bloom - roepaw

Flycatcher had not expected to be given another apprentice so soon after Smolderpaw's disappearance, but he was glad to have afforded the opportunity. Roepaw had been named as his new apprentice and he was eager to begin his training with her. He knew her in passing and knew she was close with Cinderfrost. Flycatcher hoped that over time their friendship would grow alongside their lessons.

That morning after both of them had woken up, Flycatcher encouraged his new apprentice to eat something before they left, and that he would await her by the entrance to the camp. He wasn't kept waiting long before Roepaw appeared, and he stood up to greet his apprentice. "You ready to head out?" He asked the cinnamon apprentice.

@. Roepaw .

She had been up for hours, in all truth, impatiently waiting for the sun to rise as to not draw attention to herself, wandering about camp in the dark.
Her lack of sleep did not slow her down though, by the time the sky was a brilliant clash of orange and pink, she was upright and scampering about in search of Flycatcher- only to be sent to eat something.
She didn’t think she had ever eaten so quickly before, and was done within a few bites, tumbling back over to where the warrior waited for her.
"Absolutely!" She beamed, almost breathless, her paws impatiently tapping against the ground, "What are we doing first? Hunting? Fighting? Tracking?" Her words were escaping her maw a mile a minute, but she couldn’t find it in her to really care- she was too excited!


Her enthusiasm warms his heart. Flycatcher looks down on his new apprentice with a gentle smile. "Glad you're excited, Roepaw," He mews warmly. "Hopefully you'll keep that enthusiasm for all our training." He turns and begins to walk out of camp, gesturing with a tilt of the head for Roepaw to follow. As they walk, Flycatcher continues to talk. "I think for today we'll just focus on tracking and stalking prey for now," Flycatcher tells her. There would be chance for them to potentially work some hunting into it too but he didn't want to overwhelm her on the very first day.

They are walking for some time until he brings her to a stop in a clearing. It's quite open and exposed but there's plenty of smells in the air for her to follow. "Tell me, Roepaw, what do you smell?" He asks, waiting to see what she would pick up.