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Jul 27, 2022

Rosepaw already know what was waiting for him that late night. Now when everything was over and everything had calmned itself down. What had happend today had gone completely out of control. Three of his brothers were now in the medicine cat den to get thier injures attended too, and two other apprentices who Rosepaw wanted to consider to be his friends. It was a rollercoaster of emotions to him because he cared about them all. Picking sides had never been something he was good at...but after today he wonderd if he even had a choice anymore. Rosepaw stood under the nighty sky not all far away from the medicine cat den with his ears flattered down to his head, and body low and crounched. In front of him stood his parents who was glaring down at him with anger and disappointment. They had scolded him for what had happend today, blaming it all on him. Rosepaw stood there crying while his mother was the one who had lead most of the scolding while his other mother stood by thier mate side in silence. They where upset at him for having confronted his brothers to have started the fight, and they where upset at him for not having let it go since Sootstar had already settled all of it down. They didn't care about Leechpaw's reputation or even what thier children had said. It was nothing but bickering between kids in thier world something they would grow up from eventually. But the fact thier kids had got attacked not only once but twice?. That was unacceptable.

" Rosepaw, you are no longer allowed to be friends with Leechpaw. Do you understand?. We do not want you to be anywhere near a such misbehaved tom like them." Thier mother made thier decision, commending them to end the friendship with the only friend Rosepaw had. It came as a shook as the blow shattered his heart. This was typical of his parents. To never care about him otherwise not even when his own littermates was mistreating him. Only when the family as whole got effected by it they would step in and of course the one who got blamed for it all was Rosepaw. Always him. That was why he had grown up to think he was at fault when it come to everything. Even now he thought it was.

" B--But..." he made a weak attempt to protest but got hushed quickly by thier mothers impatient hiss. " Do not speak up against me!. I'm your mother and i know what is best for you and being friends with a such rouge-clawed tom is out of question!. He has nothing but a bad influence over you!. So stay away from him and that's final!." Thier mom slamed down with thier paw at the ground, and lowerd down thier head to Rosepaw's level to give them a snarl. Rosepaw just keept himself crounched trembling slightly under his mothers dreadful glare. He closed his eyes unable to speak up for himself....

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From the darkness, watching this unfold, were two gleaming eyes. As cold as their namesake despite the molten glow of yellow fire within, they were filled with digust at the scene unfolding before him.

Rosepaws parents didn't seem to give a damn about him or his feelings, brushing it all aside and throwing the blame on whoever it most conveniently fell upon. Cold hadn't spent a ton of time with Leech, especially not lately, but it was pretty fucking shitty for him to not even get the chance to defend himself from all these accusations. And these adults, supposed warriors of Windclan- they were pathetic, a disgrace to everything Sootstar was working toward. He couldn't stand cats like this. They were selfish and ignorant, completely careless with the lives they were entrusted with.

Family was supposed to be there for each other, and this.. This was just a sick farce of what a family should have been.

It was when things looked as if they might take a turn for the physical that Coldpaw stepped from the shadowy entrance of the medicine cats den. Seeing that shecat stomp at Rosepaw like that made his fur bristle in annoyance, and realizing that once again the apprentice wasn't going to defend themselves, he crossed the small distance between them to stand beside the smaller cat.

"That's a laugh. How could you possibly know whats best for him when you don't know anything about him?" the gray tabby shot back cooly, fixing his piercing gaze on the pair of adults across from them.

The large tomcat still wore the fresh wounds from his fight with their children, and while the blood had been cleaned and a few of the deeper ones had been covered in cobwebs, the majority of them were on display after refusing to use anything more from the medicine cats den. He'd started the fight after all, so it wasn't worth wasting the supplies on him for willingly getting himself hurt. He'd known what he was getting into when he'd launched the first attack.

"From what I see, your only looking out for yourselves. It's easiest to put the blame on Leechpaw even though everyone in the clan can see the trouble is with those other brats of yours. Do you even care that they work together to make Rosepaws life a living hell? Do you love him at all? Because it sure doesn't look like it from where I'm standing. From here he just looks like a scapegoat you can use to make your own lives easier."

He didn't care if his tone was disrespectful, didn't care if his lashing tail and pinned ears were signs of his hostility and agitation. He didn't like these cats and he wasn't about to pretend to. They were abusive and careless, and they were going to ruin this perfectly good thing they had if they kept treating it carelessly. Rosepaw was too delicate for this, and if it went on forever it would ruin their mind and their heart. Coldpaw wasn't going to let that happen.

windclan apprentice - male - 9 months - a large, dark grey tabby with yellow eyes