BITE BACK // intro


"WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT JUMPING ON MY TAIL?!" Words laced with the venom of rage were bellowed in the heart of the camp as the young apprentice smacked away yet another NPC kit. Were the youngsters simply incapable of heeding instruction? It was beginning to feel that way to the likes of Wildpaw. He wasn't interested in humouring them or being part of their pitiful game, he was beyond such things!

The second he turned to leave his poor tail was assaulted yet again by another flurry of tiny paws. A hiss bubbled up in his throat as he turned to strike the latest assaulter of his tail with his paw. "I WARNED YOU, YOU STUPID IDIOT!"

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"Wildpaw!" A stunned yowl flies from the deputy's throat as she bounds over to the apprentice and kit, green eyes wide with shock. She can understand how the kits may be annoying to an apprentice who's outgrown their games, but hitting them? Calling them names? She comes to a halt, brow tented in concern as she then moves to herd the kit away and back towards the nursery. Not another moment passes before she rounds on the 'paw, gaze sharp as thorns. "You don't lay a paw on a kit ever again, do you understand? Is this how you believe a warrior of ThunderClan behaves?" Howling Wind hisses, lifting her chin and tail as she waits expectantly for an answer. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable that an apprentice would act such a way! His mentor would certainly be hearing about this.
Emberstar was not quick to anger. There were few in the clan who had ever even seen her angry, or even frustrated or disappointed. The leader was, to her clanmates, a nearly endless fountain of enthusiasm. It was how she wanted to come off, as often as she could.

She had, however, just witnessed one of her apprentices smack and yell at a kit for the crime of wanting to play. If there was one thing she would not tolerate, it was violence between her clanmates, however petty. Especially, not toward kits. While her deputy bounded onto the scene to shuffle the kit to safety, she padded up next to Wildpaw silently. "It's not how a warrior of my clan behaves, that's for sure." She chimed in, responding to Howling Wind's question. Her gaze turned toward the apprentice, shooting him a tight, insincere smile. Her eyes were filled with fire. "So don't do that again, 'kay?"

Though she worded it like it was a question, her tone didn't make it sound like one.
Though a newcomer, Emberstar deemed her worthy of an apprentice. Leopardprowl latched onto the opportunity to secure ThunderClan as "home" for her family. Plus, it was an interesting concept- mentoring someone else's child.

A lesson schedule needed to be arranged first. And the first scheduled event? Disciplining the apprentice assigned to her, apparently.

"Tick duty for a week. Another week will be added for each complaint received. No other apprentice may assist you. Furthermore, you will personally deliver the queens and kits their meals." her harsh voice signaled her arrival. The golden hues of her pelt were emphasized by the sun's shining rays as she loomed over her apprentice. "Our first lesson will begin before dawn. Afterwards, you are to attend to the elders until our night session." Her tail lashed back and forth, narrowed eyes daring him to speak back.

Harsh? Perhaps. But it was evident that her apprentice would need the extra responsibilities.
Tybalt was crouched nearby, watching the interaction with quiet interest. He'd opened his mouth to scold the younger cat, but the deputy got to him first. The kit was hurried away and Tybalt looked down at them as they scuttled to a halt beside him. "Hey, pipsqueak," he greeted. "You all right?" He gave the kit a soft nudge with his elbow. "Next time someone says no, leave 'em be. Come find me next time you want to attack someone's tail, all right?"

(if anyone wants to be the kit he's talking to, feel free)

A screech would emit from Dewkit’s jaws as she was smacked away, tears welling up in her eyes as the pain began to present itself. What had she done wrong? She didn’t think she’d done anything wrong by trying to play with Wildpaw! Did he tell her not to? She couldn’t recall. It wasn’t fair, why did he have to hit her like that?

As the tears fell down her cheeks a crowd of her clanmates quickly arrived (likely by her screams) to see what was wrong. Howling Wind seemed to be the first to arrive, shooing her back towards the nursery. More than willing to go (so she could find Sunfreckle) she would sit outside the nursery, watching the apprentice relieve a good scolding. The tone of the deputy matched their leader’s, and Dewkit felt very afraid of ever doing anything wrong. They’re so mad… I don’t want them to ever talk to me like that…

With the apprentice’s mentor quick to dish out a punishment, Dewkit would glance up as she suddenly became aware of sitting beside Tybalt. A welcome sight to the child, she would attempt to lean against him as another sob broke free, turning to bury her face in his fur.Oh-okay. I didn’t even know he said not to! Why did he have to be so mean to me?

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Tybalt only sighed in response before licking the kit between the ears. “I don’t know, kid.” He narrowed his eyes at the apprentice. Had the leader and deputy not gotten to him first, Tybalt would’ve been inclined to give Wildpaw a taste of his own medicine. It’d serve him right for smacking a child like that.


It seemed as though all of the clan was falling upon him during that moment and Wildpaw visibly bushed up in response. But of course they were leaping to warn and punish him, but what of the stupid kit who had dared to irritate him by not listening to his demands to be left alone? "Tch! Of fuckin'course the kit gets off with being a pest... should punish the parents for failing to raise their kit right." He huffed aloud with a shake of his head. If the remark earned him further punishment then so be it, he wasn't about to just sit there in silence taking the brunt of the anger without a way of explaining his side of the story.

"It won't happen again as long as the kits learn to stay away. I'll take my punishment duties, whatever." Wildpaw huffed as he turned his nose up at everyone. He would become a great warrior one day, they'd all see! Especially the stupid kits! He shot a brief glower Dewkit's way before he attempted to slip off before anything further could be hurled his way.​

Rabbitnose was always cheery. Gentle and kind, always a ray of sunshine. But when he saw his kit get struck? It all faded. His fur bristled and his lip curled. He calmed slightly as he saw others intervene, but he was going over there regardless. His fur was still raised as he approached. The usually kind eyes of the spotted warrior were cold as ice as he glowered down at Wildpaw as he passed.

He was lucky that the others had gotten there before him.

No, calm down. Already dealt with.

He settled his fur and gave Dewkit a comforting lick on the head. "Are you okay, love? Try to stay away from him, okay?" He said.

He already lost one daughter, he was not going to risk another.

Fire, burning, rage, the forest was ablaze again; he could smell the smoke yet it was all an internal furnace that had finally burst. His teeth flashed white in the wide snarl that erupted from him from across the camp and he was moving with a speed surprising for one so stocky and heavy-laced.
"I'll put you in the GROUND."
For once, Rabbitnose was the rational one. He was a frothing, spitting mass of red fur and outrage as he stomped forward onto the scene at the sound of his kitten crying and there was no stopping his push forward as he moved past Leopardprowl and then Howling Wind and then Emberstar in quick succession with murderous intent in both narrowed green eyes. A scolding was not enough, he did not think himself a violent cat by any means but he was going to give that apprentice a taste of his own medicine to get the lesson across.
It was a farcry from his usually soft, docile demeanor, so much of his rounded edges and cheerfulness masked the fact that he was still a large cat despite the lack of muscle or training that most his clanmates held.
With that one forward paw digging claws into the ground he moved to spring at the younger tom for his insolence, his rudeness, his cruelty; imagine being so careless with a child. He wanted to BITE.

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A rumbling growl rose in Tybalt's throat at Wildpaw's unapologetic response. "Listen, kid," he started, rising to his paws and stepping between Sunfreckle and Wildpaw. "If you've got a problem with a kit, bring it up to one of the queens. Or you might not be so lucky next time. Pick on someone your own size." Or bigger, he thought as his pelt began to bristle. The warrior fixed the younger cat with a hostile glare.

Little Wolf had heard the confrontation from the nursery where she had been curled tightly into her nest, napping. Her belly was swollen, making her feel heavy and slow but still at the sounds of raised voices and scolding words she rises to her paws and makes her way out into the sunshine.

She has no idea what has occurred but she sees Sunfreckle screaming, here’s him threaten a child and she sees him, posies to spring. She moves as fast as her ebony paws will allow her to, covering as much distance as she can, albeit with some difficulty to put herself between Sunfreckle and Wildpaw, coming to stand beside Stagstrike . "you will not be putting anyone in the ground, especially not a CHILD" she snarls, surprised by the ferocity in the usually timid red toms eyes and words. She bares her teeth at him, unsure of what had come over him but still willing to defend Wildpaw from being attacked by a fully grown adult wether he deserved it or not

If it was not Stagpaw that made him falter it was certainly Little Wolf and he leaned back sharply to the snarling she-cat in his face as if the world was slowly coming back into focus and his own furious expression gradually faded to one of quiet disbelief and horror; at himself. He had heard his kit crying and responded with a ferocity and fury he was not used to feeling nor did he understand how to even rationalize it, the result had made him act foolishly and it seemed to dawn on him then and there what he'd been about to do. He highly doubted he would've done much but knock an apprentice over if anything, but that was utterly besides the point. It was no way for a cat to act...and in front of his kits who were already upset.
"I..." The red tabby stammered, sitting back hard on the ground in defeat and acceptance, "I'm....sorry. I don't....I didn' was uncalled for..."
Dewkit's crying had rang like an alarm bell, he half-expected to see another of his kits on the ground and his grief had stupidly blinded him.
"I just...I don't know what came over me.." His words faded, there was no point trying to excuse it, he'd been irrational. Emberstar and Howling Wind were already there, he'd acted out of line. Enough said. Sunfreckle turned to lean down and check on Dewkit instead, shoulders hunched apologetically.


Chervilpaw had been resting in the apprentices den when she heard outcries coming from somewhere in camp. She had quickly jumped to her feet, startled, to see what had happened. Upon arrival at the scene, she took the time to observe and conclude her own thoughts.

"Grief... grief is a powerful thing... So is fear. I think I understand why... why you would, um, react that way. It... it was extreme though..." She said softly, just loud enough for the other cats around her to hear. "And... he certainly is acting... like a child. Something... something tells me that when he was a kit, nobody wanted to play with him, and now he thinks that he's all grown up so... he thinks he's above playing. But... but... even warriors need to play sometimes too..."

The dilute calico trailed off, pelt burning as she realized what she had said. "Was that... It was mean... I'm sorry! I won't... I won't say it again." She had just started spewing thoughts out and rambling, she hadn't meant to be so cruel.



The tension in the air skyrocketed and it caused the young apprentice to stop and turn, bristling and tensing up for a fight. Wildpaw hadn't actually expected to see such a side from the likes of Sunfreckle, but here he was seeing it happen. He honestly had been taken off guard. The tom was rather thankful that the likes of Stagstrike and Little Wolf were there to put themselves in the way, not that he'd ever admit to it.

Though his focus was soon drawn to Chervilpaw when she dared to start running her mouth. Wildpaw wanted to have a snap at her but thought better of it. It was best to just take his leave, only offering the other apprentice a quick glower to help make his feelings known.​
Howling Wind had been content with the outcome. Emberstar had arrived to voice her displeasure, and Wildpaw's own mentor had swiftly approached, dishing out a punishment that was more than fitting. The tabby fixes Leopardprowl with a look of faint surprise, for she hadn't expected that reaction from the warrior. Nevertheless, she doesn't say anything. It's a mentor's job to deal with their apprentice and the consequences would surely teach the unruly tom a lesson.

What she doesn't expect is the violent words that spill from a queen's mouth as he charges for the young apprentice. Howling Wind whips around in surprise just in time to see Little Wolf and Stagstrike stand between the snarling tom and the pouting apprentice. Shock wells up hot beneath her cheeks as she strides over, ears pinned against her head as she fixes the red tabby with a look of disappointment and surprise. "To the nursery with you. Now. You can stay in there the rest of the day if that's how you're going to act in front of the clan's kits." Acting like a kit himself because an apprentice acted out! No grown warrior would be threatening to put any 6-moon-old in the ground on her watch.