BITTER AND FOOLISH // scent marking

Jun 8, 2022

Foul moods infected everyone in the swamp-lands, but today Rust felt particularly irrational.
He needed to take out his anger on the world on something or someone, so what other cats were there to bother aside from Rain's group?
He promised himself before he began he'd do no actual damage, he'd merely be a nuisance and give them a little bit of a reminder. They roamed and had stolen their home, Rain's group did not belong here... Briar's did.

Daringly he enters what is their hunting grounds, on every tree or boulder he passes he brushes up against it to leave both his ruddy fur and scent behind. He does this for a while, plastering his scent and the scent of the swamps on everything he possibly can. They'd be able to rid of his scent completely with some marking of their own, but the strong reminder and insult were good enough for Rust.

In his own time, he heads back to his own lands, but he had visited and had most certainly not tried to hide had been there.

//Since the true concept of "borders" probably aren't allowed yet, Rust just scent marked a patch of their land as more of an insult than a firm "this is mine" if that makes sense!! I'm fine if in the future cats run into him and know he's the one who did this since some of his personal scent lingers too ^^ But this is just a shit-starting thread aside from that LOL

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    ── ( ᴛᴀɢs. )  It had been a long time since Yarrow had set step within the marsh– but she would not forget the scent of it for many moons more than it had been. Those within it had been more familiar than family for some years. It was not a memory easily replaced, however appreciative she may be of the world given to her by Rain and those that live here. This childish feud that has sprung up between them, regardless of necessity, is a deeper wound to her than many would understand. She had not expected to find reminders of it so deeply within this territory. Her ear twitches, eyes wide and paws still though nothing reveals itself past the walls of her chest.

    "This was bold," she murmurs, glancing about the the area for signs of living creatures beyond what she could expect. "And direct." How easily they could fall into retaliation. She has no doubt that they will, once the less reticent ones come to find this stench.

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  • ──── yarrow, eventually yarrowtongue.  cis female,  she - her pronouns.
    ──── approximately five years old,  though age unknown. ages the first.
    ──── sexuality unknown, presumed to be wholly disinterested in others.
    ──── lilac silver ticked tabby with curly fur  and deep,  muted olive eyes.
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"And stupid." Tugger growls at the she-cat's side, though his harsh tone is not aimed towards her specifically. He knew better than to snap at Yarrow by now, but his anger is not so easily hidden at the insult. This is mine, the wretched scent proclaimed. What a joke. If they wanted these lands so badly, they could come try to take them with tooth and claw.

A wry smile twisted the corners of the ginger king's muzzle. Yes, they could try, and he would relish tearing each of their useless claws from their sheaths and every scale-blunted tooth from their gum sockets before sending them back to their god-forsaken swamp to rot in the shame of their failure. "And cowardly. Could've at least stuck around to claim their stink."
✦ ★ ✦

╰☆☆ He can smell that stench from across the forest, it seems. The distinct sharpness of a tomcat marking his territory, one every cat who lives in the wild knows well. But Haze's frayed whiskers tremble with indignity at the offense. "Swamp rat trying to make a point," he says, neither to himself nor to Yarrow or Tugger. He's fuming inside.

"I saw the arrogance on their faces when my father went to talk to them." Haze lifts his head and fixes his companions with a murky stare. "They aren't going to stop until we're all dead." He says this flatly, with no zeal. Haze does not want to fight anymore than Rain does. But he knows what this is coming to. Oh, he can smell it on the wind, just as surely as he can smell Briar's liasion on their trees.

( ✧ ) "Hardly civilized" he remarks flatly. It was rougeish, uncouth. His attachment to where he stayed was very little, but a lingering feeling of resentment wells up inside of him regardless. The disrespect these cats show would be enough to irritate anyone, surely.

He hums in agreement with the others, a sun-bright gaze lifts as Haze speaks. Star sees no falsehood in his words. That bunch would be arrogant enough to try such a thing, keep pushing and pushing until the pine cats were wiped out. Only a matter of time. The tom rolls his shoulders, rests his eyes in lieu of this childish feud. "Maybe we should make the first move then," he says, tone betraying nothing more than a simple suggestion. Of course, he knew Rain wouldn't dream of such a thing.