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Jun 6, 2022
The Great Battle left many reeling from the deaths of loved ones. Briar, the very cat who had called for the war, was not exempt from this suffering. Her long-time mate and the father to her older litter of children was murdered by one of the pine cats during the fight. To make matters worse, it's shortly after the battle that she learns she's pregnant with their second litter of kits. Now a single mom and leader of ShadowClan, she has to tackle grieving her mate and raising her kits all by herself.

Once the kits are born, Briar will be sure to tell them plenty of stories about their father. Amber will not be an unfamiliar name to them and she'll be sure they feel like they know him well despite him not being there to watch them grow!


The kits' mother is Briar, the leader of ShadowClan.
Their father was Amber, a founding member of StarClan.
Their aunt, Briar's sister, is Bone, the ShadowClan medicine cat.
They have four older siblings who are 20 moons: Dusk, Honey, Pitch, and Thistle.


Sire: LH cinnamon rosette tabby w/ low white (carrying solid and dilute).
Dam: SH black (carrying longhair, dilute and chocolate).

Kits can be black, black tabby, chocolate, chocolate tabby, blue, blue tabby, lilac, or lilac tabby.
- kits can be shorthaired or longhaired.
- kits can have no white or low white.
- tabby kits will display a rosette pattern.
- kits without white can have any realistic eye color besides blue; kits with white can have any realistic eye color.
- all kits will carry cinnamon; shorthaired kits will carry longhair; tabby kits will carry solid; non-dilute kits may or may not carry dilute.

NOTE: While not listed in the genetics, Briar and her sister Bone have spiky fur that could be inherited by the kits! Some of the kits in the older litter have this too.


I would really like applicants to keep to this list of names, or at least something very similar to one of these names! So, if you have any questions pertaining to the names, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

Kits will take the suffix -kit, as they will be born after Briar receives the -star suffix and cats start taking suffixes!

Amber - To honor her fallen mate. I would absolutely LOVE for one of the kits to take this name.
Twilight (or anything similar) - for her mother's name.
Marrow, Dust (or anything similar) - to relate to her sister's name.
Thorn, Bracken, Nettle, etc. - To go along with the names Briar & Thistle, would likely give these names to kits with spiky fur.
Raven, Crow - Birds are her favorite prey animal, and these types of birds are seen the most around their territory. Other bird names (Robin, Cardinal, etc. would be acceptable too).
Marsh, Swamp, Mud, Lagoon, Lichen, Moss/y, etc. - Any type of name that fits with the swamps, for her home!
Frog, Toad, Snake, Adder, Lizard, etc. - Any type of name that fits the prey animals most commonly eaten. Again, to honor her home!
Shade, Black, Dark, Night, etc. - Any dark-sounding names to fit the shadowy swamps!
Lavender, Lilac, Violet, etc. - Any purple names for her favorite color!


1. Ashkit played by cos
2. Bramblekit played by Juniper
3. Slitheringkit played by Rhosmari
4. Open
5. Open
6. Open
7. Open

To give everyone plenty of time to apply/create their characters, this will not close until some time in August! The exact choosing date is to be determined, but I will update this post with details when the time comes.

✧ starlingkit, a name given to her due to her black and white fur and chirpy kitten meow
✧ female, she - her
✧ unborn kit
✧ shadow clan, kit

✧ single
✧ no offspring
✧ heterosexual, thinks romance is icky
✧ younger sister to dusk, honey, pitch and thistle
✧ sister to tbd
✧ niece to bone
✧ friends tbd
✧ dislikes tbd

✧ starlingkit has a small frame, even taking into consideration her age. covering her tiny body is black and white fur, her head and all of her upper body is a shade of midnight and the white covering her lower jaw and her belly as well as the tips of her front feet and back right foot, her back left foot is mostly white. Tying together her whole appearance is light green eyes similar to how leaves look in new-leaf, when they are just beginning to sprout. the entirety of her head can be described as round, round cheeks and round eyes, not slanted like cat eyes normally would be.

( + ) passionate, thoughtful, good-listener
( / ) reserved, mature, shy
( - ) antisocial, insecure, gullible
✧ for a long time, starlingkit will be a withdrawn creature, trying to avoid social situations and confrontation at all costs. this will mostly be due in part to a stutter that she may or may not one day grow out of. she tends to try and speak as little as possible, insecure about her speech and how others perceive her because of it. this, however, has made her a particularly good listener. she prefers to stay in the shadows and listen to the things going on around her, and she will remember every little thing someone has said to her. that being said, she does hold a grudge, though she avoids confrontation at all costs and will refrain from saying anything to the cat who has offended her, instead she will wait for them to approach her, wanting to always choose the side of peace, unless a cat who isn't herself is being treated unfairly, then she will always speak up in their defense.
despite how smart she can be sometimes, starlingkit is also extremely easy to manipulate, she believes that almost every cat has a bit of good in them and she strongly believes in second chances, so yes she will hold a grudge but only until that cat figures out that they have wronged her and they apologize.
✧ suffers from anxiety

✧ will not start a fight and will most likely run if confronted, not a strong fighter
✧ peaceful and healing power play allowed with permission
✧ ❝ speech
✧ penned by jay!
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general tw for canon - realistic gore, religious imagery & a loss of identity / derealization. all other triggers will be tagged if applicable.


did you know that halloween started because long ago people believed that one day a year at the end of the fall harvest, the spirits would return to walk the earth? on that day — PEOPLE WORE MASKS SO THE SPIRITS WOULDN’T RECOGNIZE THEM.
rl stein, goosebumps .

/ merō / a soft fatty substance in the cavities of bones, in which blood cells are produced ( often taken as typifying strength and vitality ) .

marrowkit ; marrowpaw, marrowmask / cisgender male, he / him pronouns only
⤷ named after his aunt, bone, as he will be born bearing remarkably similar spots of white.
— briar xx amber ; sibling to slitherkit, bramblekit, ashkit and more to be decided / unborn, ages realistically
— shadowclan kit / speaks with a calm, strict tone ; tends to purr & trill his words / voiceclaim: skeet ulrich
— gemini sun, scorpio moon, cancer rising / obsessed with bugs and small lizards / currently chaotic neutral
— heartchart / pinterest / playlist —————————————— ❝ AMONGST THE GRAVES, LIVING DEAD ❞

longhaired black tom w low white & sunburst orange eyes / smells like ash
shadows manifest in silken rivulets of wispy ebony ; starless expanse of midnight that drapes itself in slate black over his coltish figure, broken only by rivulets of striking ivory. alabaster tears through half of his features, ending in a flare pattern over sharp, testosterone - shrunken features and eyes of dying sunburst. as a kitten, marrow will be round and soft, features nearly too cherubic for his mischievous deeds. with time however, he will grow into an objectively good - looking feline ; standing a hair taller than most of his clanmates and bearing a remarkable resemblance to his aunt bone in structure and coat. he is whip - like, long and coltish with legs lined with hard, wiry muscle. his forepaws are a striking alabaster to the elbow, his hind only tipped in white at the paws. behind him is a plumelike tail of solid white, lengthy and often curled or kinked over his back both for show and to keep clanmates from stepping on it.
— carries cinnamon & dilute.
positive : charismatic, excitable, procedural negative : intense, arrogant, snarky, chronic / as a kitten, marrow will have difficulty sitting still. itting still ; he is a loud, rambunctious kit that delights in causing mayhem and puffs up in indignation upon any sort of consequence. above all else, marrow will be a troublemaker — mischief will follow him his entire life, though often wrought by none other than himself. smug. his natural state seems to rest comfortably in a perpetual half smirk, haughty and relaxed in whatever situation he finds himself in as his childhood will have been riddled with chastising, watchful elder warriors — a mixture of supervision and strenuous training will shape him into a headstrong warrior, one holding close to the traditional values wrought on by his clanmates. despite his high energy and laidback attitude, marrow will be a man desperate for acceptance.

ENTP - T | ❝ entp’s are “ idea people ” who are able to intuitively understand people and situations with ease. they tend to be quick, alert, and outspoken. they are more interested in generating ideas and possibilities than specific plans of actions. entp’s are fluent conversationalists who tend to enjoy lively “sparring” with others. they are good at reading people and tend to be bored by routine. entp’s tend to be upbeat visionaries who value knowledge, understanding, and possibilities.. ❞
SINGLE ; bisexual, biromantic / difficulty falling in love, trusts slowly but entirely / ½ NA
— physical health : 100%, no illnesses. mental and emotional health : 60% / attack in white
⤷ combat difficulty isvery easy, as he is a kitten ; combat points calculated using dicemaiden on discord. his physical health tends to drop and rise sporadically, and he tends to acquire a myriad of injuries when living his day to day life. most injuries are simple wear - and - tear marks along his body, primarily around his arms, in the form of minor lacerations and bruising. usually, his health will not dip beneath sixty without having experienced a major injury or illness. if ill or healing from a large injury, i ask you not to engage him in combat unless plotted out with me first. any unplotted attacks in this case will be ignored!
— [ 0 ] maybe crushes / [ 0 ] crushes / [ 0 ] former crushes / love interest undetermined, plots open
trusts : briar, his siblings. / distrusts : none. / adopted by none, not open for adoption plots
text text history text he is a kit rn

plot line ideas
( ☆ ) prone to change, just current ideas ( ★ )
THE MASK ; an underlying plot throughout his life. marrow will struggle with identity and acceptance as a result of his troublesome kithood, finally finding the energy to mask his high drive with a cool, smarmy attitude that will eventually attract the wrong people and drive the right ones away. his story will focus on accepting yourself for who you are, but in that being willing to accept that you have flaws to be worked on.

playlist stuff
[justify][SIZE=2][FONT=verdana][COLOR=#5c5c5c][B] −  ♱ [/B][URL=''][COLOR=#5c5c5c][B]ABOUT[/B][/COLOR][/URL][B] :[/B][/COLOR] text text text.

[tabs][SLIDE=out of character][/SLIDE]
− solomon ; he / him, unusually tall black smoke oriental with dandelion eyes
− second, smaller pair of ears beneath his functional set, forty-two months old
− pine group [ skc ], penned by antlers


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‣ hemlock said:

hemlockkit hemlockpaw hemlock??? shadowclan kit
(named after poison hemlock, a purple flecked plant that grows in marshy areas)
— briar x amber — cisgender male. he/him. — tbd moons

a spiky-furred, lilac rosette tom with green eyes — with spiky fur and a small yet sturdy stature, it's easy to identify who hemlockkit's mother is. it is the rosetted pattern of his fur that guides those around him to compare him to his father - a pattern that swirls across dusty lilac fur. his eyes are a green similar to his mother's, and his nose is pale in color.

infp-t — a typically independent kit, hemlockkit strives to be a good warrior one day. he enjoys hearing the stories of his father, and wonders what he'd do if he were still around, often using such a thought to guide his own actions. he is very curious about life before the development of the clans, and of starclan, but holds hatred for the clans who hold those who took his father away from him. he typically finds himself taking charge in group activities, but often finds himself second-guessing himself.

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named for her sleek black coat, like a ravens feathers.
no previous names
4 moons
kit of shadowclan
cisfemale | she/her
sexuality tba

a short-haired, jet black molly with sharp yellow eyes.
with a willowy frame and sleek black fur, ravenkit will grow into an imposing figure. sharp yellow eyes compliment the look, two little pinpricks of light among her jet black coat. her face is sharp and angular, with a pale nose at its end.
anything else you can think of

POSITIVE TRAITS: clever, charming, calm
NEUTRAL TRAITS: reserved, selfish, boastful
NEGATIVE TRAITS: arrogant, cruel, cowardly
ravenkit is very self centered, considering herself smarter than everyone around her and looking out for herself above everyone else. she takes delight in playing tricks on those around her, whether simply to prove she can or to try and get what she wants. she takes great pride in the fact her mother is the leader. often bragging about it to others. despite all this, she gets along well with her clanmates. a silver tongue and a quick wit allowing her to come off well in conversation.
chaotic neutral

hard to form platonic relationships
hard to form romantic relationships
mate to none
parent to none
siblings with ashkit, bramblekit, slitheringkit, etc

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Lagoonkit -- Lagoonpaw -- Lagoon???
Kitten of Shadowclan
— Lagoon- for her blue tabby pelt // Kit- For her rank in the clan
— 4 months // age rate tba
— Cisgendered Female // she/they pronouns
— Bisexual Biromantic Monogamous​

A skinny, rosette blue tabby with yellow yees
— Lagoonkit is a rather skinny she-kit, weighing about 4lbs fully grown and has long, willowy legs. She stands about 8inches tall fully grown and has small paws, rounded ears and a 'chubby' face. Her coat is a soft blue color with dark rosette tabby marks along her body. Lagoonkit has a dash of white acoss her chest and extends down to her belly as well, and she has brilliant yellow eyes.
No extra nots as of yet

PERSONALITY TYPE (Slytherin, Lawful Good)
( + ) Brainy, Clever, Confident, Contempaltive
( / ) Determined, Ambitious, Obedient, Quiet
( - ) Blunt, Brutal, Aloof, Apathetic
— Lagoonkit has ASPD and autism​
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Tracking with Nightkit.


— NIGHT - for his black fur.

— 4 moons, age rate tbd

— heterosexual, heteroromantic.

— Nightkit will never be the biggest of cats. His form is slender and svelt, more suited to hunting than fighting. He's got a mostly black pelt, but his muzzle chest and paws are all white. His nose is mostly pink, but has black speckles on it, with his paw pads matching. His ears are a little big for his head right now, but he'll grow into them. Has bright amber eyes.

any extra notes

( + ) positive traits

( / ) neutral traits

( - ) negative traits

— other extra personality quirks
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named after a thorny hawthorn due to his spiky fur and earthen coloration.
possible future names include hawthornberry and hawthornshade
four moons, ages realistically
kitten of shadowclan
male, too young for romance or preferences

long furred, chocolate rosette tabby with a white underbelly and chest.
reflective green eyes that glow the color of local pine trees.
no notable scarring or injuries.
smells of damp earth and moss.

Like a bird in the breeze, hawthorn's mind is the wind, snagged upon dreams and fantasies that others might find more irritating than enthralling. Odd to some, his habitual desires to speak with all manner or plants and animals, to sit and gaze upon the drifting clouds for hours at a time with only his vibrant thoughts to keep him company, Hawthorn is what some might call an airhead. Clumsy and prone to injury, he's energetic, but a bit slow to learn, though that's more to do with his short attention span than his intelligence. He's not very attentive, though he does try. His mind simply likes to wander, even when he doesn't want it to. Oddly enough, though he may seem like a bit of an oddball, Hawkthorn takes pride in ShadowClan, and is just as quick to defend his home as any other. Occasionally, he is prone to bouts of anxiety, though this is more due to being overwhelmed by too many things at once, rather than a fear of anything in particular. Some that get to know Hawthorn might even consider him strangely callous. Though he is not cruel, Hawthorn seems undisturbed by violence or injury in others. Some might believe he feels no concern for his clan-mates at all, though... this is untrue. Hawthorn does feel emotion, he's simply bad at showing and communicating it, and while he does have a bit of a morbid fascination with blood and battle, he's not quick to jump into fights. Hawthorn has a strong trust and belief in StarClan, which appears to be his main coping method when losing friends or family. He is not cold towards their pain or loss. He simply believes that there is nothing to grieve, for they will all walk the stars together one day.

hard to form platonic relationships
hard to form romantic relationships
no crushes or mates
no kits of his own
child of briarstar and amber
sibling to?

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NAME Crowkit, for his black fur and birdlike movements
Son of Briarstar + Amber
TBD moons [TBD aging]
Cisgender male [he/him], homosexual

APPEARANCE Crow is a longhaired black tabby tom with amber eyes. He is of average size for his age, and will continue to be so as he grows older. From his mother, Crow has spiky fur that seem to bunch at his joints, vaguely resembling feathers. He moves in a birdlike fashion, a trait that doesn't lessen as he ages, holding himself in an unusual stiff, jerky way; he develops tense-sore muscles on this behavior's account.

PERSONALITY Alike to his avian namesake, Crow is a flighty, hesitant cat. Depending on the observer, his tense build can come across as overly haughty, creating miscommunicated rifts with his peers. When spoken to, Crow responds with vague, monosyllabic answers. A bad habit of his is his unwillingness to possibly "upset" or "intrude" upon others, even in cases where his input would have been helpful. Crow doesn't appear to have any great aspirations, happy enough with the simple life of a common warrior.

Future suffix possibilities: -feather, -leg, -sight, -creak, -ache, -pelt
A frequent visitor of the medicine cat's den to seek soothing methods for aches and stiffness

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REMINDER: Apps will close & be chosen one week from today so please finish them up or apply if you haven't already!
name && amberkit (backup name is nightkit)
- future names include ambermoon, ambersun, ambershade || nightveil, nightcry, nighthunter, nightstalker
gender && demigirl (she/they)
sexuality && undetermined
appearance && a brightly colored chocolate rosette tabby with low white. this gives her notable white freckles on her cheeks, a white undermaw and a singular white paw. wide, green eyes are set upon a slim face, a homage to her mother, the same color. her fur is right between long and short and is spiky, stuck up like thorns on her pelt. her cheek fluff sticks wildly up, wispy and unruly.
personality && curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back! very adventurous and proud of her heritage, but deeply misses her father- will soak up any story that Briarstar tells the group. a mamas girl, will always be found slipping around her paws and pestering her with tiny paws on her back. has a knack to get in to trouble, and her luck is not exactly the best, but she always bounces back with a smile. slightly annoying with her enthusiasm and tries to provide a shoulder for her siblings to lean on.
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Whoops my finger slipper

  • NAME — NETTLE; so named for his spiky fur
    AGE — unborn; ages every ??
    GENDER — male; he/him
    GROUP — shadowclan; kit
    appearance — he is almost the spitting image of his mother with his inky black fur that spikes up in all sorts of directions around his neck and back, no matter how hard he tries it simply will not lie flat. he also shares the same dull green eyes with her. where his mother is solid black in colour, nettle's fur is not - possessing a white spot on his chest as well as a white rear foot. nettle becomes slender and svelte as he grows, better suited for hunting rather than fighting, not that his frame would ever dissuade him from getting into a fight if pushed.

    ↳ genetics: sh black with low white; carrying longhair, cinnamon.

  • ESTJ-A 'The Exectutive' | lawful neutral
    extroverted and likes to chat; asks a lot of questions and doesn't really care if they annoy others especially when young; can be quite nosy/intrusive when he wants to be

    constantly wants to learn; he strives to be the best warrior he can be; as a result, he can be quite entitled at times and thinks he knows best

    enjoys being praised; might develop hero crushes on experienced fighters

    typically very prim and proper; a stickler for the rules for the most part but will lash out if provoked far enough

    has complicated feelings regarding his father and his death, said feelings may linger with him his entire life; also has complicated feelings towards skyclan and kittypets because of this

    sibling to dusk, honey, pitch, thistle - older siblings | unborn siblings - littermates
    partner of
    parent to


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