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The large birch trees swayed with the small breeze that swept by, taking with it leaves and some flower heads. It was a warm day, the sun shone between dark grey clouds like it was hinting towards rain later in the day. A small chocolate form moved about the foliage, belly low to the ground and small paws moving carefully and blue eyes narrowed onto that of an unsuspecting vole. Licking their lips, the form moved slowly but confident towards the creature with their tail relaxed behind them- just a few more steps aaand- they pounced! The vole gave a loud cry before it was cut short by that of teeth to the neck and a happily little noise came from the chocolate torie.

"Bug! Bug wook!" The voice came out was muffled by the fur of the vole, but they sounded rather excited. Bumble had brought their sibling out of camp and into the forest for some hunting. With everything that had happen, it seemed like they could use a break. It was all so hectic now with the splitting of the groups, dead cats now talking and the like. Why not do a little bit of hunting?
When Bumble had approached her with an invitation of hunting, Bug had eagerly accepted. The camp of the newly named SkyClan feels too oppressive with it's strange emptiness. So many cats had left... And Bug couldn't understand why. Sure, the starry cats had told them to spread like the creeper vine, but... They'd been one big family, hadn't they? Did they not love SkyClan enough to stay?

It feels too much like a betrayal.

They'd chased a squirrel into the trees, leaping along the branches with practiced ease. The chase ends abrupty when they seize it's bushy tail between their claws. Their teeth snap it's neck quickly, cutting off it's shrill cry. "Yes!" Bug purrs through the mouthful of gray fur, their tail waving in the air.

She isn't the only one who'd found success; Bumble's muffled voice calls out from below. Bug looks down, her eyes glowing when she notes the vole in her brother's grasp. The chocolate calico descends the tree with her own catch, landing in front of Bumble. "Wowzers!" The squirrel falls to the ground as she lets out a laugh. "Good job, Bumby! The forest better look out for us two, huh? Hunters extraordinaire; that's us!" Her tail curls over her back, momentarily forgetting the sorrows that'd been plaguing the pine forest for the past moon. In this moment, it's just her and Bumble.

The chocolate tortie tom gave a proud puff up of his chest, "We're the best hunters on this side of the river! I just know it," He mused back to his sister with this wide grin. Bumble was happy to see that of his sister smiling again. Everything seemed rather hard on her lately with cats leaving the group, the new groups forming, the battle and everything else that seemed to go on. It had been hard on everyone, but Bug seemed like the most effected by it. He could understand why, they had lived a certain life for a while now and it was all suddenly changing.

"Do you think we could find anything else?" Bumble asked Bug with a small tilt of his head, before moving both the vole and squirrel into a fern bush. They could come back for them later while they hunted for other prey, "Oh I wonder if we could catch a rabbit or something! Or maybe a bird of some kind?" Blue eyes were wide with wonder about the possibilities.
Bug giggles at her brother's response, her eyes crinkling. "One hundred- no, one thousand percent!" She trills.

When Bumble asks if she thinks they could find anything else, Bug playfully rolls her eyes, a goofy grin still on her face. "Uh, duh! We're the best hunters on this side of the river, remember?" Her paws knead the earth, her tail waving in the air as Bumble scoots both of their catches into a bush. He then ponders aloud about finding a rabbit, which seems like wishful thinking this deep in the pine forest; but hey, Bug loves wishful thinking! And if not a rabbit, they could definitely catch a bird! The forest has tons of birds! She nods fervently. "I betcha we could! Heck, we could even catch a rabbit and a bird!"