camp Can we build it? Yes, we can! || o. Den fortification

Jul 10, 2022


With the nip of the cool air in the frosty mornings bringing hints of what is to come, Frostpaw had gotten the small idea to grab some cattails and bring them into camp, hoping that maybe weaving the thick fluff into the den's wall that it would help trap more warmth in and keep the cold air out, though she did feel a little funny dragging the cattails into camp since they were almost as big as her and she was sure Smokethroat would get a good laugh seeing one of his apprentice dragging around these cursed things but... hopefully this did help out with the dens a little bit.

"Anyone wants to help me weave the fluff into the dens? I figured since leaf-fall is here and it's getting colder the fluff could help" the apprentice expressed, it was a...good idea sort of speak but at the same time she wondered how the others would feel attempting to weave these in when they were such tricky darn things, they can easily get caught into the mouth and it wasn't feeling in the world, also the factor was, she wasn't sure her theory would work so she was only going off what she thought would work...If the others think to try out her idea then she'd be happy about it.

"...actually a good idea." He was not a longhaired cat, the idea of the coming cold was not appealing to him in the slightest. It occurred to him this would be his first noleaf without Moss and they used to share a hollow in one of the tall hanging trees of the territory. Part of him felt a tug of longing for the old days, wondered if the reed formed den they currently slept in would be warm enough. If it came down to it they could heavily enforce a single den and pull all the apprentices and kits in it as well; let them sleep in the center surrounded by the warriors. Honestly, the idea wasn't entirely bad on its own. After everything that had happened he wouldn't have minded being able to lift his head and do a quick check over the youngsters before going back to sleep.
It was only then did he notice what Frostpaw was referring to with 'the fluff'. His eyes narrowed at the cloud of cattail seeds piled up by the dens and he sighed once, "I will never live that down will I? ....I suppose it's good for insulation at least." There is a thoughtful pause before he offers the faintest of smiles, "...hope no one tries to chew the walls."


"That's a nifty idea you've got there, I bet it'll be great for the nursery walls!" The mere thought of young kits freezing in leaf-bare was truly unbearable, but yet this simple solution could keep things cosy and safe! Although... how long would the cattails last? What if they decayed before the worst of the cold chills came? Well, they would surely find out soon enough. Regardless, he thought it was a great idea! "I'd be happy to help you." It wasn't like he anything else planned that day, at least this way he could be both creative and helpful. "So... where should I start?"


With the colder weather fast approaching, Elmbreeze had to admit it would be a good idea to start reinforcing the dens and nests. It had been an amusing sight watching Frostpaw dragging a cluster of cattails into camp, especially since they were almost as big as she was. When she called out asking for help, Elmbreeze was quick to come over and take up the offer. He wasn't a great weaver - in fact, looking at his nests some would argue he was actually quite terrible - but he was willing to try at least. "I don't mind helping out," Elmbreeze said in a light tone, coming to join Smokethroat and Crawlingroach. "Any pointers you can give me? I don't want to make things worse with my attempts."[/font]



Frostpaw's gaze drifted onto her mentor first with a warm smile and amusement twitching onto her whisker, of course she will never let the tom forget the time he actually tried to eat the cattail fluff, and then Crawlingroach offered to help and she nodded, even Elmbreeze decided to join in the offer to help and she hummed thinking of what to do before beaming a bit. "Lets work on the nursey first and, tuck the fluff of the cattail underneath your chin, if you get it into your mouth it will not come out" she instructed looking at Smokethroat as a soft chuckle slipped from her maw and then she returned her attention to the rest.

Gently she will place her paw onto the unfluffed cattails before distrupting it and allowing tiny fluff parties to puff out around the dark brown plant, pawing a little bit closer to her before moving to tuck it underneath her chin the same way one would tuck moss below their chin, hoping the other three would follow suit. This will definitely be a good way to practice their weaving skills that was for sure.
He gave the silver molly a pointed look at her sage advice, he knew a jab at his expense when he heard one. Crawlingroach approached, cheerful and helpful as always and he offered the other a curt nod, echoing both his and Frostpaw's suggestion, "The Nursey..yeah. Always good to kitproof it first." Hopefully none of the little buggers tried chewing on it again. He had caught Puddlekit last week attempting to stuff an entire pinecone in his mouth. Thankfully failing. His idle amusement at the memory broke when Elmbreeze also padded over, speaking up and commenting on what advice could be given.
"Stars, don't ask me-I've the least delicate paws in the clan." Weaving really was a skill in its own, one he severely lacked in despite multiple attempts to try otherwise. Where was Buckgait when you needed her. Smokethroat examined his paws in a brief moment of silence before uttering a sigh that rang of defeat and uncertainty, "...but I guess practice makes perfect. Just copy Frostpaw, I swear all the apprentices in this clan are better at this than me... don't follow my example, I'm dreadful at them." And he was, there was a grace and poise to himself in combat, he moved like fluid and struck as quick as lightning despite his formidable size, but sitting there attempting to paw at pieces of soft down and bracken into some cohesiveness was certainly not his strong suit. He was always making a mess of it all, cattail fluff puffing about around his paws and he continually dropped the tough stems they were using for the actual weaving and having to fish them back up.
"...I have never felt so inadequate..." He muttered through mouth fulls of broad stems he was desperately trying to hold in place.