oneshot but a bird flew by; backstory

Aug 15, 2022


Stormgaze had been stuck in the new camp since they found it. After fighting the big fight about a moon ago. The wounds left by claws were healed but her bruised ribs still needed some time. With the promise of just a couple more sunrises and she could return to warrior duties, she was taking it easy. Which had been easy after her argument with Black Bird, her mother. The she-cat hadn’t said this to anyone but her mother was planning on leaving. Stormgaze was trying her best to show Black Bird that Windclan was worth staying in but that was hard to do when she was stuck in camp.

She had been mostly sleeping or trying to get Black Bird to do stuff with everyone. Her heart sinks as she realizes she hadn’t spotted her mother in some time. Hadn’t seen them in a while? How long was a while? Stormgaze remembered seeing them that morning but hadn’t seen them since. Now that she thought about it, that patrol returned some time ago.

Her heart begins to beat painfully against her chest. The feeling of dread shakes her core. Getting to her paws, she feels the familiar ache in her ribs. “When did you last see them?” she asked a nearby npc, hurried to get an answer. The injured warrior begins to look around the camp from their spot. Trying to spot the familiar figure of her mother. Her chest squeezes painfully when she doesn’t see them. “No, no, no.” she mumbles. There’s a small voice that tells her to be quiet. If Black Bird hadn’t actually left, they would be mad at her for telling the clan about their plans. Not that anyone would have tried to stop the older molly. Black Bird was allowed to do as they pleased.

“Has anyone seen Black Bird?” she asks loudly. She would not be silent. Stormgaze wasn’t some strong wind in a storm but she was loud like thunder. The she-cat panicked, her body on edge. The feline waited for their answers. She was sure some of them would be confused as to why she was so worried. They didn’t know Black Bird had planned on leaving. They would probably assume the older she-cat went hunting or on a walk. But Stormgaze couldn’t shake the feeling they were trying to get far away. “Has anyone seen Black Bird!?” she asks again, an answer couldn’t come sooner.

No one knew where the black she-cat went. Stormgaze felt a sour taste rise to the top of her throat. Her long legs couldn’t carry her fast enough. The calling out to her mother wasn’t loud enough. She followed the scent trail to the thunderpath before the smell of monsters took over. Stormgaze nearly stumbled into the dangerous pathway.

Black Bird was gone.
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// taken & edited from cc to continue storm's story here, it's been changed to fit the timeline of this universe uwu
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