Easily distracted, that’s how his mother had described him so long ago. It’s not totally inaccurate, in her defense; hazel eyes never stay locked on one thing for too long, and his paws are always itching to take him places he’s never gone. Perhaps it’s simple curiosity, or perhaps it’s all the energy thrumming beneath his fur that he can’t seem to push aside. He has to have something to do at all times, or he loses his ability to focus on anything.

Since moving to RiverClan, Clay has had a surprising amount of free time between hunting, exploring the territory, and avoiding the river at all costs. And he’s painfully bored. He’s been sitting around for the past—okay, he doesn’t know how long it’s been, but it feels like an eternity—and is searching for something, anything to do. He’s considering doing something drastic, like throwing himself in the river just to cause a scene, when a slight movement in the dirt catches his eye. A small bug with a shiny black shell comes into focus when he turns, and he grins sharply as he pounced on it, landing a gentle paw across its body.

Before he can adjust his paw, the bug crawls right out from beneath it, leaving him to leap after it in an uncoordinated scramble. Hazel eyes go wide, and with a glance around, they land on the pitch-black figure if a cat who probably just wants to be left alone. Unfortunately for them, though, Clay isn’t good at leaving others alone. "Don’t just stand there," he laughs, trying to divide his focus between the beetle under his paws and the cat he’s talking to. In that moment, the beetle slips away again, and Clay rolls childishly onto his side to try and grab it again. "Please just help me catch this thing!"