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Jun 7, 2022
Hello and welcome to a SUPER casual adopt thread for two open slots in a couple of my characters' families! Please read the rules below before applying.

1. This is not first-come first-serve. I ADORE my characters' families and I want to be sure the dynamic is fun and interesting, and I also want to ensure they will be active. I will be considering applicants based on the actual application's content as well as that roleplayer's activity with their current characters. Please don't apply if you're not positive that you can post at least once or twice a week! I have the right to rehome your slot if you’re not as active as I’d prefer my characters’ kin to be.
2. There is no set form to apply with, just use whatever form you'd like and include any necessary information (i.e., name, appearance, personality, etc.). Please include in the form which slot you're applying for (although I'm sure it'll be obvious)
3. Please follow the set guidelines for these slots outlined below.
4. If you get the slot, the character will obviously be yours to do with as you please. My only request is to try and avoid constant never-ending angst for them, as that's a major muse-killer for me and others as their relatives!
5. This adopt will close in one week, September 16th!

The information for this character is as follows:
  • Must be female (they're the four sisters!)
  • Must follow the litter's genetics below
  • This character must be in WindClan. Depending on how the IC environment goes, the family may leave to become loners, and then return later down the line under a calmer leadership. They just cannot join another clan besides WindClan as for the most part the family should remain together or split off as loners.
  • 42 moons old, aging realistically on the 1st of every month
  • It is preferred but not required for the character to have one of these prefixes: Marble, Stone, Rabbit (again, not required!)
  • This character's kin is as follows: Brightshine, Emberfang, Pollenfur (sisters); Mallowlark, Echolight (nephew and niece); Hare and Rose (NPC parents); Gen 1 character
  • This litter was born and raised in the tunnels beneath the moors. When they were roughly 6 moons old, their father was killed by a collapsing tunnel. Their mother, Rose, decided to head off on her own to grieve, and now lives somewhere in the loner lands beyond Highstones. The sisters all decided to stay and live in the abandoned badger set on the territory. When Brightshine had her kits and the father abandoned her to continue living as a kittypet, all of the sisters and their good friend, Heavy Snow, helped to raise Mallow and Echo. They are a very tight-knit family unit that decided to join WindClan when the group moved onto the moors. Currently, they're struggling a bit in the militant environment.
  • Brightshine's tags, in case they're needed
She-cats can be tortoiseshell, blue tortoiseshell, chocolate tortoiseshell, lilac tortoiseshell, red tabby, cream tabby, torbie, blue torbie, chocolate torbie, lilac torbie, flame point, cream point, tortie point, blue tortie point, chocolate tortie point, lilac tortie point, torbie point, blue torbie point, chocolate torbie point, lilac torbie point
- kits may have no white, low white, or high white
- kits can be shorthaired or longhaired
- point kits will have blue eyes; non-point kits with white may have any realistic eye color; kits without white nor point may have any realistic eye color except for blue
- shorthaired kits will carry longhair; non-point kits can carry point; non-chocolate kits can carry chocolate; non-dilute kits can carry dilute; tabbies will carry solid
- red tabbies will mask black, brown tabby, blue, blue tabby, chocolate, chocolate tabby, lilac, or lilac tabby

The information for this character is as follows:
  • Must be male
  • Mud and his brother were imagined up with the idea of mimicking Bolin and Mako from Avatar: The Legend of Korra Therefore, Mud's older brother does come with some predetermined traits: confident, aloof, stoic, tense, serious. If you are unfamiliar with their dynamic, I definitely encourage you to look them up - they're cute!
  • This character will be roughly 28 moons old and aging realistically
  • History: This character was firstborn in a litter by himself to two loving parents in what would become RiverClan's territory. Only a couple moons later, they fell pregnant again, this time giving birth to Mud. When Mud was around 2 moons old and your character is around 4-5 moons old, their parents died defending their kits from a fox attack, leaving the orphans all alone. Your character developed his hard shell because he had to grow up far too quickly and shielded Mud from the dangers of the world, knowing it was his duty to protect his little brother. They grew up scrounging for scraps, stealing prey from other loners, and eventually, teaching themselves how to fish. Mud never quite learned the ropes of land hunting, but your character could have done that instead of fishing, if you'd like! They eventually joined Rain's group in the pine forest and that's where Mud met Ice, his current mate, and they had Lily. After the war, their family decided to go to RiverClan to return to the place Mud and your character grew up. To this day, the two brothers remain incredibly close despite their clashing personalities.
  • Mudpelt is in RiverClan, but your character can be in any clan you choose. He could have chosen to join RiverClan with Mudpelt and Mud's family, or followed his own path and joined a different clan.
  • Please choose a regular loner name/prefix for them! They wouldn't have been given anything crazy at birth.
  • Genetics are pretty free-for-all as long as they somewhat resemble Mud. For reference, Mudpelt is a large, sleek short-haired chocolate tom with amber eyes and no white.
  • Your characters kin is as follows: Mudpelt (younger brother); Lilybloom, Fernpaw, Iciclepaw, Steep-paw, Darkpaw (nieces and nephews); NPC parents; Gen 1 character
  • Mud's tags, if needed
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Warrior of Riverclan
— 28 moons
— Cisgendered Mascline (he/him)
— Pansexual Panromantic Polyam;; Single​

A chocolate tom with curly fur and high white
— Curly is a rather small tomcat, despite being the older of the two brothers, and has a rather narrow head with almond shaped eyes. His fur is a deep chocolate color with a slight curl to the ends of his fur, making him look puffy at all times. Curly has white across his chest, and all four paws with soft, light green eyes. He stands about 7 inches high and weighs in at about 6lbs, so he is fairly skinny looking compared to his brother- Mudpelt.
Has webbed paws;

Lawful Good, Ravenclaw, Divergent
( + ) Confident, Stoic, Independent, Intelligent
( / ) Tense, Serious, Ambitious, Sarcastic
( - ) Aloof, Grumpy, Envious, Opinionated
— On the autism spectrum, BPD​
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stonesnap . stone .


stone for the name her parents gave her at birth. snap for their energetic nature.
— warrior of windclan; former loner
— female, she/they/he; bisexual
hare x rose, sibling to brightshine, emberfang, pollenfur

chocolate tortoiseshell with low white a rugged tortoiseshell with long, coarse fur splashed in various shades of muddy brown and bright ginger, stonepool cuts quite the intimidating figure. her right eye is missing, the right side of her face marred by scars, and her hind right leg is similarly missing. she is somewhat short, but is broad and muscular especially in her shoulders.
↳ lh chocolate tortie with low white / carries dilute, point


( + ) observant, loyal, dependable, honest, caring ( / ) trusting, energetic, tries to be compassionate ( - ) lazy, blunt, short tempered it takes a lot to get the normally sluggish stone going, but once she’s energized, she is a ball of pure energy. she much prefers lazing about the camp to any physical activity, though, and can frequently be found cat-watching in a shady spot. she tries to be honest with others, and can come off as overly blunt or hurtful, but she means well. she is liable to snap at others when prodded, but is usually quick to apologize afterward. she tries her best to be a caring figure of sorts, although the comfort that she offers often falls short of expectations. they are very observant, especially when it comes to strangers. while she is rather insightful and trusts her own instinctual judgments of others, she is always on the lookout for danger in her surroundings. behind her laziness, she keeps an eye out for anything that could harm her family. when it comes to those she cares for, she tends to be far too trusting, taking anything said at face value. despite her faults, stone is a generally loyal and capable warrior, and strives to be a dependable member of the clan.
mannerisms: clears their throat often during conversations, always stays on the left side when walking beside others so they are in her blind spot, never stands in place but sits or lays down when lingering in one spot
— will not start fights | will not flee | will show mercy
excels at fighting, tracking, insight
poor at running, stealth, compassion

bright sister app <3

moon . moonrabbit

↳ named moon for her pointed markings, face resembling the surface of a full moon; given the prefix rabbit for her speed and stature
— warrior of windclan; former loner
— cisgender female, responds to she / her, will accept others with amusement; biromantic asexual
hare x rose, sister to brightshine, emberfang, &. pollenfur

small, shorthaired lilac tortie point with low white in every way, moonrabbit takes the appearance of something delicate. Her cheeks are full and round, framed with short, but cotton-tufted cheeks. The cream on her tortoiseshell form is scarce, only manifesting in small flecks concentrated around a firecracker tail. Her face is a lavender-lit moon, the transition into her paler features nearly nonexistent - a stark contrast. White blends in with the natural paleness of her fur at her ears and paws, leaving only her face and tail truly shifting in color, with a slightly darker flank than is typical. Though she packs lean muscle beneath her fur, a well fluffed complexion often gives her the appearance of a walking cotton ball.
↳ carrying longhair


( + ) moralistic, friendly, perceptive, flexible ( / ) sporadic, easygoing, whimsical, playful ( - ) distant, judgmental, aloof moonrabbit’s philosophy revolves around enjoying life - though her achievement of this could be considered unorthodox. Strange, is an act she puts on commonly, not really caring to busy herself with deep thought and response, she would rather communicate through vague musings and humor. Under the light-hearted exterior though, she’s fairly perceptive, and can shift her behavior on a whim if she sees it is needed. It’s a frequent skill she puts to use in windclan’s environment; carefree when she chooses to be, and toning things down when consequences loom overhead.

Often times, she comes across as aloof to any outside of her family. She’s someone you can be friendly with, call an acquaintance, and little more. She’ll always avoid a situation that involves speaking deeply about herself, will rarely put herself in a position to hear the woes of others. Feelings get in the way more often than not, and so she chooses to keep herself distanced from them. An unfavorable character may be met with a frown - one or two hushed words behind the scenes, but at the end of things, she does not dwell on them, she’ll continue to act as she always has, whether her opinion of you has changed or not.

mannerisms: her body language remains relaxed whenever she isn’t hunting, eyes half-lidded - sleepy, her tail lazily hovering over the ground. Her expression rarely shifts from a placid smile, a slight quirk of her lips.
— will not start fights | will not end fights | will flee | will show mercy
excels at speed, can achieve impressive heights with powerful hind legs, formidable night-vision though she’d rather not put it to use
poor swimming, strength


— after a life in the tunnels, moonrabbit does not care to return to them. In times of need, she may - her dark-vision is sharp and her nose is keen, but she much prefers the open air of the moor, the stars and the moon glimmering overhead. Freedom is important to her, even if she achieves that freedom in odd ways.
— would likely be mostly casual character <3​
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Aspenfrost; ✧ Aspen - reserved; intelligent; stoic; natural leader; the appearance of an aspen tree,✧ frost - cold; stoic; strong
28 moons
Warrior of Riverclan
Cis Male, Heterosexual/Monogamist

Chocolate lynx point with grey eyes
DSH chocolate lynx point with bluish green eyes and a long slender frame. Is somewhat tall, but well muscled.
smells like summer rain, wood, thunderstorms

Serious, Loyal (especially to family), confident, aloof, stoic, tense, serious
Lawful Good
No mental illnesses

easy to form platonic relationships
hard to form romantic relationships
mate of? crushing on?
parent to?
child of NPC x NPC
sibling to Mudpelt
uncle to Lilybloom, Fernpaw, Iciclepaw, Steep-paw, Darkpaw

general tw for canon - realistic gore, religious imagery & a loss of identity / derealization. all other triggers will be tagged if applicable.


ultraviolet silence. fracture patterns in the exposed knuckle bones we pray with our knees in the dust but the gods do not answer us — THE PINES CREAK WITH THE WEIGHT OF GHOSTS.
unknown, unknown .

DUST, n.
/ dəst / fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried in the air.
lit. a dead person remains, especially cremated.

dustbite ; dust / cisgender male, he / him pronouns only
⤷ named for his ‘ dusty ‘ longhair smoke appearance upon birth, coincidentally a name he held during his youth. little know about or use it, as it will stay. will be given the suffix -bite both after his sharp tongue and ferocity in battle.
— npc xx npc ; older brother to mudpelt / twenty nine months old
— skyclan warrior / speaks with a level tone & deep, gravelly vocal fry / voiceclaim: hugh dancy
— gemini sun, scorpio moon, cancer rising / formerly from the pine group
— heartchart / pinterest / playlist —————————————— ❝ WIND THEM UP AND WATCH THEM GO ❞

lh chocolate smoke tom w/ sunburst eyes / smells like river reed he is named aptly ; dust storm of a pelt drapes his lithely muscled body in shades of mocha. from his head to his shoulderblades are the darkest of this oaken palette, deep soil brown along the thicker fluff that lines the back of his neck and along the contour of his spine. his features are a smokey chestnut. deepening around his muzzle to just a dusting beneath his eyes, disconnected from the over - fluffy, broad curvature of his chest. from roughly midback and falling down just into dark, wispy rivulets of his thighs are specks of white that seem to expand slowly throughout his life. beneath this thick, spiky yet sleek pelt is a figure lined with hard muscle. standing roughly fourteen inches at the shoulders, dustbite, while able to be considered conventionally attractive in sharp, chiseled edges, sunken cheeks and fine, clean - cut jawline, is rugged in a way that tells of his past. littered in a myriad of scars beneath his thick coat, leggy and trimmed with fine, hard, wiry muscle . . a tale of little nourishment and too much exercise. his eyes are sharp, a deep copper tone. his limbs bring him to a height that will likely be amongst the tallest of his clan, long and coltish — not given room to bulk during his formative years, his looks can still be defined as ' boyish ' and athletic.
— vitiligo on lower limbs.
positive : empathetic, hard - working, confident, critical negative : arrogant, aloof, tense, controlling / a life on the streets has wrought tragedy for a cat as young as he — as of now, he stands a stranger to his own person. running with a small colony for a time, he’d been forced to grow fast. too fast. a phlegmatic phantasm has consumed him, disenchanting his name ‘till vestige could cease. honor ignites — ash suffocates lungs. a ruination is he now ; an aurum temple to a plaintive memorial. devastation upon devastation. grace stripped, vestige worn, pilfered. a man who cares too much and tries to cover it, to no avail. his heart has lead him into the predicament he’s in now, and if he had the chance to do it over again, he’d not change a single thing. rough around the edges, dust veils himself beneath the cynical, hardass commander persona ; every tough decision he's made in his life, he's made with best intentions in mind, despite how he may grumble otherwise. dust can be easily described as a bleeding heart - someone dangerously soft - hearted, a stark contrast to the frightening exterior he presents. try as he might to cover it, he frequently allows himself to become infected with tenderness to a weakening degree ; the past melodies he produced with a beating heart and radiating soul pulsating around his skull. he knows very well that his high levels of empathy is responsible for a multitude of things in his life, to blame for his mistakes more often than not.
— quirks,,
ISFJ - T | ❝ this type's secret weapon is their purity of intent. generally speaking, they are motivated by a sincere wish to do the right thing rather than a desire to manipulate or have power over other people. even when they disagree with someone, protagonists search for common ground. the result is that people with this personality type can communicate with an eloquence and sensitivity that are nearly impossible to ignore – particularly when they speak about matters that are close to their hearts. ❞
SINGLE ; bisexual, biromantic / difficulty falling in love, trusts slowly but entirely / ½ NA
— physical health : 100%, no illnesses. mental and emotional health : 60% / attack in white
⤷ combat difficulty is very difficult, as he had fought to survive alone most of his life ; combat points calculated using dicemaiden on discord. if ill or healing from a large injury, i ask you not to engage him in combat unless plotted out with me first. any unplotted attacks in this case will be ignored!
— [ 0 ] maybe crushes / [ 0 ] crushes / [ 0 ] former crushes / love interest undetermined, plots open
trusts : mudpelt, family. / distrusts : cicadastar. / adopted by none, not open for adoption plots
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important threads
( ☆ ) interaction ( ★ ) development
thread name ──── brief description.
thread name ──── brief description.
playlist stuff
notes: this isn’t done but i was panicking about getting it in in time rip

You guys, thank you SO much for all these applications! It seriously took me some time to consider each of them and how they’d fit the dynamics I’m looking for in my character’s families, and so I SO appreciate all of the detail put in.

I’ve decided to pick Moonrabbit for the Brightfam sister and Dustbite for Mud’s brother.

I’d still LOVE to see these other characters in those clans because I’ve fallen in love with all of them ??? I think I saw Zaeya saying Aspen would be in RiverClan anyway so I’m super hyped for that?

Thanks again everyone!!