sensitive topics Broken Trust || One-Shot

Jul 10, 2022
CW: Sensitive topics mentioned (murder, abuse, ect)


When Frostpaw had first came to Riverclan, she had thought what Spiderfall was doing would be for the best but... the more and more she got to know everyone the more she realized how much of a good opportunity this was, and for once...Frostpaw did not feel...alone, for once in her life she felt she belonged here within the clan and...she did not want to lose that, nor did she want to be Spiderfall's shadow any longer. That was what she had decided, and for once she had gotten the courage to face up to the warrior. They had gone on their normal walk outside of the camp, slipping away from the view of the clan, despite this, Frostpaw kept her guard up knowing that they could come out of nowhere at anytime but, it did not take long for Spiderfall to find what he was looking for. "Here" he simply said, and confusion flittered onto her face before looking down, seeing a trapped easily set up by the two-legs and a shiver ran down her spine, but before she could ask Spiderfall decided to tell her willingly of his plans.

"Tomorrow, you and I, plus our friend will come out here, and I will coax them into the trap... and this is where you'll come in Frost, you'll save them, and you'll get that recognization you wanted" his voice icy and smooth, filled with a dark eagerness and her heart dropped. She would become an assistant to hurting someone? Someone of the clan? She gritted her teeth before shaking her head, her tail falling slightly as she stared up at him, meeting the dark cold amber eyes of his "No, I will not" she said and then the look he had made her go cold.

"No? Since when were we refusing to go along with what I say? Did you forget? They took something that did not belong to them, Frost" he hissed at the apprentice before taking a few paw lengths in front of Frostpaw until he was towering over her, and she felt her heart begin to pound in her chest but... She had to stand her ground against him and her bi-colored eyes darkened as she fluffed herself out to make herself seem bigger than what she was. "Face it Spiderfall, this is much as their home as it is ours! Its time we stop holding grudges. This is still our home, and it still can be. This...This is just another path, another beginning. Why can't you see that?" she snapped back at the top, who did not seem all too happy by this.

"So, you dare betray me? Your own brother?" his next questions came out so smoothly, poison oozing out of them and an eerily calm look crossed his face, while he unsheathed his claws from his inky black paws, a scowl dancing on his face as his demeanor towards his own family changed, he did not see Frost as a clanmate at the moment, no, what he saw was the other cats that he had harmed, the apprentice he murdered in cold blood, Ashpaw when he had coaxed her into that two-leg trap, hoping she would not come back, and all of this sent a chill down her spine. "Frost...ohhh Frost you're so stupid" he hissed, dark laughter slipping from his maw as the young apprentice took a step back.

" poor little thing, my little shadow, you know I am the only reason you're alive right now? I am trying to make them see you as someone to be praised and you dare refuse such a thing?" more laughter echoed from the tom, his claws digging into the soil beneath them, his words burning a sort of rage deep within the young apprentice as she gritted her teeth and shook her head at him. No, she refused to continue to be his shadow, and his words, she could not accept them nor could she believe them. "No, it's time I take my own path, it's time I...I leave your shadow. Can't you see? Riverclan is our family now, why can't you just accept that? You're allowing your own hatred to get the best of you, this isn't you...I know you, please? Can...can we not go through with this?" she did not want to fight, and she looked up at the tom with a pleading look.

Spiderfall dared not accept her words, no, he refused it. He would raise one of his paws aiming to strike the small apprentice across the cheek, digging his claw into Frostpaw, tufts of fur getting caught between his claws while he looked down at the stunned form of his own sibling "You will do as I say, Frost, all you'll ever be is my shadow, you got that? If you continue to resist I'll go after those who you care for most. Now go get that checked out. I'll let you know when we'll be going on that patrol" he said dryly, having to contain back his laughters, his words scorching with hatred, which stung as much as the claw marks across the young apprentice's cheek as he walked away, leaving Frostpaw there alone, stunned by his actions.

Tears began to roll down Frostpaw's cheeks, stinging the fresh injury given to her by her friend, her guardian... someone who she had trusted, and now he had struck her, and all she could do was sit there, stunned by the action of her own brother. Frostpaw had tried to reason with him, but this wasn't him, no this was not the Spider she had seen, this was someone else and... she didn't know what to do, how could she? Frostpaw felt...useless in this moment as she stared down at the ground below her, lifting her paw to her face to wipe the swelling blood that stained her gray fur and she wondered how she was to explain this to the rest of the clan. Her gaze drifted to her paw, unsure what to do at that moment.

She wasn't sure how much time had passed before she stood back up, dragging herself back to camp as the injury had already begun to dry out, despite this the young apprentice found herself in front of the medicine den. Frostpaw did not want to tell anyone what Spiderfall did but... but she knew that if she did not do anything, he'd hurt someone else, a desperate plea if you will. Once again she lifted her paw to rub at the fresh scratch on her cheek, trying hard not to make it too noticeable that something had happened, especially with dawn haunting the edge of the horizon. Another day, and more secrets she had to carry on the weight of her shoulder, and Frostpaw did not know how much more she could handle.