call of the nap | half sleep




The sun is warming everything up nicely this evening. Even with dusk approaching the rocks he found still holds the heat of the day and it's so soothing on his back. If anyone were to find him he will be in a odd position, half on the top rocks with his belly to the sky and hanging off of them. His legs stretch and shift as he reaches for the sky that is soon showing small amounts of stars and he sighs softly with half open eyes. "A good spo' tae rest....." He mutters to himself as he can feel himself beginning to drift off to sleep. It's been a while since he has been able to relax so thoroughly and not even in the trees he has had the opportunity to just let himself go. A gentle hum is on his tongue as he closes his eyes for a moment, stretching again before he just sighs softly. It's been a long day and so he should be able to just enjoy this quiet moment. Fishing isn't his strong suite and during the day he's lost perhaps, seven of them in his attempts. Landing a small minnow and that one had been out of frustration. So being able to just take a moment for himself after all of that makes him a very happy man.

Half opening his blue and golden yellow eyes he looks toward the water that is nearby, tail curling and swishing against the surface of the warmed rocks.


Frost had been out collecting what she could to weave into nests to make them much softer and pretty as well, having been close to the cooling river washing as it trickled by gently and the clean earth smell from the ever moving water clung to her nose and she smiled softly while the sun beamed from above. The young she-cat continued down her path, being careful not to slip onto any loose pebbles, deciding to wade in the shallow end of the river, feeling its coolness seeped into her fur, helping to banish the heat that the sun beat onto the silver tabby.

It wouldn't take long for Frost's bi-colored eyes to land on Charla who could be seen bathing in the sun's rays on a large slab of stone. At first, she had thought the other had gone to meet his maker, but she soon would notice that he was indeed... alive, just enjoying himself to the point he began to drift off to sleep. Lazy was one thing to come to the young girl's mind and she rolled her eyes before wading out of the river and making her way over to stand in overcast of the other, droplets of water climbing down from her fur, threatening to hit the other.

"From far away you looked to be dead" were the first words to come from the young she-cat's lips as she looked over the other. She had yet to encounter this older tom and she found his half-half flank of snow and blue tabby was striking, as well as his golden and blue eyes. His fur split perfectly in the middle, down to the tip of his fluffy tail, and she wondered how the other possibly kept that pure snowy half flank he had clean and pure. "But I must ask, what are you doing here? Lazing about when there's work to do" she stated a bit bluntly before sitting down, her tiny shadow allowing the rays of the sun to once again hit the other while she began to lick herself dry, awaiting to hear the other's answer.

When the shadow crosses over his closed eyes and blocks out the sun the tom opens up his two toned gaze and focuses them on the one before him. A molly younger than him and he tilts his head. Water drips and drops upon the stones indicating her recent swim and he allows an easy going smile, reaching his paws forward as if he might touch her only to twist his form as she sits down. Pushing his back legs a little he squirms his way to pull his whole body back upon the rock in which he had been partially hanging off of to be able to look at the other easier. His ears flick about as he listens to the arrival of the nighttime sounds and amusement twinkles in his eyes. "Aye, an' wha' other work is 'heir tae do, cailín? 'He days almos' over." The tom is quite intrigued to know as he slips his body down to lay allowing his belly to soak up the warmth of the what lasts as the sun goes to sleep itself.

"Ah been huntin' enough Ah think. Yae should try tae ge' yaer own rest in." He knows as soon as he can find him a decent place to rest he will be turning in for the night himself. Then a thought pops into his head and he eyes the other for a moment. "Are yae one of 'em clan cats Ah've been hearin' abou'?" Seems plausible especially if she is talking about work which he has none to do really. He's a traveler, a wandering and watching these lands that seem to be very busy as of late.