but they will carry on for us - kit trips



Beesong had told her she had to leave the medicine den. Even though she was still a little weak, she was, he told her, healthy. That made her sad because she hadn't really wanted to leave. The medicine den was nice and quiet, and it had Beesong in it. She liked Beesong. But he did very important work in there, and she didn't want to make trouble for him, so she had listened to him.

Dewkit kind of wished she hadn't.

The rest of the camp was loud and busy, and very very confusing. There were more cats than she had ever seen, more than she could count. The idea of learning all their names seemed impossible. So she just repeated the ones she did know. Like Beesong. She liked Beesong.

The nursery was where she was supposed to stay now, and there were a bunch of kits her age but she didn't talk to any of them. She hadn't talked to anyone yet. Partly because there was still a bad feeling in her throat that sometimes turned into a cough, and partly because she had decided she didn't want to yet.

It was her first night in the den, and she was restless. It was strange. Even though she was tired all the time, right now she couldn't fall asleep. There were too many strangers around, she decided. She stood. Making her way to the entrance. She was going to go back to the medicine den, she decided. As she crossed the threshold, her little paw impacted a tiny stick. She tumbled to the ground comically. Instead of getting up, she lay there, blinking. She hadn't meant that to happen. The idea of getting up again seemed very tiring, so she decided she would say where she was. At least for the moment.

Then she'd get back up and continue to the medicine den.

He's moving about, quietly talking to an NPC as he helps them haul a fish in to camp- he was unable to catch anything, no big surprise, so he had opted to help in any other way he could. Tail swished back and forth as they bid their goodbyes and good jobs, good attempt, oh you're gonna get better Otter, he cringes inwardly and as he goes to move away his eyes land on a kit. A kit who had just tripped over a stick, falling to the ground unceremoniously. He blinks, then looks around to see if anyone else had noticed. It seemed... like they hadn't.

He makes his way over, furrowing his brows as he stares down at her. Shes just... laying there? Is she hurt? "H-Hey, are you alright?" he frowns gently, ears pinning back to his head. He reaches out to offer a paw to her, incase she needed help getting up. Gah, he was never the greatest with these things, his tail began lashing back and forth in anxiety. "Do you want me to get Beesong?"

Licking his paws he rubs them gently against exposed gums and teeth. The day has been going awful slow for him but he's been managing it by trying to hunt a little from the nearby waters. Slowly a yawn pulls from his throat before he tilts his head and turns to spot the little Dewkit walking before suddenly the kit trips and falls upon the ground. He bristles in concern before he is moving forth on stilt like legs to see what happened, not really certain what the other tripped over. That is until he gets a bit closer and notices that it is a tiny stick that caught the young child off guard. He pushes the stick away then, frowning before turning to the child just as Otter asks the important questions. Shifting a little the looks at the child, inspecting to see i the other is hurt before he lightly leans forward. "Um, do you need some help getting up? I can..." Gently he leans down and attempts to pick the young kit up by their scruff to set them on their paws once again.

Now, Clayfur likes children. He would never do anything to harm a kit or apprentice, even if they are deserving of it. And he does not want to emotionally wound any of them, either. But even so, he can’t deny the guffaw that leaves his mouth when he, out of the corner of his eye, sees the poor kid absolutely eat shit. It’s a sharp bark of a laugh, almost breathless, cut off at the end with a white paw slapped over his own muzzle.

It takes his brain a moment to catch up and realize that the loud laughter came from him. Once it clicks, the sable-furred warrior takes a few steps closer, ready to worry over Dewkit like some sort of two-faced nanny. But both Otterpop and Smogbreath seem to have the situation locked down already, so he only leans down to frown at the kit. "Sorry I laughed; that was rude of me. I trip and fall all the time, actually!" Then he glances up to Otterpop, offering a questioning tilt of his head. Should they be fetching the medicine cat for this kit?
the flowing concern for a little kit tripping over her paws is...cute. the woman pulls away from @LIGHTNINGSTONE and his once-settled path. she's sure that he's learned by now that buck has a mind of her own, and he often lacks any entertainment. he can't blame her, besides, dewkit was someone she had yet to meet.

they're all fond of her it seems, careful and fretting over her. she's happy to find otterpop, a small bump to his side as she closes in on the young. her story wasn't a kind one, but buck hopes that she'll have a better start here. a tom, one who buck cannot place the name of, is already assisting her with standing back up. "dewkit..." a soft echo of her name, already putting together that the young girl would be trying to slip back into the herbal-smelling den. not that she needs it, she's all warmed up now. perhaps it's out of comfort, the only den she's known for some time. "would you like to stay out in the sun with us? the days will be getting cooler soon." she's obviously trying the tempt the kit to spend some time warming up and socializing. she can't stay cooped up forever. with clayfur here, she doubts that there would be any lack of entertainment for dew.