Jun 27, 2022
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Dusk could feel the nerves beneath his skin prickle with unease as he walked through camp. He didn't go to the battle, nor did he want to- putting himself at risk to die just because cats weren't skilled enough or intelligent enough to hunt elsewhere seemed like a dumb idea. But Dusk would never voice such, merely keeping himself occupied with making sure the kits of the group were fed, and his siblings were safe. His lips pulled into a permanent frown, the male grunted as he kicked a rock a few feet from himself. Pondering.

"What happens to us if we lose this war? We move, and leave everything we've ever known behind?"

He asked aloud, tail twitching in irritation.

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    ── Roseal can barely remember what he was like as a child. Snippets of...heated discussions, of unbridled energy and the brightness that is youth, but rarely anything more substantial. He's reasonably certain he wasn't spending it in the middle of a conflict that could mean losing people on both sides, not to mention the territorial repercussions after the outcome. It must be confusing and terrifying to the children.

    If only he were better at speaking with them.

    This one isn't a child per se, but still young enough that Roseal would hesitate to consider him an adult. Far too young to go off and bleed because of a mutual, catastrophic inability to understand each other.

    "What makes you think of this as a war instead of a battle?" He asks, instead of answering the question. Fuck if he knows what their plan is.

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  • ──── surr'oseal'isme (roseal). he/him pronouns. roamer; goes where he pleases.
    ──── approximately thirty-eight months old; not entirely certain of his own age.
    ──── single & uninterested in any romantic attachments; possibly open for flings.
    ──── very tall, scarred albino with sharply-peaked ears and a bobbed, scruffy tail.​

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*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ She's never been shy about sharing her opinion--loudly--and due to the outcries her groupmates have been making lately, Flicker has been more opinionated than ever. She scowls at the young tomcat, eyes burning with disdain. "Yes. So that's why we don't lose. They're kittypets. They can't take our land from us."

Flicker gives Roseal a cursory glance. A battle or a war. She says, "Because we've had our battles. This one is to end them." That's her logic, anyway. The victor of the war will lay claim to the spoils--the oak forest, the pine forest, and every piece of land in between. She nearly salivates thinking of the prey within their paws' grasp.

He feels like a coward.

Bat feels like he should be taking part in the battle, to be fighting for his home. But, in all honesty, his fears of being a coward are true.

Because, he is scared. Terrified. The young, shadow-furred tom's stomach dropped at Briar's call for a war. It was finally happening. After moons of a chokingly tense atmosphere, the time had come for battle. He hardly knows how to defend himself, let alone others. There's no way he'd survive the battlefield. So, Bat made the decision to stay back, to hope for minimal damage. Because, he truly is a coward.

Dusk's words fall upon his ears, and doe-brown eyes land on the slightly younger tom. What would happen, if they lost? He can't imagine living anywhere but here - so the thought of such a change worries him. He hopes it doesn't come to that, hopes he doesn't have to find out the answer as to what a loss for the marsh group would mean.

"Nothing's going to happen," he assures the tom, despite his own uncertainty, "We're going to win, so nothing's gonna happen. To us, at least." The fate of the pine group was a different story, after all.

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Dawn ✧ he/they ✧ Marsh Group. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░

The battle was over. Enough blood had finally been spilt, and those who had passed in the cusp of the battle had spoken. It was rather strange, that these cats spoke a riddle and expect them to automatically know what to do. It was like the world had been thrown out of balance and it was all just so- overwhelming to the point that Dawn had simply begun to shut down. His face was stoic, he limped along the group of cats as they returned from the battle into camp entrance. It took him a little bit longer though as his leg slowed him down, and he had to take a few breaks and adjust himself.

Thankfully though, the mink point had managed to make it to camp and instantly started to look around. Spotting this blue mink point speaking to Flicker and Bat, and he headed straight for him. Daring to put his lame leg to the ground to try to make things move along faster, but it only slowed him down. Causing Dawn to stagger and falter in his steps, making him sit down and sort of drag his leg along the ground.

"Dusk! Dusk-," Dawn stammered out, thankful to see his sibling was alright. That the blue mink was alive and well, but his heart gripped in his chest- where was Eventide? Did he make it? Was he in the battle? Dawn hadn't seem him in the throng of things- and that worry passed over his blue gaze for a moment before returning the stoic stance he held before. No, Eventide was fine. He had to be fine.

Roseal's question resulted in a flick of his ears in interest; he wouldn't admit it, but he did love questions like the one that was asked. Questioning things, what they really were- he questioned reality and how they had come to be quite often, but he wouldn't let that excitement show. Well, except the thumping of his tail against the ground, that is. Everything else- his facial expression, ever so crooked into a frown, with a tight-set jaw to go with it. As he turned to face Roseal, hoping to answer the question- another voice spoke up. This one, impassioned with an opinion on the matter.

"Are we not bound to have more battles, though?" Dusk asked curiously, head tilting to the side. Bat's arrival and statement, met with cold blue eyes; though not unwelcome, in the slightest. "Are you sure you're not trying to tell yourself that, Bat? Maybe they'll take over our camp and kill all of us, for all we know." The tom spoke calmly, the hypothetical of what-ifs irritating him. Why couldn't he have left to fight with the others? It wasn't like he wasn't good at fighting. But, Dawn had told him to stay and watch after the camp to make sure everything was safe. Even though Dusk was the older sibling of the three, he listened.

And Stars, did he wish he hadn't.

The form of his sibling pushing through the mud, and the sound of the wailing voice of his little brother caused big ears to prick upwards, gaze searching around him in panic. Dawn? Was that Dawn calling for him? As he turned, he spotted the wobbly form of his little brother and he rushed over to give him something to lean on.

"What happened to you? See, this is why I told you to stay in camp! Your leg is all fucked up, Dawn!" The tom spoke in a shrill voice, worried eyes flicking over to the other group of cats whom had gathered. He couldn't let them see Dawn like this, weakened- they'd take advantage of him, he knew it. Roseal wasn't loyal to a single group, he wondered wherever he wanted to. Bat and Flicker were foreign to him, they could betray the group at any time. Paranoia swarmed in his brain as he led his brother over to the group, giving him a check-over, tongue swiping between his sibling's ears like a mother cat would do her kitten. "You smell like that Pine colony. Did you get attacked? Of course you did, it's a battlefield-"

Dawn ✧ he/they ✧ Marsh Group. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░

Thankful to finally have something to lean, he hadn't noticed he was so tired from walking, and gave a grumbly sort of noise. Dusk had stayed behind in camp while himself went on to fight the battle, and he was wishing he hadn't. Though when Dusk started to lap at his ears like an overbearing mother, the cinnamon mink gave a gentle swat at his brother with a forepaw, "I did fuck up my leg, but you should see the other guy," Thugh Dawn didn't right away admit to killing Gorse. Sure she had landed on his back and probably broke something in his hindquarters, but he killed her. How could he explain that to Dusk? To Eventide? Dawn didn't want their opinion of him to change or seem more like the weak little brother he was always made out to be. Even if he was the middle child of the three.

"Wheres Eventide? Have you seen him yet?" Dawn asked and looked around camp for a moment, flinching a bit as he shifted his body to stick his leg out in front of himself. Though he couldn't really feel the pain through his leg, he felt it more in his tail bone as he sat down. The cinnamon mink looked back to his brother, before giving him a small nuzzle into his chest for a moment, "I promise I'm fine, Dusk, I think that cat broke something in my back cause its only in my one leg,"