CALL ME BACK - hunting patrol (?)

It was morning time and still, Emberstar had not given them any new direction on the details of the patrol, who would be leading it, where they were going. Nothing. Radio Silence. Little Wolf had just finished her breakfast, she swipes her tongue across her mouth, clearing any bits that remained from her meal before going and finding the other cats who had been named along with her, perhaps they could figure this thing out themselves. Perhaps this is what Emberstar wanted. She can't help but maybe wonder if this was a test of some sorts and grows nervous at the thought, biting her lip. What could Emberstar possibly be testing them for?

When everyone is rounded up they finally determine, after some light bickering, that they would go hunting. The prey pile was looking a little scarce. Little Wolf can't help but feel a tiny bit disappointed. She wanted to go to Sky Clans border, hoping to see a flower in her and Blaze's spot, wanting to keep a lookout for his return. She did not want to miss him. But she could not say as much to her clan-mates so she followed along, tail in the air, making idle chitchat when it was appropriate.

Now, though, she is in a hunter's crouch green eyes focused in on her prey. She stalks forwards slowly, placing each paw delicately in front of the other. A shadow moving along the ground, carefully not making any noise. The squirrel was plump, juicy. It would feed the clan well. She gathers her hindquarters and pounces, only to collide with something else. She lets out a small yelp of panic as she scrambles to right herself, eyes wide. Finally, she gets her footing, shaking dust out of her ebony-colored fur. When she looks up to see what it was she could've possibly run into she sees it is none other than one of her patrol mates. "What're you doing? What happened? Are you okay?" she is more concerned than angry about losing her prey. Was something wrong? Why had they knocked into her like that? She blinks at them slowly, waiting for a response.

// anyone is free to have their character be the one she bumped into it can be assumed because there is no apparent leader that the cats are just hunting wherever they want and are stepping on each others toes!

@Leafshade @KINDLEHEART @Flamewhisker @Flycatcher

There had been no real planning when it came to this patrol. Emberstar had simply called out their names, told them they were to patrol, and that was that. Flycatcher had hoped the leader might have told them more the following morning, but alas they received no further instruction. And so the little patrol formed of himself, Little Wolf, Kindleheart, Leafshade, and Flame headed out. At first, no one was really certain what they should be doing and some bickering ensued as they debated what to do before eventually settling on hunting. Whilst Flycatcher would have preferred to actually patrol their borders he was happy to go on a hunt too. Besides, the fresh-kill pile was looking a little low, so anything they caught today would go a long way.

Again, there was no instruction when the group split off to hunt, just a silent acknowledgement that this was what they were doing now. Flycatcher began moving through the undergrowth carefully, keeping himself low and being ever watchful of his pawsteps as he moved. Every so often he'd hear a noise nearby but was not sure if it was a clanmate or prey getting away.

When he a Little Wolf collide, he had been following the scent of a mouse. He had stepped forward to get closer to where he believed it was when the dark form of Little Wolf crashed into him, and they both scramble away in shock. Once he's steadied himself, he turns to look at Little Wolf, who rattles off a list of questions at him with a concerned voice/ "Sorry, I didn't realise you were hunting there," Flycatcher is quick to apologise, bowing his head as he spoke. "I was so focused on chasing down my mouse I had no idea you were there, Little Wolf. Are you okay? We hit each other pretty hard."

Leafshade was his usual brand of crankiness this morning, which only grew worse when Emberstar did not appear with further instructions on what they were actually meant to do this morning. He had begrudgingly agreed to a hunting patrol, thinking about perhaps bringing something back for Wildflower.

The group would trek on, Little Wolf chatting away and Flycatcher going off in search of whatever his nose had picked up. Leaf was about to do the same when he heard a crashing sound and bounded off towards it. His concern would quickly be replaced with a look of unsurprised annoyance as he spotted Little Wolf and Flycatcher untangling from each other and a mouse scurrying away in the background.

He bit back the harsh retort of their stupidity and replaced it with an exasperated sigh as he stalked towards them, "You two alright? You're going to scare away all the prey with the noise you're making." His tail would lash behind him as he scolded.


Kindleheart was surprised that the patrol was sent off without a word from Emberstar. No extra details of where they must go, or what they should do, were given. They were just, expected to go on this patrol and... figure it out themselves?

It's a difficult decision, the patrol's mission. Kindleheart thinks they should go around the border, but, after some bickering back and forth, the mission is settled - they were to hunt.

But even that doesn't seem to go smoothly. Little Wolf and Flycatcher collide, Leafshade is his usual grouchy self. Kindleheart can't find prey within the vicinity, and it seems like the patrol's chaotic arrival is enough of a warning to keep any critters from stepping out of their hiding spots.

"Maybe we should split up?" he suggests, uncertainty in his voice.
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