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Aug 15, 2022


Stormgaze had been grateful to be back to full health after her mother left. It meant she was able to distract herself with clanly things such as hunting or the occusual border checks. She had always liked running across the moor. Even before Windclan became Windclan. Her long legs carried her with ease through the tall grass. Though, she wasn’t able to chase rabbits into holes like some of her clan mates. She was too lanky for that.

The gray feline sat by herself in camp. Grief made her heart feel heavy. She had lost her father in the big fight and now her mother had left her all alone. Stormgaze wasn’t some kit that needed taking care of. But she had always envisioned living her life beside her parents. Even when she knew she had been a replacement for their first born. Shrouded Night, assumed dead when a dog attacked them. Her relationship with her parents had been complicated to say the least. But she still missed them greatly.

It was no secret that she was grieving as well. Stormgaze was often more annoying than not. Talking up a storm, bugging other cats with questions, and often joining patrols when she wasn’t even asked to. She had been quiet for the past couple of sunrises. Still trying to engage but she didn’t really go out of her way to bug anyone anymore. Today she was feeling a little more chatty. Spotting a cat that she knew wouldn’t turn her away. At least, not right away.

“Hey ya Rose! Busy?” she asked, green hues looking over the feline in question. “Wanna chat?” she stops there, though normally she’d asked them a thousand things in a row. But she was taking it a bit slower today.
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Rosepaw had just returned back from one of the first training sessions he had have with Duskfire, his mentor!. The soft boy had just been about to head over to the fresh kill pile to pick something to eat as he felt a bit hungry. On his way over there though heared a voice coming up from behind him, calling out his name. The cinnamon would stop to cast a glance over his shoulder with his copper eyes. Blinking at the warrior a soft smile would fall upon his gentle maw. " Oh, hi Stormgaze." he would greet them back about to answer if he was busy or not which he wasn't. But he saved this words as she asked something that suprised him. Wanna chat?. Him and her?. Oh, she wanted to chat with him?. Rosepaw's eyes widen not having expected a warrior out of all cats seeking out him personally to talk with.

He slowly nodded his head at her. There was not much he knew about Stormgaze to be honest although he had heared about what had happend to her recently. She like many others had lost so much because of the great battle and...just like Leechpaw she had got left behind by a cat who was suppose to be there for thier kit in a difficult time like this one. Rosepaw felt for them alot but he had never been sure on how to approach her about it. Would she even want to talk with a such younger cat like himself over something so personal?.

" Sure, i would like that." he said truthfully. There was no way he would turn any cat away who wanted to have a conversation with him. It was rare to begin with for him to speak with any other cat beside Leechpaw unless it was about duties or work. So this made him a little bit happy. But more then anything he wanted Stormgaze to know she did not needed to be alone right now, that there were cats in this clan who would be there for her if she let them. Rosepaw was one of this cats. " I was about to take something to you..maybe,uhm, wanna share?." he asked gentle with a soft smile. She could say no if she wanted to. But he wanted to be polite and ask. Otherwise...he could eat later.

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