general tw for canon - realistic gore, body horror & chronic health issues. all other triggers will be tagged if applicable.


they are mute, of course ; a silence at the center of a bigger silence, these rawhide ornaments, their bald skulls showing. and notice how i've slipped into the present tense, as if they were still with me — OF COURSE THEY ARE STILL WITH ME.
lucia perillo, shrike tree .

/ shrīk / passerine birds of the family laniidae. the family is composed of thirty four species in four genera. the family name, and that of the largest genus, lanius, is derived from the latin word for " butcher ", and some shrikes are also known as butcherbirds because of their feeding habits.
v . a songbird with a strong sharply hooked bill, often impaling its prey of small birds, lizards, and insects on thorns.

shrikekit ; shrikepaw, shriketuft / cisgender male ; he, him, his pronouns only
⤷ named after his unique blue coloring that bears striking resemblance to the northern shrike.
— sootstar xx flint ; little brother to owlpaw, born the runt of the litter / four months old, ages realistically
— windclan / speaks with a slow, monotonous tone ; struggles to emote / voiceclaim: evan peters
— mentored by sootstar, set to become a warrior on 3 / 21 / 2023 / tunneler apprentice, open to patrol
— cancer sun, libra moon, gemini rising / collects dried bones and dried fragrant herbs / chaotic neutral
— heartchart / pinterest / playlist ————————————— ❝ DOUSED IN MUD, SOAKED IN BLEACH ❞

small, spiky blue smoke w low white & pale green eyes / smells like rabbit & thyme
laced up lungs, the stale rot of roses long dead, algae green stems with only thorns still intact. he is sharp ; sharp - edged , sharp - tongued , sharp - featured angular in a way considered pleasing to most. testosterone has melded youth into a blade , honed and beautiful, in an unearthly way. something dead , something dangerous , he is hell iron and tonguing flame. non - burning, built to take heat and build upon it, to turn himself into a weapon — to singe those that dare touch his surface. to gaze upon him once would not scream danger — no, not at first glance. he is but a teen, youthful fat trimming into the beginnings of a sharp, chiseled jaw and almond eyes. he takes after his mother, brutal. stunning. coated in the palest shade of blue ; frigid, like still air over frozen water and broken by a flare of low white.

positive : quiet, boyish, diligent, perfectionist negative : entitled, creepy, volatile, intense, obsessive.
— feline ocd, semi - severe ; paces & trains until sores form on pawpaws, overzealous when grooming, tends to line objects. prone to intrusive thoughts and repetitive behavior.
intj - a | ❝ this personality type comes with a strong independent streak. architects don’t mind acting alone, perhaps because they don’t like waiting around for others to catch up with them. they also generally prefer making decisions without asking for anyone else’s input. at times, this lone-wolf behavior can come across as insensitive, as it fails to take into consideration other people’s thoughts, desires, and plans.
SINGLE ; homosexual, greyromantic / has difficulty experiencing romantic attraction / ½ NA
— physical health : 100%, no illnesses. mental and emotional health : 60% / attack in white
⤷ combat difficulty is decently easy, as he is a an early aapprentice ; combat points are calculated using dicemaiden on discord. his physical health tends to drop and rise sporadically, and he tends to acquire a myriad of injuries when living his day to day life. most injuries are simple wear - and - tear marks along his body, primarily around his arms, in the form of minor lacerations and bruising. usually, his health will not dip beneath sixty without having experienced a major injury or illness. if ill or healing from a large injury, i ask you not to engage him in combat unless plotted out with me first. any unplotted attacks in this case will be ignored!
— [ 0 ] maybe crushes / [ 0 ] crushes / [ 0 ] former crushes / love interest undetermined, plots open
trusts : owlpaw, sootstar, weaselclaw / distrusts : most others. / not open for adoption plots
text text history text he is a kit rn

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[tabs][SLIDE=out of character][/SLIDE] [slide=information]− [B]SHRIKEPAW[/B] ; he / him. three months old. windclan apprentice.
− small, stunning blue smoke longhair w low white & pale olive eyes.
− homosexual, greyromantic ;  sootstar x flint. penned by antlers.  [/slide][/tabs] [/FONT][/SIZE][/justify] [/box][/justify]

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