camp candy paint // landmark naming

siltkit | 04 months | female | she/her | physically easy | mentally easy | attack in bold #ddadaf

Now thar they've returned to camp, Siltkit can't help but overhear the whispers of the warriors and their apprentices. The tree and everything around it has burned, talks of perhaps making it a landmark, giving it a name. She wants to be the one to name it, to have that pride - she wants to make her parents proud. She thinks long and hard on it - it's got to be a great name after all, nice and memorable. Suddenly, dull green gaze goes wide, and she turns to the nearest cat to her. "We could call it the Burnt Sycamore!"{/b]. She'd heard the patrol, everyone had - the missive sycamore tree had burnt down. What better name could there be-?

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Ears would stand tall as the child voiced the suggestion. While personally the woman would care less what a burned tree was named, she’d find herself nodding. A simple enough name. Nobody else seemed to think there was an alternative suggestion, so why not let the kid name it? By this point, everyone was ready to return home. Why waste time in arguing over the name of a burnt tree? “It’s fitting. I agree, it’s not like there’s a better name for it.
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geckoscreech would be in the middle of grooming herself when siltkit had announced that they should give a name to the abor that recently went up in flames, a paw raised a bit off the ground as she quirked an illusionary brow. what reason was there to give the scorched tree a name? it didn't hold any importance to the clan aside from being a story one could tell to the next generation of children.

slim shoulders would rise and fall in indiiference as the molly close by gave her agreement to the title. "if that's what you want to call it than i have no issue. like turtlenose said, it's straight to the point. nothing more, nothing less." she'd mew, resuming her cleaning by running a bristled tongue across an off-white paw before it brushed behind her ears a few times.

Well, now look at the brains on this little leech, brimming with bright potential. One of the worlds creative geniuses, surely. Really, hadn't evry'one already been sayin' the burnt tree? Burnt forest? Whatever? He failed t' see the purpose, official title, as it were. He doesn't dislike children, didn't like m' either. He smiles at the kit, teeth sharp an crooked. The tip of his tail flicks across the ground, sorta mimicking a snake. You could interpret it as a flick f' agreement, maybe. "Keh- Yeah? And how'd you come up with that sorta brilliance, lil' miss?" he asks. Tricky to tell 'f it was outta sarcasm or genuinely tryna entertain the lil' rat.