Burnt out from the joy ride {open}


Bless your heart
Jul 9, 2022
It had been a while since Cattleheart had last been in her claimed "home". Although, her heart was still wild and she didn't really think she belonged anywhere at the moment. She was sure her farm she used to belong to was still not doing well, she wouldn't dare set a foot inside it, she knew she would end up injured again or even killed. She figured she would come back and say hello again, stir some happiness and joy if she could as she regularly enjoyed to do. Maybe she would stay if her urges of wandering wouldn't stir again.

The tortoiseshell let herself pull into a long stretch and then straightening herself again, a mouse laid in maw that she casually set inside the fresh kill pile with a joyful purr. She also held a bouquet of flowers, colorful feathers within the bouquet she had found in her travels. Cass crouched down on her long legs to gently set them down, scanning the area for any others passing. She thought this would spread some joy and maybe she could meet anyone whom was new that she happened to miss. She was sure she would confuse some newcomers and even older members as she didn't stay for a long amount of time. She always had to make good first impressions, possibly new friendships along her way. The world was just way too serious and overwhelming for most.
Tallulah has just entered SkyClan's camp for the day when hazel eyes, set with fluttering eyelashes, land on the same thing that had caught Deersong's attention. Fresh blooms tangled with feathers at a tortoiseshell's paws.

Still being quite new, Tallulah doesn't recognize either of the two mollies, but that doesn't stop her one bit. She flings herself to the ground between the two of them with a flighty purr. "My, my, ain't those lovely!" She extends a forepaw to brush against the full, velvety petal of the one of the flowers. "Do tell - did some no good tom give you those to sweeten the deal?" She gives Deersong a smile. "We talkin' love troubles, or what, ladies? If so, I'm always game." She purrs and stretches, the pastel purple strands of ribbon at her throat dangling to the fluff on her chest.

"Well howdy darlin!" The female purred, admiring the other feline and smiling at the friendliness of her. Her amber eyes slowly blinked in a happy and relaxed manner, chuckling at Deersong's casual compliment, whiskers twitching in amusement. "My name is Cattleheart, my dear. Pleasure to meet ya'! Yu're pretty y'urself!" She chimed, then caressing one of the flowers gently, examining it and opening her mouth to speak again until she heard Tallulah approach. She paused to listen to the other intently, amusement in her eyes as she asked about a tom. She erupted into laughter for a good moment, shaking her head no enthusiasticly, "Ah, funny- funny my love! I ain' have any tom trouble in my silly little life jus' yet. I sure don' hope I will have any tom trouble!" She commented, continuing to caress the soft petals of her flowers. Cass didn't know love, neither did she think she would experience it in life since she had some fear of commiting. She enjoyed doing her own thing and being her independent self, it was scary to be locked down by feelings. She thought it would be out of her character to be locked down by feelings. She sure clung to the thought of Tom troubles, it wasn't something she wanted to experience for sure. "I reckon I actually traveled maybe too much, but I thought of y'all! These are jus' my silly little gifts. I want ta make someone's day, meet the felines I missed, ya know? Feel free ta take whatever!" She explained cheerfully, reclining back on her shoulders a bit and exaiming the two in interest. "How was y'all's days?" The tall cat asked, pointing her paw back and forth between the two with a curious look.