Broken Hearts & Broken Jaws {Intro}


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Aug 31, 2022
A shark among minnow. A Hawk among hares. A Wolf among sheep.

The last one was a fitting match to the warriors' name. Wolfstripe was slipping back into camp, his head held high and his tail raised in his usual air of confidence, but giving no mind to the dreamy-faced NPC molly that entered camp not long after him.

She was simply another name to his long list of playthings. Not that he would ever voice his real thoughts about his many flings out loud. The charming tom always spoke their names with a tenderness that he never meant. Spoke to them with empty promises and beautiful testaments of affection that he never truly felt.

But Wolfstripe felt no guilt for how he strung cats along behind him, toms and mollies alike, because the pain he put them through was nothing in comparison to the agony that still clung to his chest, left there by his ex-mate. He was doing these cats a favor, teaching them quickly that love was not real and that one's purpose in life was to simply indulge in its pleasures.

The blue tabby was easily described as handsome, with pristine white markings and intense orange eyes that could make any impressionable cat weak in the knees. It humored him that most days all he had to do was throw a charming smile or a honeyed word and his clanmates trusted him almost completely. The only cats he never turned his charm on for were Buckdash and the others who had lived alongside him and his former mate within the now claimed River lands.

Today was no different. The molly he had been spending time with went off to gloat to her friends about how 'close' the two had gotten on their walk, meanwhile Wolfstripe had already forgotten her name and was looking down at the fresh-kill pile to pick a meal.
there's a heavy grimace as she watches over wolf's unfaltering flirts and preenings. she should have grown used to it, but these poor mollies and toms have done nothing to him to warrant this heartbreak. the two had grown together since their kithoods. both took comfort in their ruined relationships. he watched her grow; she watched him fall. she understood his pain and anger, but this was some sort of cruelty now.

he diverges from his last victim, and she is sure that the poor molly's friends will be comforting her endless weeping in a moon's time. as he searches for a suitable meal, the dark buckskin woman is glaring down upon him. she knows that any argument would be quickly shushed, lightningstone is not far away and she would rather not deal with him scolding her. instead, she pretends to look for something to settle her demanding appetite, poorly acting in disappointment when she can't find anything.

"you need to leave those poor girls alone, wolf. they haven't done anything to you." it's a hushed warning, buckgait considers it a friend looking out for a friend, even if her kithood companion may not agree. he could take this as a new beginning and start growing from his previous pain. buck does not get to wallow and force parents apart from their kits, he does not get to break innocent hearts.

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Lightningstone, of course, is not far. He sits a few fox-lengths away, gaze surveying the camp while his ears remain fixed on the two at the fresh-kill pile. Buckgait says something hushed, and he smirks in amusement that she's had to adapt in such a way to keep her "guard" from hearing her. But he forces the smile away, back to his face's neutral state. No one would know that he's begun to find any enjoyment in this duty he's been assigned. With the clearing of his throat, he stands and pads closer, deciding he may as well eat too. "Did you have a good walk?" He asks Wolfstripe politely, coming to a halt next to the two. He lowers his head to snatch up a water vole and drops it at his paws in preparation to eat.

Wolfstripe would hear his childhood friend approach, an ear twitch being the only sign that he acknowledge her company. A sly smirk would decorate his maw as he rose once again, a small fish clamped into his jaws. Her words made him chuckle lowly as he leisurely reclined and took a bite of his meal.

"Now now precious Buck." He would meow smoothly, "If a cat requests my company on a walk, it would be rude of me to decline." His tail would brush against the ground just as Buckgaits' keeper stepped closer and the blue tabby would look over the curly-eared warriors' form for an appraising moment before his charming smile returned to his maw, "Good Afternoon, Lightningstone. The walk was pleasant enough, though I'm sure your company would have increased such pleasantness tenfold."