BONES IN THE OCEAN — skyclan patrol

Jul 22, 2022
The burbling of the river fills his ears as he motions for the patrol to halt along the shore. With a distasteful sniff, Harpyfall glances over his shoulder at those present, a glare lingering on the medicine cat for a heartbeat longer. "Drizzlethroat, Leopardclimb, mark along the river upwind of here. Basilpaw and this amadán-" Harpyfall points to Dawnglare with the tip of his tail. "-will follow me downwind." Best to keep the ignorant medicine cat within smacking distance, as he's bound to spew stupidity from a vacant skull.

"If we're lucky, we won't run into any RiverClan cats." He already feels exposed, walking around on the ground. His tail tip flicks in an agitated manner, his claws unsheathed as if preparing for a scuffle. The arboreal warrior is vulnerable, out of his comfort zone, and he does not wish to meet any potential enemies here.

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The WindClan patrol showing up at the border had bothered Clayfur for a few days. With what had happened to Cicadastar, the meeting had been uncomfortable and tense. So when the brown and white tabby catches the scent of another unfamiliar patrol, he doesn’t hesitate like he had with the WindClan patrol. This time, the long-legged tom whirls around to face the smell, following the faint sound of a voice until he finally pops from a bundle of reeds, coming face to face with a small group of cats. SkyClanners; he recognizes a couple of them. He’d recognize their medicine cat just about anywhere, actually.

He catches the tail end of Harpy’s statement and cocks his head to the side. "Unlucky," he says, though he grins broadly at the other tom. "Lemme guess, you’re marking the, like, borders or something?" That’s what the other patrol had been here for, so he figures it’s a decent guess. He doesn’t think the SkyClanners will attack, especially since he knows a few of them from before he moved, but there’s tension in his shoulders anyway. If they try anything, he won’t put his past loyalties above RiverClan.
Dogteeth had been fishing, his curls shaken out and glinting with water as he follows the voices- that and Clayfur’s silhouette pushing past the tall reeds. Unlucky, he says- in clever response to the stranger’s words. As if summoned the river cats seemed to bleed from the stalks.

" your- collar-thing is… is pretty! " he shouts and gestures with a blonde toes to his own chain for emphasis of the other’s green fabric wrapped at the neck. Surely not enough to keep out claws or teeth, so definitely meant for the eyes! A warm smile is chiseled on his face but he cups his paw-pad against his forearm a bit nervous considering the hostilities that could ripple in the air. He was a Riverclanner, afterall. The history of war- still beyond Dogteeth’s scope of understanding.

He’d let the scruffy warrior handle the diplomacies, but he really should’ve kept his maw shut on all accounts because guilt started to ripple like the waters at his feet.

" I wasn’t suppose to do that was I-… I can’t believe I did that…" he mutters toward the taller chocolate warrior, slowly shrinking in on himself and behind Clayfur.

Already her sickly thin figure is bristling at the idea of being out of the cover of the trees. The space so open above her head and she doesn't know how some even do it. Thank the stars that the trees are not that far away from the riverside. Still she is tense but not because of the riverclanners but because she's tired. She curses under her breath with how weak she is and she has struggled to keep up with the patrol, though she's forcing herself not to show it. Sniffling the molly blinks her amber gaze as she looks at the water and she merely dips her head at what Harpy tells her to do. No problem, up wind. A part of her mind is scolding her about the distance, she didn't think that Riverclan would be so far away but being out here now she feels ill. Shaking her head a moment she pauses as she hears a voice and she lifts her head up from the ground. A cat calls out to them and then another, neither of which she finds herself knowing all too well. Her gaze narrows but the tailless woman only makes a face. "Of course, we didn't come out here for pleasantries, we actually have stuff to do."

She doesn't like the shaking of her voice and she quickly looks away to start heading upwind of the patrol to start marking when another voice calls out. Blinking she lifts her head up once more and frowns a little. Compliments are find she guesses but she also doesn't say anything about it. It's not like it is directed towards her anyway.


There was still so much for him to learn in Riverclan and his new companions however the same thing could be said about the other clans that lurked around them. Apperantly they wheren't on good terms with all of them. Some a bit more tensed with then others. Ravendusk had no idea what clan this patrol belonged to though, but they did stank of kittypets and pine trees. An interesting mixture for sure. In this case he decided to be nothing but a bystander to observe and learn more about his own clanmates behavior and the same could be said about this unkown clan cats. No need to cause any unecessery drama that might not even be there.

" I don't think you spoke out of turn so you should be fine." Ravendusk spoke lowly to Dogteeth in reply to his...oddly fascination of one of the clan-kittypets twoleg accessory they had carried around thier neck. Hmmh. Ravendusk couldn't exactly say he understood where this fascination came from but...this cat with a dog name had something similliar around thier neck so perhaps the two shared something in commen. In the future though perhaps Dogteeth should think more wisefuly of his choice of words...

The elegant looking tom stood still not far behind Clayfur and Dogteeth as he felt he could at least do this much by showing his support in numbers just in case something less pleasant would end up befalling today. He would be there if they needed him but his interest to interact with this kitty-pet smelling clan was extremely low. Ravendusk had never been interested in the twolegs and how they lived just as little he was with kittypets themselves. They simply didn't interest him. That was all there was to it. So why bother giving them his attention?. Unless he absolutely had to of course. But for now he was safe.



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That smile.

Worry sparks in his chest at the sound of Clayfur's voice and then SkyClan scent-- but he arrives on the scene and it's peaceful, thank god, and Clayfur has been joined by clanmates. Strength in numbers indeed. And there's that tomfool smile, big and friendly. Even as his shoulders stay tense, protective. Still grinning. God but he's cute.

Clearsight takes his place by Clayfur's side, while Ravendusk joins Dogteeth, reassuring him. "I'm sure you're fine," he agrees. Honestly Dogteeth's blunder was kind of sweet. And, well, better friendly than fighting tooth and claw-- they don't need another rivalry. Another war. RiverClan may disdain the kittypet clan, but that doesn't mean they're looking for enemies.

He notes Harpyfall's unsheathed claws, Drizzlethroat's expression, and his muscles tense-- he fights to keep the fur on his back from rising. They clearly aren't looking for a fight, only frightened of one. RiverClan is strong, especially on their home turf. The kittypets are right to be wary.

"We don't want trouble, and we won't get in the way of your business as long as you stick to your territory." He lets himself bristle just a little at the end. Still civil, but very, very clear. Their borders aren't something to take lightly. Not after what happened to Cicadastar.

Then in a lower voice, for Clayfur's ears alone-- "You're alright? They didn't try anything, did they?"

He... surprises himself with the vitriol there. An unspoken they better not have. Clayfur's just as much a warrior as he is, Clearsight reminds himself; he doesn't need a protector.

Blue fur brushes soft against brown. Clearsight stands close as he dares, golden eyes imploring, waiting for an answer.


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A movement from behind him nearly scares Clayfur out of his pelt, but he manages to contain his surprise to only a flinch and a glance over his shoulder. He’s on edge, and for a moment he opens his mouth to lightly complain about not giving him such a fright, but the sight of his clanmate quiets him. It’s just Dogteeth, the soft-spoken tom with a daughter back in camp. Ravendusk is quick to join them as well, and the brown tabby tom relaxes a bit. He’s not facing down this patrol alone, at least.

The skinny SkyClan warrior with a look that could kill speaks up, saying they’re not here for pleasantries, and Clayfur’s smile falters for just a moment. He needs to remember that their clans aren’t exactly on good terms; not enemies but not friends, he should be less friendly toward them. Dogteeth seems not to consider this, though, and compliments the SkyClanner’s collar. Then the curly-furred warrior apologizes quickly, as though Clay is some kind of hardass fun-hater. He shrugs, flicking his tail dismissively. "Psssh, you’re fine. No biggie." He casts a glance at Ravendusk, silently thanking the rusted warrior. They need to stick together as a unified clan, and reassuring one another is just the way to do that.

He stiffens at the sudden voice beside him, the hardness in the other tom’s tone. There’s a brush of fur at his side and he leans into it just a bit. For a moment he tries to convince himself that Clearsight’s concern is only for him—because what a feeling that would be, to be the subject of someone else’s worry—but he shoves that idea away. The other warrior is only asking him because the other RiverClanners have bunched up behind him. "No, I’m okay. Thank you," he murmurs in response, meeting Clearsight’s gaze for just a moment. Then he turns back to face the SkyClan patrol, still with a friendly expression on his face. Kill ‘em with kindness, he thinks, and hopes they leave soon. They don’t seem to pose a threat, but the conversation has sufficiently turned awkward.