BLUE BIRD // visiting grave




"Hey Old man, it has been a while hasn't it?." Hawkpaw wore his easy-going smile as he stared down on the grave under that massive oak tree, the very place he had picked out all on his own to bury them. It had been a while since he last came here now. Hawkpaw was trying to visit the grave as often he could but sometimes life got too busy for that. Lately it had been just that. Dogs attacking them, the drama with Windclan. The list only seemed to keep on getting longer. Everything they had fought for, the cats they had lost had all of it just been in vain?. What was the point of that battle if nothing good had come out from it?. All they had really done was split from two groups into five and everyone should know that hardly fixed anything. Not in the long run. " Sorry for not visiting as often lately but...y'know how it can be. I mean you most see everything from up there, right?." He smiled still as he glanced up towards the sky instead wondering if Talon was up there looking down on him now. What did that old man think about all of this?. He had died for all of them after all, to make all of this possible. This war will end it all Hawks. Everything is gonna get better after this i promise.

What a shitty promise to make when he not even was here to see the aftermath of it all. Hawkpaw wonderd if this was what Talon had wanted to die for?. A tom like that should have keept on living and died for something...better then this. Maybe he was just bitter over his death still. He really didn't know anymore. Maybe he was just upset he had left them all alone down here while they where up there in the sky like both of them had dreamed about. Both of them had often talked about how it would feel like to be up there in the sky to fly wherever they wanted. Jealous of birds. Heh, stupid, right?. Hawks smiled at the memory thinking back on everything he had shared with that old cat. Every conversation they had have. Everything he had learned from them. How they had saved him from a broken home showing him a different and more brightful path in life. There was no cat he respected or looked up to more then them. Why did a cat like Talon had to leave so soon for?.

" I really miss ya." he said more softly, gaze back down at the grave he had made for them. He wished the great battle never had happend because Talon would still have been here then. But he wasn't and so he was left here all on his own to keep Talons dream going that one day all of the clans could live in peace and harmony with each other without anymore death. Even him realised that dream might be far to unrealistic but that was what Talon had wanted and so he had made a promise to keep that dream going so Talon's death wouldn't have been in vain. He would keep on trying to fullfill that man's dream or die trying. That was how he was gonna live his life to repay everything Talon had given to him. If it wasn't for him he would still be trapped in that place. That was how he was gonna honor thier memory.

" But don't worry. I'm doing fine so no need losing ya fur over me." he chuckled softly to himself. Yea. He better enjoy his afterlife up there hunting tons of chickens and birds for the both of them. One day he will join him as well and maybe then they could finally fly through the sky together like they always had wanted.

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Now that she's apprenticed, when she's able she lurks the territory with Tallulahwing likely somewhere in the nearby distance. It was still vastly unfamiliar to her, but Figpaw didn't mind. One day she'd have SkyClan's entire forced mapped in her head, she'd know it as if it was the back of her paws.

By pure accident she stumbles upon Hawkpaw, paying his respects to a fallen cat that had been close to him. Figpaw is too innocent and naive to realize what he's doing, to realize the mound of dirt was unnatural. To realize Hawkpaw stood before a grave.

"Um... Hawkpaw?" The girl murmurs to the apprentice in confusion, "Who are you talking to...? To the tree?" She suggests with a giggle.

Hawkpaw didn't really minded that he had got interupted. He was done with his visit anyway, having said what he had come here for. So when he faced the newly made apprentice Hawks would offer them a casual smile. It was a bit amusing that she thought he had been talking to a tree. Instead of correcting her though decided to play along. " Yup, i was. Don't tell me you didn't know that the trees can sometimes talk back to you?. Sometimes they tell ya where to found preys, or...they will reveal the secret on how to become the best climber anyone has ever seen in the forest!. All ya need to do is talk with them and to listen." Maybe he shouldn't try to trick a kid like this, to fool her head with lies. But come on it was completely harmless and it was a bit funny...if she would believe what he just had told her that was. It was a fun way to turn this topic away from a much heavier one he much rather not talked about. Who wanted to listen to his problems or grief anyway?. He was just bore them all out, especially Figpaw. Better keep this light-hearted.


Knowing that Figpaw was more than likely going to believe this spiel of nonsense made him step out from where he had been quietly observing. Snowpaw had only been hunting nearby when the unmistakeable voice of his sister caught his ears and his initial approach was just to make sure she wasn't speaking to a stranger or something dangerous; Hawkpaw was neither.
"I imagine the wind rushing through the branches might sound like talking, but trees don't speak. Least not in a way we can hear or understand." Everything had a pulse though, everything was alive. Snowpaw's golden gaze moved to the other tom with a brief narrowing of eyes, a look expressing his feeings regarding the idle trickery he was pulling and offering him an out. He wasn't going to speak for the other or even bring up what was obviously a burial place, but he would certainly prefer if the little game being played at his siblings expense was redirected to something a little less deceptive and meanspirited. It would be a shame if he had to abuse his larger size to knock over an apprentice near twice his age.
"What brings you out here, Hawkpaw?"


Trees talk back? Figpaw can't help but give Hawkpaw a look... was he sure? Could a tree really tell her how to become the best climber there was? It sounds too good to be true... but her naive heart wants nothing more than to believe it. She'd have to ask Tallulahwing, her mentor knew the answers to all of her questions!

Snowpaw dismisses Hawkpaw's claim immediately. That was true... maybe the wind is why Hawkpaw believed the wind spoke?
"It'd be cool if they did talk, just think! Trees are sooo sooo old, they'd have so many cool stories!"