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Aug 14, 2022

They had gotten off on a bad paw. Hollow Tree didn’t like scolding anyone but she would put up with disrespecting the leader. Even if she agreed with the base point. Maybe she could teach Stagpaw to use his words in a better manner. The brown tabby made her way across camp. Approaching the familiar tom that was to be trained by her.

“Stagpaw. Are you ready to start your training?” she asks, trying to keep the mood light. But she had a gut feeling he wouldn’t be very easy to get along with. It was a good thing she was patient.
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His pelt prickled as his new mentor approached him, addressing him with his new "name." He didn't want her help. He didn't need her help. He'd been able to look after himself since kithood. His parents had taught him well and taught him early, and he had relished in a good catch or a victory in a fight. He didn't need to be trained.

But still, it seemed he didn't have much choice. He turned, watching the other apprentices excitedly trotting after their assigned mentors, and gave a disgruntled huff. It'd be something to pass the time, at least. So he turned to face Hollow Tree, regarding her silently for a moment before speaking. "Fine," he muttered. "But you're wasting your time. I don't need your help."

She studied him for a moment and mulled over his words. Hollow Tree knew he was older than some of the other apprentices. The warrior knew if he showed promise and refined some skills that he would be named a warrior in no time. But it was his attitude that was holding him back. And she wasn’t sure how to help with that. But she was going to do her best.

“Need and want are two different things.” the older feline said, taking the lead to leave camp. Think it would be best to just head straight to the sandy hollows. Hollow Tree remained silent the whole way there. Only looking behind her once to make sure he was following. Once they arrived, she moved to the center of the hollows. “Why don’t you tell me everything you can do and where you think you can improve?”
[ she-cat . 32 moons . warrior ]
His gaze wandered about his surroundings, and he didn’t bother to look at the older she-cat as she spoke. “I meant what I said,” the curly-furred tom shot back, flicking his tail in annoyance. He didn’t need help. He didn’t want it either, but he’d chosen his words on purpose.

Upon arrival at the hollow, the tom sat back on his haunches as he took in the area. It was open, meaning that he wouldn’t be able to slip away from her nearly as easily as he had hoped. He huffed and shook out his pelt, shrugging his shoulders when she asked what he could do. What couldn’t he do?

“I can hunt and catch most things, minus fish. I can fight well enough.” He yawned, his front claws unsheathing as he stretched. This was boring.

Catching fish wasn’t a big deal. There was a stream that passed through Thunderclan near the Owl Tree and Hollows but she had never seen anyone fish from it. She knew the basics of fishing but wasn’t an expert at it. Living in the forest probably meant she would lose what skill she had catching fish.

“We can leave the fish catching to Riverclaners.” she had heard the cats there often enjoyed getting their paws wet. Hollow Tree hadn’t seen Stagpaw fight anyone before. So, she wasn’t sure how good he actually was. It would be easy enough to test. But she was more interested in seeing if he could follow directions or show any kind of paientence. “Can you climb trees?”
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Tybalt relaxed somewhat when Hollow Tree said they wouldn't have to fish. He'd have done it if he had to, but he wasn't fond of getting wet. When she asked if he could climb trees, he tilted his head back to look up at the trees surrounding the hollow. He'd never really had to climb them, and he'd only done it a few times. He'd grown up in the city, which had been famously lacking trees. Most of his climbing experience had entailed scrabbling up the rickety fire escape his family had spent their nights on.

"Yeah, I guess so," he said with a shrug. "I didn't grow up around trees, but I've climbed them once or twice. Most of the stuff I grew up climbing was twoleg stuff."

She was aware that he grew up around two-legs. It was hard for her to imagine what kind of stuff they had to climb. Hollow Tree never explored two-leg dens or ever got close to one. Her father had been left to two-legs in hopes they would save his life. But she had never seen him since that day. She looks to the closet tree on the edge of the sandy hollows.

“It’s good to practice then. You’ll never know when you’ll need to climb one. And it’s safe up there if a dog is ever chasing you.” she said, moving towards the tree she had eyed. Sitting below, she looks to the apprentice. Waiting for them to scale up the bark.
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