CAT STEPS [ dream ]

Her dreams have been plagued with nightmares lately, of her not being there fast enough for Bumblekit, Lemonpaw lying dead on the ground and Melonpaws bones shattered. Even dreams of her former patients, Pigeon, Eventide, they came to haunt her, how she failed Pigeon, how if she didn’t fight as hard as she did then Eventide wouldnt have gotten treatment.

When she awakes in a starry dreamland, its a welcome sight. Heavy breaths become soft and she lurches forwards to grip the moor grass under her paws. God, she needed a break. She lays there for a second before a rustling brings her out of her thoughts. Her head raises and staring back at her is a star pelted rabbit, whose head is tilted. Its fat, a chunky little thing and Honeys metaphorical brows narrow in confusion. Its almost beckoning for her to follow so she rises to her paws with an uneasy feeling in her stomach. She follows the rabbit through the tall moor grass and as soon as they crest a hill her eyes widened. Tons of rabbits, fat, young, everything hopped across the stretch, leaving stars in their wake. She looks back to her guide, but its gone, leaving her to stand there dumbfounded. Rabbits… Fat rabbits, racing across moorlands and she purses her lips. Perhaps this was a vision, maybe… pertaining to the tunnels? Then everything begins to fade and she closes her eyes.

She finally wakes, but the uneasy feeling has dissipated and she breathes. It feels warm now, so… hopefully they did not mean anything bad with the dream. Time to tell Sootstar, she guessed. “Sootstar, Dandelionpaw!” she calls out as she pads from her den, squinting her eyes at the early morning sun. “Starclan has sent a dream.” she wants Dandelionpaw there, to learn to interpret things.
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StarClan sent dreams? Well, he knew that somewhat. He knew that it was a dream that lead Sootstar to trust Honeytwist, he knew that StarClan had picked most the clans leaders and medicine cats through some kind of dream, but...they just sent them sporadically too? Dandelionpaw was mid-chomp on the rest of a rabbit he'd split with another apprentice, mouth full and eyes wide at the cinnamon she-cat coming out of her den with a purpose and his name falling from her maw alongside their leaders. Hastily he takes another bite of the prey under his paws, and then just as quickly another until he'd finished off the last bit of rabbit and left the rest to clean up later. Long chocolate legs carried him over with a cheerful skip to his steps to his mentor and leader and he regarded both curiously, "They send dreams? 'Bout what?" He'd heard from the elder's that the cats of StarClan came down themselves during the great battle to announce their plans and end the bloodshed, what was the point of sending dreams if they were perfectly capable of coming down themselves?
Admittedly, this was all just him being disappointed he wouldn't get to meet a StarClan cat today. Maybe some day....



Hearing her name called by that voice was odd, in an instant she knew something was up.
Forest hued eyes fixate themselves on Honeytwist, her surprise slightly shining through on her face. What could the medicine cat want with her?

StarClan has sent me a dream.
Really? Well... it most certainly intrigued the leader. The blue smoke hurries over, arriving shortly after the newly named medicine cat apprentice. "What has StarClan said?! Are they pleased with WindClan's growth? Have they asked anything out of me? Out of us? Out of the clan?" The leader was oddly eager, she seemed both excited and anxious at the same time.

Dandelion was the first to arrive and jaded eyes soften. Right- right, he has not received Starclan visions, he is new, she offers a gentle upturn of strained lips. “Cryptic stuff, they… Never quite say things outright.” she remembers vividly the creeper vine prophecy. Things would have just… been so much easier if they had just come out and said what they wanted. Inwardly she finds herself becoming more and more discouraged with them. First they take her from her home, force her in to a clan ruled by a tyrant and now they don’t even tell her things, only stupid messages.

But… things aren’t that bad. She aims to lick Dandys head affectionately.

Then Sootstar shows up. She represses a scowl, then proceeds with her words. “It was full of rabbits, to say the least. There was a rabbit guide that guided me over a hill, where they all slept and played. They were… beyond fat.” she scrunches up her eyebrows. A particularly confusing dream… “I guess…. its a time of prospering for Windclan? Perhaps something with rabbits.

Tilting her head, Ivoryflight would make herself comfortable, unsure of what this could mean. She had no reason to doubt Honeytwist’s dream, but fat rabbits? In almost leaf-bare? Was Starclan sure? Was that really what they sent to the medicinecat? “Plump rabbits with it nearing leaf-bare? Could they mean a good new-leaf maybe?” To her, it didn’t make any sense. Why would the rabbits be well fed? The prey already was starting to slow as it was. Surely there was another explanation.


A vision of plump rabbits, dancing over the hills of WindClan. A time of prospering for WindClan, a slow smile rises onto the blue smokes features. Then a laugh of glee and joy, "A good leaf-fall and leaf-bare is what they are announcing! StarClan is pleased with us, and they have provided us a gift to show it!" Sootstar was estatic, it was quite possible that most had not ever seen the WindClan leader this happy.

"Duskfire! Send out a hunting patrol- not just one, two!" She calls to the tom, he wasn't in her sights but she knew he was somewhere in this camp. WindClan was going to feast in celebration! "Tunnelers- any tunnelers who can hear me get out there and hunt. Lets find those plump rabbits and enjoy ourselves today." A heavy purr rumbles in her throat, she rushes off to find Shrikepaw. She'd take her son hunting, this would be good and easy practice for him!

The WindClan leader continues to rush around camp, yowling happily and excitedly.
"A time of prospering is upon WindClan! Reach out and seize it with your paws everyone!"




Sootstars call was quick to draw the toms attention, and he couldn't help but wonder what had gotten the shecat so excited as to call for multiple hunting patrols. Still, he got to his paws, shook out his coat and made his way over to his usual spot beneath the Tallrock. "Any cat old enough to hunt that isn't bound for the tunnels, come report for patrol assignment!" he called, haunches settling to the ground as his tail swept around his paws.

AS he sat waiting for the other cats to gather, the whispering of Honeytwists dream eventually met his ears. Rabbits out on the moors? He'd never been able to catch one before. Maybe this would be his chance to change that?

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Sitting next to Honeytwist he smiled to the quick gesture of affection before listening intently to what was being said. Visions of rabbits? Fat rabbits? He could certainly go for a rabbit right now, but he was terribly confused why StarClan would not just tell them they would be getting some good prey soon rather than showing said prey in a dream. He wondered if all the dreams would be so obvious or would they struggle to figure out the riddles presented to them in time. He hoped not, he didn't think he was particularly good at riddles if he was being honest.
"That's good then!" The apprentice cheered, glancing favorably over to Sootstar who was in a rare good mood at the news; that was nice. That was great. It meant they would have plenty of prey and the clan would relax a little, tensions would ease. He might even get to take a nap on a warm sunny spot without worry of some outburst or issue popping up. Sometimes he missed being a kitten, those days were easy.
If Duskfire was sending extra hunting parties out then they might need another paw or two, he lifted his head up to the cinnamon healer next to him, "Can ah go too? I wanna catch one of the fat rabbits! And we need more dandelions anyways-though most our clanmates would tell ye one was enough~"
He gave a little cheerful wriggle in place, amused at his own joke.


Ivoryflight would swish her tail softly as she watched the reactions of her clanmates, wondering if they were right. She wasn’t a medicinecat, so what would she know? She had faith in her clan, and knew that Sootstar and Honeytwist wouldn’t lie about such things. There was no reason for them to think that badly of what Starclan had said. Nodding, she would allow herself to fall into line beside the deputy, waiting to be assigned to a patrol.

Lemonpaw listens on to his mother's words.

Oh, how lucky she was to have cool dreams that Sootstar could order the clan to do things about! Lemonpaw wishes he could do the same - that his dreams about eating mice would result in those catching mice for him!

Dandelionpaw must get to do the same, he thinks. Or, maybe he will, one day, when he gets his full medicine cat name? The cinnamon-furred tom isn't sure, but maybe he'll ask him later about his dreams.

But rabbits! So many rabbits! Lemonpaw was excited for such a possibility. Rabbits were his favorite! Though, Flaxenjump hasn't thought him how to catch such critters yet, so instead of following those who could in their path towards Duskfire for patrol assignments, the apprentice falls back to sit beside his mother.

"Do you think Dandelionpaw will share his rabbit, if he catches one?" he asks Honeytwist. He isn't quite sure how well the medicine apprentice could hunt, but Lemonpaw couldn't wait for the day when Flaxenjump would teach him how to properly hunt the creatures, so that he could catch one for himself!
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Chickenscratch doesn't quite have a complete grasp on WindClan's beliefs just yet. She knows they think their ancestors are in the stars, that the clan that they believe lives in the stars dictates a lot of their lives.

So, when Honeytwist's dream - one of rabbits aplenty - is also thought to be from StarClan, Chickenscratch isn't too surprised. Though, the cream-furred she-cat does wonder how true it could really be. Wasn't there just a possibility that Honeytwist hadn't eaten enough before she'd gone to sleep? That her dreams were just telling her she needed to eat?

But, Duskfire is made to call for patrols, and Chickenscratch is starting to get good at hunting, she thinks. The WindClan warrior takes a pause in her questioning of the clan's beliefs, and she steps in line with those expecting to be assigned to capture such prophetic creatures.
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