" Brother you really are pathetic." Hot tears blurred the black smokes vision as he was being scolded by his brother. Fang couldn't even meet his brothers gaze as he stared down at the ground with some dirt still stuck in between his teeths after his miserable attempt of trying to capture a mouse. Even if he didn't look could still feel this cold judging stare that cut itself into the back of his neck. Shark was far from pleased lacking the patience he once had have for thier littermate who only seemed to know how to be a failure. He had even gone so far to help with chasing the mouse to their dark pelted brother but still Fang had missed the kill. For a moment longer that cold stare would remain before the silver pelted tom turned thier back at them to go over to pick up their prey. It wouldn't take long before Fang would unwillingly stroll far behind his brother with head hanging low.

" Father is not gonna be pleased when he hears about this." Fang felt how his heart started to race, how it knotted itself up into something tight and suffocating. If his could even have spared one look back over his shoulder would have seen the absolute terror inside of his dark pelted siblings widen gaze. Fang felt panic rush over him knowing very well how his father would react to this, like he always did. It made Fang suddenly freeze in his steps as he unwillingly wanted to meet his fathers wrath right now. Escape. That was all his cowardly self could think about to dodge out a bullet for the moment but which for sure would come later. At that moment though later seemed far better. So he swollowed, and just like he had swiftly turned around on his paws to run away from is brother, from what was waiting him back at home. Shark had noticed but all he did was watching the back of his pathetic little brother as he run away like the scared rabbit he was.

Back to Fang who after a while of running had stopt to catch his breath but not had he been running mindlessly. Fang had his lil secret hide place he run of to whenever he wanted to get away from his father or brother. How much of a secret place it truly was though was to debate over. In any case his secret runaway place existed by a simple hole in the ground, an abandoned burrow perhaps, and it was in there Fang liked to spend his time when he needed to get away from just everything.

He would crawl himself in there and instantly he started to rustle around in there by removing some of the leaves he had collected to reveal something rather extraordinary, at least it was for him. Fang had in secret made a lil collection of tons of colorful items, most belonging to twolegs at some point but some come from the nature as well such like feathers, or even flowers. Something they all had in commen though was how all of them where in brightful colors. Fang had a fascination for colors something he tried to keep as a secret. But when he was alone like this he could admire them and it gave him some sort of comfort, making him feel somewhat better.

Fang brought one of the items outside of the burrow to watch it in the sunlight, unkowingly it was a braclet made of colorful pearls. He would lay just outside of the hole as he hold the colorful stones in between his paws as he simply stared at it. He wished everything could be as brightful like this stones were. Wouldn't that have been...nice?.
A creaking of the forest announces her arrival. There's rustling undergrowth, loose needles crunching beneath soft paws. The queen lifts her eyes from the dirt and mud to fall upon the smoke. Something shines between his paws: a dull trinket flashing beneath the rays of the sun. His eyes are locked on it. Peculiar.

There's a hint of something within her. Inherent anxiety at meeting someone here, where she'd sought out privacy—A serene walk while her kits were tucked inside of camp under Crow's watchful eye. But it's only Fang. Reserved from what she's seen. In his own little world. Closed off, contemplative.

She steps forward, lilting her head just a notch, a burst of confidence. Her eyes bore down on him with what she hopes is gentle curiosity. Or perhaps her gaze is just a bit too sharp. "Fang?" she says. Her voice is strong, but lacks certainty. That was his name, was it not? She lowers her voice. A tail flecked with tortoiseshell fur ghosts across the forest floor. It never strays too far from her. "Are you alone out here?"

And he looks even worse than he typically did. His eyes were clouded, barely present. Downturned chin and posture screamed for privacy. It was reminiscent of a dejected kit.

╰☆☆ A young smoky-black tom lies secluded from the rest of the world, eyes locked distantly on a strange object that catches what little light can reach them. She takes a break from her fruitless hunt, deciding she will find something on her way back. Her son did not manage to catch anything today, and she'd like to bring him something before nightfall, but Fang looks wretched out here in the marsh alone.

The black and white queen meets another young mother, Dewdrop, whose features are a blend of exhaustion and curiosity. She's on a break from her kittens, Twilight thinks fondly. Unlike herself, the tortoiseshell had birthed many and adopted another. It is no doubt she's run ragged in the camp and needs a breather every now and then. Twilight thinks she's fortunate her mate is around to assist.

"That's pretty," Twilight says to Fang. She joins Dewdrop's side, though keeps herself a respectable distance away. The other queen is not overly friendly, and Twilight does not presume to know her well enough for that, despite her smothering nature. She peers closer at Fang's accessory. "Looks almost like a... a Twoleg thing," she mews. An ear flicks. "Like one of those things a kittypet wears? Much prettier, though." She hopes she hasn't offended the moody young tom; she simply has hoped to distract him from whatever is troubling him.

What an horrible timing for his secret hideout to be found when he was associating himself with something like this. He knew how some of this cats felt towards kittypets and twolegs, his very own family being no exception. Fang could only imagine how his father would react if he saw them with something like this. That alone was enough to send panic into him, eyes growing wide as he quickly picked his gaze up to stare at Dewdrop flinching when she had called out his name. Out of reflex Fang would cover the shiny item with both of his paws as he brought it closer to him. Judged. He felt judged. No matter how he looked at this getting caught with this most be bad...right?. In shame Fang dodged his gaze away again, giving a pathetic nod of his head to Dewdrop as an reply to if he was alone out here. Fang was an rather shy tom and it was ucommen of him to even speak. Anything to not bring attention to himself.

One become two, and two judging eyes become four. This one though seemed interested in what he had hidden in his paws. For a split second he would relax if only for a little bit even loosening the grip around the beautiful item between his paws to glance at it again. It do was pretty. Fang's heart almost dropt to the ground when Twlight however said the forbidden word. Looks almost like a twoleg thing. If the world could just end he would have loved if it could do so now. The intense feeling of fear and panic was impossible to describe into words. But this overwhelming feeling was almost like getting dragged underneath water and the panic that kicked in when the air was about to run out from the lungs while the surface disappeared further and further away as the darkness swollowed you whole. That terrifying helpless feeling might be the closest to how to describe how the young tom felt in that very moment.

" D-don't tell anyone...please." he whined underneath his shaky breath, mastering up just enough courage to glance up at the two with a hopeless plea. Don't tell father or Shark...If there was anybody he didn't wanted to found out about this it was them. Anyone but them. He was sure they would disown him if they found this out.


− ♱ ABOUT : solo hunting trips were something he could be found doing at most times, now. their freshkill pile, along with everyone's moods, was excruciatingly low ; hanging about in camp was something he was learning to avoid. tensions were growing high, and his ribs ached heavily from the way the pine group leader had barrelled into his fragile ribs, bruises causing him to limp just slightly on his left paw. it made traversing the mud - laden lands a bit more difficult, but desperate times called for desperate measures and he was nothing if not perseverant. traversing through the shadows, cicada would keep his ears perked, walking slowly as not to alert any nearby prey with his presence, until he hears . . voices. multiple. perhaps it was best if he had not approached, given the black smoke tom's already - evident terror as he arrives on - scene, slipping from his position in the shadows to observe the scene playing out. two queens huddle around a hole in the ground, conversing . . or perhaps talking to someone. something? odd, but not the worst he'd seen lately. as cicada moves forward, he finally notices fang, tucked deep within the solidified mud of the abandoned burrow, eyes alight and shaking with terror.

" oh, liebling . . go on, give him some space. " the latter directed towards both twilight and dewdrop, though not a breath unkindly. worry laces itself into his oddly sloped vocals as he turns back towards the younger tom, " are you alright? did something happen? " he speaks, his head lowering to level himself with the black smoke ; his height was intimidating to most adults, let alone a youth this riled up. settling his hind legs lower, the bicolored male lies fully on his stomach, the white - mottled curls there soaking with damp mud. don’t tell anyone, please . .not a soul. “ he speaks, tone reverent in its honesty ; cicada was adept at keeping secrets, not limited only to his. what exactly he wasn’t telling, however, he didn’t know.

  • CICADA ; he / him, roughly thirty two months old, marsh group member
    − tall black smoke tortie chimera with icecap eyes and curly fur, homosexual
    − speaks with a german accent, attack in #171717, penned by antlers

  • liebling : dear.