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Unbeknowst to the blue mink, StarClan visited ThunderClan's leader with vague prophecies. The reason for these visions would soon make sense. "Emberstar. I wish to take on an apprentice. It will be better for the clan." Especially after... Blinding Star... But not just him. She wasn't a true medicine cat. She wouldn't be capable of bringing forth StarClan's wisdom to the clan. An apprentice would (hopefully) be capable of connecting to StarClan. Although, she paused, would they realize she lacked the important connection that let her stay within the confines of ThunderClan in the first place? "If you agree, then I will begin my search."

Emberstar, for her part, had been pacing her den in deep thought. She was, admittedly, not the brightest molly, despite her name. Practical things were where her mind worked best. In a second she could decipher the best response to an oncoming attacker and almost without thought she knew where to find the best prey. Dreams from the stars however, were a bit outside her wheelhouse.

The moment she had awoken, she had done her best to burn the vision into her mind. This was the first time they had spoken to her since the Moonstone. If she forgot even a single detail, then everything might come unraveled. Her friends above were depending on her to get this right. There was no room for mistakes.

Then Cinderfrost stepped into her den and her thoughts scattered. She blinked, attempting to recollect herself. "Uh, oh, nice." She replied at first, giving a dismissive wave of her tail. There was no time for this, she had to figure out what the stars wanted from her. She went immediately back to her pacing, content to let her medicine cat leave and go back to... whatever it was she had said she was doing.


Wait. Wait.

Cinderfrost had said that she was thinking about appointing an apprentice? A position directly appointed by Starclan? The morning right after she had a dream from Starclan? That probably wasn't a coincidence, huh?

"Wait, wait, wait!" the leader called out, stopping Cinderfrost before she could leave. Her eyes were wide and excited. "I just had a dream from Starclan, do you think the two could be connected?"
"I suppose StarClan thought me too stubborn to heed their messages, especially if I didn't like what they were trying to relay." she half-heartedly joked but her laughter fell flat. Emberstar should be informed that StarClan no longer walked by her side. But ThunderClan, as much as she denied it, had become a home to her. Being chosen by StarClan was the only reason Emberstar defended her and ThunderClan tolerated her.

A claw scraping along her chest, momentarily suffocating her, she slowly nodded, "They are most likely connected. Coincidences don't happen with StarClan, do they?" Except they did. Or, at least, that's what she thought back then. She'd assumed StarClan's actions to be purposeful and that ended with disapproval from the one she fought for. For some reason, she'd been assigned to ThunderClan where she lead. When she awoke next to Emberstar, the molly's whose face had been one of a few to be forever imprinted into her mine, had it been nothing more than a cruel joke? Or perhaps a test? A test she failed miserably. The look in Ash's eyes haunted her every night she closed her eyes.

"What was the dream?"
Emberstar nodded furiously at her medicine cats words. She was right, of course, there were no coincidences with Starclan. Her eyes narrowed in determination, and her pacing resumed as she tried to call every detail of her dream to mind. Any part of it could be important.

"I was in the forest," she described slowly, making sure every word was correct. "outside of the camp. I was hungry. Starving, in a way that I haven't since when I was on my own. I searched and searched, scented the air for any hint of prey, but there was nothing. It was like the entire territory was empty." It had made her scared, at first, that this was prophesying a famine. That worry had been sharp in her mind until Cinderfrost arrived. "Then, just when I was about to despair, I saw it. A berry bush."

Suddenly, given the context she now had, that last vision took on new meaning.

The leader looked to Cinderfrost suddenly, eyes wide. "Berryheart?" she asked, wonder in her voice. She didn't elaborate, certain the other molly would catch her meaning.