Lightningstone -- Lightning for his messy fur; -stone for his strength
Cisgender male, he/him
36 moons; ages on the 1st of every month
RiverClan warrior
Wild-born in faraway colony

Single; Formerly mated to Buckgait (missing)
Father of Meadowheart, Brookpaw, and Oxbowpaw
Bisexual; attracted to both toms and she-cats
Grace (NPC) x Unknown Father (NPC) - brother to Rainwhisker and Stormwhisker
Mentoring no one; previously mentored Koispots and Meadowheart
Friends: eh...
Dislikes: Boneripple, Lichentail, outsiders

Lightningstone is a slim tom and stands slightly above average height. His long, silvery blue fur is messy and sticks out at random angles; the fur on his face appears especially spiky. Pale chest fur billows out, making him appear broader than he really is. A thick, pluming silver tail is tipped with dark blue. Two dark gray ears curl inward above triangular hazel eyes that always appear bored. A pair of jagged, dark stripes run across each eye, framing his muzzle and pink nose. Dark legs end in soft pink paw pads with webbed toes. His most notable physical abilities are his strength and stamina.
Genetics: LH blue smoke w/ curled ears (carrying non-silver)

Lightningstone is a model warrior who routinely patrols the territory and almost always succeeds on his hunts. He is known for his high intellectual abilities, blunt skepticism, and cunning. He is aloof, introverted, and snarky, usually preferring to avoid social activities in favor of being by himself. Despite his distant disposition, the tom is able to interact well with his clanmates and is fiercely loyal and caring to his clan, particularly his family. Even if there are times when he does not get along with his clanmates, he still deeply cares about their well-being and would go to great lengths to keep them safe, loving them all very deeply. An outspoken cat with little patience for inconvenience and silliness, he frequently loses his temper or is often left dumbfounded when cats display reckless behavior and intentions. Furthermore, he is very blunt and honest, leaving little room for sugarcoating. In some cases, he considers it a kindness to be blunt, rather than alleviate the truth or give others false hope. He is motivated by cold logic and reason, even if it endangers others, including himself. He is often easily able to make difficult decisions that harm some while helping others.

Lightningstone's strengths are his cunning, sharp wits, and his manipulative nature. He is also rational, logical, and cynical. He is an academically inclined tom who uses his intelligence to decipher problems and to come out with solutions. To be frank, he is a talented cat, and is level-headed and precise in everything he does. He also always thinks ahead and tries to find the most optimal solutions to things. However, Lightningstone is a cat who makes plans too fast and gives up on them just as quickly at the first sign of difficulty. He is extremely self-sacrificing and audacious, having a sort of hero complex. Ever since he was a kit, he has always been pessimistic, scoffing at others' more positive views of the world. Unlike many of his clanmates, he has no qualms with killing anyone who poses a threat to his clan.
Most notable abilities: intelligence, quick wit under pressure, good memory

Ruthless in battle -- Will not run -- Will kill
Peaceful powerplay allowed
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