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Jul 8, 2022
Haven't properly met yet

Fearful of
Suspicious of
Jealous of
Distrustful of
Annoyed by
Weirded out by
Confused / Unsure of
Complicated Feelings
Wishes to know better
Shy towards
Comfortable with
Friends with
Close friends with
Safe around
Like family
Protective of
Platonic Love
Crushing on
Head-over-heels for
Romantic Love

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" MUDPELT wasn't a friend of mine, but i knew him from my kithood. It's nice to see him make a life for himself "
mudpelt has never bothered or disturbed buck, and she is fond of the rare moments that they get to talk. its nice to see a familiar face, but she can't ever stand to be around him too long. she's far too consumed with envy whenever she sees his family about. it makes her feel guilty, seeing them so happy but she can't help it. mudpelt deserves it though, he's always been something nice and kind. she cherishes the memories of their shared kithood, even if he might've forgotten about it. she hopes she can get close to him once more, and become familiar with his family.

" HE'S the must bull-headed tom i've ever met. doesn't give me an ounce of space. at the very least he's tolerable. "
it's...complicated. on one hand, buck can't stand the tom and finds him nothing more than an overbearing annoyance in her life. the other half actually enjoys their bickering and her teasings, and at the very least she isn't constantly alone. he's a respectable tom, and buck would think that if they shared the same roots, they'd get along like a house on fire. though she doubts the feeling is mutual, buck actually likes having lightning around. he's more comforting than she expected. with the respect he had given her and fawn, and letting her have some peace with a child who loves her like a mother...it means more to her than she can say. maybe she'll be a bit sad when he is no longer by her side constantly. she...kind of likes it all.

" I'VE never trusted that tom. something about him always seemed foul. just waiting for the days he screws up. "
never trusted him in the first place, even before riverclan moved in. he was far too slippery and silver-tongued for her liking, and she doesn't trust any cat like that. not to mention the string of misery that he seems to always be around for. buck's keeping a close eye on this one, and she thinks everyone else should too.

" FROSTPAW? she's...fine. i guess. don't think there's much to say about her. "
with how much frost hangs around spider, it makes buck hesitant to accept her. the younger molly hangs around raccoon a lot, and buck just can't be sure that it's all okay. they also don't interact much, so there's no solid opinion on her. but overall, she's not too impressed. she just hopes the girl isn't a bad influence on raccoon.

" THAT guy? i don't know, he doesn't seem like much to me. just seems to like to work all the time. "
he's far too serious. she lacks much of any interest in him due to it, he's simply some cat who overworks himself. maybe he has some hidden qualities that could make him more tolerable, but buck isn't too keen on searching for them. he hangs around willowroot, and the two seems to get along fine. she doesn't know if it's the shared positions they hold or what, but if he's good enough for her caraway, then he's...fine.

" CLAY...he's sweet. i like him good enough. never a boring moment with him. "
clay's nice, he listens and he's got a sense of humor to get someone hooked on him. she's glad to have met him, even more glad to help him get confidence with the water. he keeps the morale up, and that's far more important than she thinks he realizes. she wished he could appreciate himself more. she'd call him a friend, just simply wishes they talked more. it's hard though...clear is always hanging onto him and it's starting to make buck nauseous.

" MY sweet caraway, i'm so proud of her. i love her dearly. "
loves caraway. buck will always have an open nest and open arms for them, they mean the world to her. she's proud of caraway, proud of how far they have come, and how the clan respects them. she's content with seeing her live out to their full potential...but buck also misses them dearly. they used to spend their days by each other side's, but it's different now. something about it all saddens her, but she won't step in the way of willowroot's growth. just watch her from the sidelines.

" OTTERPOP? i like him. he's sweet. "
at first she had seen otter as cowardly and...not quite fit for the life she was familiar with. but she still sees him around camp, providing and working. she's proud of him, proud to see him come this far. she cherishes every moment they talk together, so unused to a tom so attentive and kind to her. she's proud to call him a friend, happy to see his progress. she''ll never regret saving him from the river, and maybe it made her feel a little bit heroic doing it. it doesn't matter. she adores and cherishes otterpop deeply.
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