can you feel my heart? [open/intro]


Aug 1, 2022


These days, Cold could usually be found by himself. It wasn't necessarily a choice he'd conciously chosen to make, but more so an unhappy coincedence left behind in the fallout of all that had happened. He'd lost both of his parents in the great battle, left behind the marsh group to live out on the moors, had all of his friends split off to join the other groups. Chaos had chosen to manifest itself within an ocean of change and loss, each crashing wave another traumatizing event or harsh life lesson sent to pull him further into the riptide. And so really it was no wonder the young tom had began to drift, pulling away from everyone in an attempt to find some stable ground for himself. He didn't hang out with the other cats his age and he hadn't asked for a mentor, waiting instead for things to settle.

Windclan was still exceptionally new compared to the Marsh group, but that was the reason Cold had decided to go with them when they split off. His parents were dead and his friends had all left to chase their own dreams in other groups, and staying behind in the marshes with Briar would have just been a reminder of how fractured everything was. Nothing would ever be the same for him there again, and so he'd decided that if such were to be the case, he would simply go somewhere new and start his story over from scratch. Fuck everything that had happened before Windclan. As far as Cold was concerned, none of it had existed to begin with. All that mattered was the here and now, and he had faith that Sootstar could turn the group into something worthwhile. The shecat was cunning and full of ambition, and he had no doubts that the group she led would be a fierce and respected clan that the others knew to steer clear of.

And so he was simpy biding his time, waiting for the group to find its flow so that he could find his. Until then, Cold was content to do as he'd always done- keep busy.

"What do you mean I can't hunt the rabbits here? You don't own them!"

Yellow-gold eyes glared coldly at the tortie shecat before him. She was only a few months older than him, but she was a damn mouthy thing that just didn't seem to grasp the concept of what he was telling her, something that was quickly starting to claw at his patience. Cold hated outsiders. you had to explain so much to them, and a lot of the time they just lacked common sense like this one here.

"If the rabbits are on Windclan territory then they belong to Windclan cats. What the hell is so hard to understand about that- do you have a rock for a brain or something?" he snapped, fur bristling in aggitation as he watched her turn her nose up at his words again.

"That's the stupiest thing I've ever heard! You can't just show up here and say all of this belongs to you. That's not how the world works!"

A low growl would rumble from the toms throat at this, a glint of something devious shining in yellow eyes as his claws flexed to bite into the earth beneath his paws. "I'll show you how the world works." he replied, the words as cold as the smirk that settled on his lips. "Are you joining our clan or not?" he asked, the words spoken loud and clear for the idiot before him.

"Of course not! How many times do I have to tell you-"

A startled shriek tore from the shecats maw as his body crashed into hers and sent them both tumbling into the grass. Colds fangs were quick to dig into the side of her neck as he pinned her to the ground and raked his claws through her ginger fur. She thrashed, squirming in his grip until she was able to get on her back and kick her hind legs in between them, shoving him off with a hard kick to the stomach. Coldpaw was quick to get to his feet, darting forward with a hiss to slash at her face and send her reeling backwards, nose bleeding as she cried out and bolted back across the border, disapearing across the hillside.

With a huff and satisfied puff of his chest, Cold would make his way over to the rabbit they'd been arguing over and scooped it up. If some part-time kittypet thought they were going to come out here and steal the rabbit he'd caught, they were going to be sent on their way with a sore face and a sore ego. ​

windclan apprentice - male - 10 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - a tall, muscular tabby with dark grey fur


"Well fought." A praise sings from the nearby tall grass.

The figure of Sootstar would eventually peak out. Sunlight kisses the tip of the leader's nose as she peaks out from the green blades. Bright eyes glow with pride, what Cold demonstrated before her was something most adult cats didn't have the guts to do... In time he'd make a fine warrior, at this rate, among her best.

"Then again, kittypets are not the most challenging of opponents, hmm? Still... you showed her who these lands belonged too. I doubt she'll be back, and if so we'll ensure she leaves with more scratches to remember us by." As cruel as it might be, they needed to keep their claim on this land tight. "If you're hungry, go ahead and feast off your rabbit. You've earned it."


Violence was something Rose never would understand or feel comfortable with. He just couldn't understand why anyone would decide to solve problems with thier claws so easily. To draw blood and hurt somebody unecessery. But that was his life now. Every since leaving the swamp land and coming here to the moors everything had changed so drastically. Nothing was like it used to be anymore. Damask Rose really had a hard time to adapt to all of this...changes that come along with Soot..stars leadership. He had already seen how cruel she could be which was very terrifying. He would never forget the day she had struck that loner like that. A memory that would forever hunt his dreams.

Since that day Leech had accompanied him for a couple of days whenever he decided to leave the group since he had been very shaken up over it. But today he had done a brave decision for himself to not ask Leech to come along. Rose wasn't blind, he could tell how unhappy Leech had been to tag along with him all of the time. That tom really didn't like most cats around here and even though he came out very threatening like he was ready to fight anyone, Rose knew he wasn't the violent type. Leech never started a fight unless they attacked him first, not physicially anyway. There was no way Leech would have done what Soot had done back there. No way. He refused to believe it.

What a bad day it had been to decide to be brave on again though...

Damask Rose had done his own thing, trying to sniff up a vole in the tall grass when he had heared the heated up conversation between Cold and some unfamilliar voice. He obiviously had decided to go there to investigate to make sure that Cold was okay and he not was in any danger but...The moment he come out from the tall grass he saw Cold in the middle of the fight with the loner which froze him in place. The cinnamon's eyes widen up in terror over the sight and he was paralyzed there he stood until the loner had run away...but even then he still stood still with tearful eyes.

Sootstar voice was what scared him out from his paralyzed fear, and he would sink down to the ground there he had stood since his legs where trembling too much for him to be able to walk on them. Soot of course praised Cold for his behavior which just made him feel even more uneasy. In fact he just wanted to go back home again...he wished he hadn't come out here at all!. Rose felt like crying but he held them back. How on earth would he ever be able to live up to Soot's expectations?.

He didn't think he had it in him to be that cruel....he did not wish to be.

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That yowling- coaxed by violence, you'd have to be deaf to fail to hear it! Ever-set, Mallow's grin persisted even as shrieks of pain rumbled through the open moorland. Could he say rumbled...? It was more... airy, like the breeze beneath a birds' wing. And the cries its talons would induce! Ah, yeah- that seemed more fitting...

Drawn to the bird-shrieks through the powerfully magnetic force of curiosity, wide grey eyes settled on a praiseful exchange before flickering in a wink toward a fleeing kittypet, and he could tell because mixed with the cloying scent of blood there were traces of twoleg. Fang-toothed, his grin stayed sharp and determined as words brimming-to-overflow with laughter spilled from his smile. "Wow- I can smell the blood from here!" And he was not lying, he didn't lie- the door was as clear to him as if the intruder were right beside him. He wasn't sure what had sparked the fight, but with acclaim leaving Sootstar's maw- something Mallow would have before considered nigh-impossible- he could not doubt that she on the receiving end of the wounds had deserved them.