CAGED INSIDE ✦ storm + minks


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Aug 19, 2022

Following in line behind the other members of the patrol, Hailpaw found herself (yet again) drenched in water. The storms seemed to have been rolling in steadily the past several days, leaving little opportunities for her fur to fully dry. The hunting patrol had been anything but successful, and Hailpaw had grown rather bored with walking in circles in a miserable attempt to find anything. It made little sense in her mind to keep searching for something when even she knew the prey was all hiding. They didn’t want to get wet either!

Deciding that she instead would prefer to find something herself to do, she’d quietly excuse herself from the patrol, hoping to at the very least find herself somewhere dry to hide out of the rain. Somewhat pleased nobody important was on the patrol with her, she would venture out into the pines, searching high and low for somewhere to seek shelter. After what felt like ages, Hailpaw would find sight of a fox den, and cautiously would approach it. Unable to pick up any traces of fox, she would decide it would be safe to enter, shaking off the water from her pelt as she did. Upon sitting down she would start to run her tongue over her pelt, hopeful to at the very least dry some of her fur. A yawn would escape her jaws as she curled into a ball, at this point intending to sleep through the turned downpour.

// currently she is hiding out in an old fox den! unaware to her and whomever finds/joins her, there is a family of minks hiding out in the den as well!

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Giving small squeaks of upset, Sagepaw skittered through the marshland as the rain poured down onto her already sopping wet pelt. Why had she decided that now was the time to hunt? Nobody else would be out, she’d thought, so maybe she’d stand a better chance of bringing something back. But no! She’d only managed to get herself soaked! Scrambling for cover, she ducked into an old fox hole after confirming that it’s old inhabitants were no longer there.

However, the rain had also smothered out the scent of Hailpaw, who Sagepaw backed into while scrambling down into her new dry spot. She gave a startled shriek, convinced that the foxes hadn’t left after all and were surely about to eat her.

But nothing came for her. Nothing bit at her heels or came running after her, and after a moment of sheer terror, her pricking pelt flattened and she realized it was only a clanmate she’d stumbled into.

“O-oh!” she blurted. “Hailpaw! I-I’m sorry! I…I didn’t mean to trip over you!”

At first, Hailpaw would jump, turning into a hissing ball of fury, taking a moment to realize that it was indeed a clanmate and not a fox coming after her as well. A displeased look would cross her face as she shuffled to make room for her clanmate, watching the downpour as she moved. “Just watch where you’re going next time will ya? What are you even doing out here anyway? I didn’t see you on the patrol.” She’d question, unsure if she was upset about not being alone, or if she was thankful for the company.

// once a few more cats posts we can intro the minks!
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