Jun 7, 2022

after everyone had returned from the gathering, Basil had watched with concerned green and brown eyes as arguing had unfolded. Cats weren’t happy, there was a change of leadership and this group had a new name. Though he didn’t quite understand it all, his small young mind unable to comprehend the complexities of clan drama, he still heard the raised voices, saw the angry faces. No cat had been happy about the turn out of the fight, himself included. But maybe he could do something to lift their spirits a little bit?

So the young tom had set off into the camp to search for a gift. Something that usually made him smile would certainly help the moods of others as well right?

After finding the perfect item he heads out to see who he can find and ends up coming up to a small group of cats. “E‘scuse e” he murmurs through a mouthful of flowers, white at the end and scraggly looking. Most of them are missing petals and they definitely appear to have been stepped on, trampled to the point of no return. Still, he sets his meager gift down anyways in front of them either not knowing or not really caring that it was quite destroyed. “I uhm” he begins nervously, not used to speaking to so many older cats at once “I got these for you guys” he says and with one paw he pushes them forward “I hope you like them and uhm I hope everyone stops fighting soon”

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*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ He's trying to pretend he's back to normal. Sitting with Clanmates, grooming his fur, going on patrols. It's been nice, in a way, to act like things are normal again. He's even given a nod or two to the kittypet who runs the Clan now, although he still seethes inwardly when he thinks about how Squall should be leader instead.

But pretending isn't quite enough yet. He knows it won't be pretending forever, but the journey so far has been arduous.

His ears flick as he catches a small, muffled voice. He swivels his head, blinking in surprise at one of Gardenia's kits holding a mouthful of plants. The speckled kit drops them and eyes the group proudly. "I got these for you guys. I hope you like them and, um, I hope everyone stops fighting soon."

Haze inspects the flower that landed closest to him. The stem is bent, punctured by Basil's fang. It's missing some petals and it's scented with his kitten slobber.

And yet, the tabby's heart melts. Stop being selfish, he thinks, gazing fondly at the tomkit. He had lost his family, too, and he was still managing to be kind to his Clanmates.

He reaches down to bump his nose against Basil's. "Wow," he says with enthusiasm. "This is my favorite flower, too. Thanks, Basil. You sure know how to make everyone feel better."
It wasn't long since his first day in camp, and Locust finally felt like he was beginning to adjust to things. Life here was something he could grow used to. After all, having somewhere to spend his days while his housefolk were away was something he was more than thankful for. With Basil's arrival and announcement, Locust would quickly focus his attention on the tom, eyes lighting up with his words. "This is for me? Thank you!! That's so nice of you Basil!" Picking up on the stranger's name from the cat beside him, he'd find himself running a paw over the petals, taking careful note of its intricate detail. How thoughtful of the tom to welcome him to the clan like this! He knew these cats were nice but he never expected anyone to do something like this!