousin. Thank god for her kin, or this clan would be completely and utterly doomed. "There are different meanings to BRIGHT, MOUSE-BRAINS," Birds could be big sometimes, but mice were always small, so technically, it was way worse than being a bird brain. "If the moon or stars weren't bright at all you WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO SEE THEM, OBVIOUSLY???"
Tybalt chuckled as Wolfpaw whipped her head around to snap at him. “How long did it take you to get the goose impression right?” he teased, parting his jaws in a yawn as he finished speaking. “I’m thoroughly enjoying crashing this party. Who said I needed to be invited?”

Wolfpaw continued her chattering, telling him that bright could mean different things. “Hm…I suppose,” Tybalt rumbled, stretching out in a patch of sunlight. “But comparatively the sun is definitely brighter.” He smirked, taking great joy in the verbal spar. “But given that it’s the daytime, the sun and the moon aren’t usually out at the same time, and you didn’t specify exactly when in the day you meant…” He trailed off, pondering for a moment before continuing. “And when the moon and the sun are out at the same time, the moon isn’t really bright at all. It’s only bright against the night sky. The sun would still bs brighter if it were out at night.”