brightest blue, purple moon || intro

Jun 8, 2022

A small figure stood under the trees as he regarded their tallness, their height. Greenleaf had reached its own height and he could feel the days growing shorter although the heat was still so horrid when he exited the shade. How did those WindClan cats live on the moor? It had to be absolutely sweltering. Whiskers touched his cheeks as he gave a yawn, rapidly sitting down on his haunches to lick his dark fur — it was certainly very hot under the long pelt! The small form - and delicious smell - of the mouse at his paw indicated a successful hunt. It was almost certain that Jackdawflight was on his way back to the camp.

His thoughts continued to wander as his paws wandered; SkyClan cats seemed to enjoy the trees, perhaps he should try climbing some day? The tree tops seemed much less gloomy than the ones in the old Marsh Group terrain - now ShadowClan - and he was glad that he never had to look at a the textured face of a toad again. What of cooling down in the river? Those RiverClan cats seemed to enjoy doing so...

He was so absorbed in his own musings that the small tom had not realised he'd veered off in another direction; it was only when his paws reached sand that he stopped, blinked, and promptly turned around to go back the way he'd come. "... Well, at least I didn't fall into the river, I guess."

// intro because I felt too intimidated to post in other threads for some reason :')

"That you didn't," Comes a trill from the forest. Howling Wind steps out of the undergrowth, a gentle smile upon her maw. She'd been accompanying a border patrol when she spotted her son's familiar black pelt along the river's edge. She may as well greet him! She pauses just before reaching the sand, not fancying how warm it might be after baking in the sun's heat all day. Whiskers twitching, the deputy looks to the mouse he has with him. "A successful hunt, I see?" She purrs, chin lifting slightly with pride. It brings her joy to know how easily her kits are adapting to life in the forest after living their entire lives in the marsh.

Attention only idly paid to his hunting, it seemed an inevitability that Berryheart would eventually get distracted. And sure enough, at the sound of familiar voices his attention was snagged like a feeble-minded fish swallowing up bait, lips pierced and pulled by a hook. The movement of the tortoiseshell's uneven paws was loud and ambling as he made his way over, awry jaws clamped over a bird. How nice that his kin was here too, doing just as he was... providing. He believed not in the crafty hands of fate, but he could not deny the warmth that coincidence brought him.

He spotted the mouse at Jack-jack's feet just as Big Mama pointed it out, her green eyes a warm, verdant glow. Quite the contrast to the dull asymmetry of Berryheart's own gaze, which rested upon the mouse and brought nothing but a slight curve of the lips to his stony features. jack-jack was his littermate, though- he'd know happiness when he saw it, even when the dappled tom's gaze barely changed. "Not a frog," the tom mumbled, a rare spark of humour in his gaze. The thrill of not having to guzzle cold reptile flesh was still very much alive within the tom, even if his stoic demeanour seldom showed it.

"A successful hunt, indeed. It could have been lost to the swirling depths of that," he smiled wryly and gestured towards the deepest part of the river where even light didn't seem to reach the bottom. The stones were glistening in the sun and he shuddered thinking of what slippery traps they made for unsuspecting cats — right now, Jackdawflight was very much content with the sturdy forest floor under his dark paws. As they spoke, the scent of his littermate reached the clearing they stood in, and Jackdaw happily searched for the tortoiseshell pelt of his favourite Berryheart – a voice, mumbling, added a comment (that was very true) and he grinned widely in agreement. "Not a frog – and I see it is the same for you. Great catch!"

His demeanour then changed to one more serious, "although I should be getting back, I've spent quite a while walking the wrong way. Mum, I'll leave you to your patrol – want to come back with me, Berry?"