Ever since her kits were born, Briarstar worried. Worried a predator would sneak into camp and end their fragile lives. Worried a cat from another Clan would end up on their lands and threaten the safety of her children. There was only one sure fire way she could prevent this. They could all sleep a little better knowing their young, elderly, and sick would be protected.

“ShadowClan!” Briarstar yowled as she leaped atop the Clanrock to address her subjects. The dark-furred queen waited in dutiful silence as everyone gathered beneath her. She curled her tail around her paws before speaking again. “We are lucky we have the Thunderpath to separate us from the other Clans… but I fear it’s not enough. I worry our camp might be raided by predators or our lands hunted upon by one is the other groups. We need to protect what little we have!”

She took a moment to let her words sink in before continuing. “I want us to establish borders along the Thunderpath and all the way around the marshes. I want patrols regularly checking and reinforcing these borders. Any intruders, Clan or loner, any predators… I want those reported to me and we will deal with them effectively,” she mewed. She knew predators would not heed scent markers but cats would, or so she hoped. “We’re going to make our territory as safe as can be. Would anyone like to accompany me on a patrol to place the first markers?”

She paused and waited for volunteers.
The familiar call of his mother beckons Pitch to the Clanrock. The rosette tabby struts to the forefront, his tail curling neatly around his paws as he settles into his typical arrangement.

His mother speaks of potential dangers from outside sources, and Pitch leans forwards. Amber eyes narrow, enraptured by her vague suggestion. Yes, she is correct. Threats lurk in the shadows, hidden within barbaric predators and starving rogues. It's in the clan's best interest to take action before tragedy befalls them...

I want us to establish borders along the Thunderpath and all the way around the marshes.

"Wonderful," he purrs, excitement dancing in a molten gaze. Pitch rises to his paws, his chin rising. "I will accompany you!" His stomach flutters, a grin revealing pearly teeth. This is a beneficial development for ShadowClan, for his family, and he is eager to help shape their future for the better.

──⠀ ﹙†﹚⠀MORTIS ⠀: ⠀ the bicolored tomkit trails in after his elder brother, nearly tripping over the backs of his heels in his attempt to stay close as shadowclanners begin to draw near the clanrock. there were lots of them, gathering around to watch his momma holler from the tops of the big boulder, something about a ' bored - er. ' his little skull cocks, sunburst eyes widening as he attempts to weave through pitch's legs and emerge at his front, expression brimming with curiosity. whatever a bored - er was, pitch was pretty happy about it, and that was enough to have him stamping white - tipped paws, alabaster tail sticking straight out before beginning to lash eagerly from side - to - side, "oh, oh, can i come? i'll stay close, i swear it! " the boy chimes, tossing his head back to look at pitch, imploring," 'n you know what? bet it'd be reeeeal useful for when i'm grown up. " he adds, leaning in a little to emphasize. no one ever lets him out of camp, but maybe they would this time . . it was worth a shot.

the talk of dangers, however, perked his tufted ears ; outside threats, predator, clanner, loner . . his lip twitches but he stands tall still, determined, squaring little shoulders as if all three were standing at the thunderpath in wait. we're going to make our territory safe! yeah, they were!

  • − marrowkit ; he / him. kit of shadowclan, son of briarstar and amber
    − longhaired spiky black tom w low white & sunburst orange eyes
    − three months old, penned by antlers

Flicker doesn't necessarily take issue with what Briarstar intends for the borders to accomplish. She doesn't think a bunch of cats leaving their scents will deter a loose dog, or a hungry fox, but it might send a rogue packing if they aren't desperate. And they'd have to be, to poach here, she thinks to herself with a snort.

It's more the action of border patrols that makes her frown and flatten her ears. Organized patrols where cats are meant to rub their scent glands over every piece of foliage they can and hope for the best. Other Clan cats, particularly ones who were once part of the marshes, won't care, right?

She sighs and shrugs. "I don't get the point," she says tersely. "We were doin' find keepin' kittypets out, weren't we? We can still kick tail without borders." She gives Briarstar a pointed look.


A pelt of dark red would the growing crowd as their leader called for a meeting. So they were to implement borders and patrols for those borders now were they? Fire tilted her head thoughtfully as Briar asked for volunteers and she turned to look at Flicker as they called out their disagreement and gives the leader a pointed look.

As Pitch and Marrowkit step forward to join, the Somali mix would find herself standing as well. Emerald eyes regard little Marrowkit warmly, and while she herself doesn't think it's a good idea for a kit to join, Fire makes the mental note to watch him closely should his mother decide he could.

"Come on Flicker," She meows warmly to the dark tortoiseshell, "Sometimes just knowing that there are other groups around is enough to drive away intruders. Besides," She would offer the molly a soft smile, "This means that if any cat crosses the border, you get to kick their tails."

Turning to Briarstar, Fire would dip her head humbly as she meowed, "I'd be honored to join you if you'll have me."