hot sugar in the afternoon
Aug 22, 2022

Things have been very stressful lately, with the patrols, the gunshots that ring out in the distance, Willowroots crestfallen face. Its enough to make Coast want to slam their paws in to the Earth and just scream. Why can't Willow just be happy? Thats all she wanted, all she wanted to see on Willows face was a smile. They loved their siblings, to the stars and even beyond that, so if it took her going out every night to find Ashpaw and bring back the kit herself, then she would. No kit deserves to be hurt, not by a twoleg.

He's twitching his tail irritably as he lays on his side, ears slightly pinned back as if they were airplaning. His chest hurt him with a familiar ache of anger and he scrunches up his nose, a long sigh tumbling from black lips as he rises to his paws. She makes her way down to the calmer waters, one paw in front of the other as they slip in, just like they did so many times before. She'd done this since she was a tiny kitten, it was her solace, something that calmed her down fast. The cold water and the feeling of it gently moving around them, they huff in content as their eyes close.

Theres pawsteps to her left and she reopens them to find loverboy there, her maw cracking a smile. Shes in a much better mood now. "Heya, loverboy, care to join this time as well?" she smirks, swishing her tail back and forth in the water to create little ripples. "Tell me about Mr. Fawn Legs, don't think I didn't see the way you looked at him." her voice is a light tease as they slowly tread water below ivory paws.
// @tinyleafs